TurboChef Starbucks Oven For Sale [Expert Recommendation]

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Who doesn’t love to eat Starbucks food? But do you know what kind of ovens Starbucks uses? How do they heat their delicious sandwich with a crust like fresh-made sandwiches?

Through this article, we try our best to answer all your unknown questions about the Starbucks oven. New generation fast food trackers use different kinds of convection microwave ovens.

These come with many various features. That works very quickly to make delicious fast food. There is an oven brand called turbo chef, and its model name is Sota.

Starbucks mainly uses these ovens to make their sandwiches with a high crust. Usually, in-home, when you try to make Starbucks-like sandwiches, they don’t give that perfect crust.

But the Starbucks turbochef oven will be able to do that. To know more about these ovens, keep reading the article below.

What Is The Best Starbucks Turbochef Microwave Oven? [Top 3 Ovens]

I made this product list for you because I found these three ovens are truly much better than others. I made a list based on customer reviews and ratings. So, you can check out the following list to collect your favorite one.

  1. Best Of Editor Choice: Across International FO19040.110 Starbuck Microwave Oven
  2. Best Of Valuable: VBENLEM 110V Commercial Convection Starbuck Microwave Oven
  3. Best Of Low Price: AUMATE Countertop Convection Oven

Comparison Table Of TurboChef Starbucks Oven For Sale

This comparison table helps you a lot to compare each of the Starbuck ovens for your kitchen. The information I collected from different sources and I strongly believe that this table clears your confusion about the collected ovens. So, let’s break down the following table.

No Products Found.

Top 3 TurboChef Starbucks Oven Reviews

These 3 ovens product reviews help you a lot to get detailed information on each of the products. So, you can also think that an oven is a good option for you or not. So, keep reading about the following sections and get your desire one.

1. Across International FO19040.110 Starbuck Microwave Oven

Key Features:

ManufacturerAcross International
MaterialStainless steel
Capacity1.5 Cubic Feet
Measurement20 x 21 x 26 inches
Energy Consumption1000 Watts
Warranty1 to 5 year
Starbuck OvenYes

This is another top-rated Starbuck microwave oven that features high-quality materials and advances technology.

However, if you are a beginner, then you can also operate this microwave oven without any hassles. So, let’s discuss in detail this microwave oven.

First of all, this microwave oven used 1.5 cubic feet capacity and 1000-watts of power. These power levels provide you to cook heavy foods such as meat, fish, and other elements.

On the other hand, you can also use this microwave oven for cooking popcorn, chicken, vegetables, and others.

Whatever, you never need to buy any extra tools to install this unit. The measurement of this unit is 0 x 21 x 26, which is enough for small, medium, and large spaces.

Note, you can install this microwave on both sides, such as the upper cabinet and inside the cabinet.

Furthermore, it is made of stainless steel material and advanced technology, which built this unit durable and lasting to use.

Anyway, you will also discover a crystal and clear LED display, and an easy control panel for hassle-free operate this oven.

No Products Found.

Features At A Glance:

Power level: It comes with 1000-watts of power and 1.5 cubic feet capacity, which provides you with an excellent cooking experience.

Durability: The product is made of high-quality stainless steel and solid construction, which makes this unit durable and lasting to use.

Display & Control: It features with crystal and clear LED display that helps the customers monitor everything.

Installation: This product comes with a countertop and inside cabinet installation. So, you can install this microwave in any kind of space.


  • Featured with high-quality stainless steel material for durability
  • Used advance technology
  • Comes with an LED display and touchscreen control panel
  • It is capable of saving the electricity
  • The product is an affordable microwave oven


  • It is hassle enough to operate professionally

2. VBENLEM 110V Commercial Convection Starbuck Microwave Oven

Key Features:

ColorStainless steel
MaterialStainless steel
Capacity2.12 Cubic Feet
Measurement27 x 25 x 25 inches
Energy Consumption4500 Watts
Warranty1 year and 30-days replacement guarantee
Starbuck OvenYes

Let’s welcome another top-rated and awesome design microwave oven. This microwave oven comes with commercial convection, which provides you excellent performance when you continuously use this microwave oven.

Moreover, this microwave oven has 4500 watts of power which is a truly high amount for any kind of cooking element.

Furthermore, the power and the technology provide you up to 50-350℃ temperature facilities. So, cook your different types of food with this product without any hassles.

On the other hand, it provides the customers a crystal and clear monitor facility because of its open door.

You can watch your cooking elements inside of the microwave. Whatever the touchscreen of this microwave helps you a fast and safe cooking experience.

What next? This microwave oven is suitable for different types of food such as chicken, popcorn, vegetables, fish, meat, and other products.

Note, you will also save your electricity bill. So, what do you want from this microwave oven? Buy this Starbuck oven right now.

No Products Found.

Features at a Glance:

Power: The manufacturer used this unit with 4500-watts of power and 2.12 cubic feet capacity to get a powerful feature.

Cooking: The microwave oven is one of the best options for roasting, baking, and drying. Users can also use this unit in versatile areas.

Materials: The material of this component is used stainless steel, which helps people get a durable experience.

Assemble: You never need to buy any kinds of tools for installing this unit. But, if you are a beginner, then you should hire a technician.


  • Featured with advanced technology for safely cooking
  • It is a very powerful microwave oven
  • Crystal and clear monitor and easy control panel
  • It is capable of saving the energy
  • Included 30-days replacement guarantee


  • It is an expensive microwave oven

3. AUMATE Countertop Convection Oven

Key Features:

ColorBright Black
Capacity19 Quarts
Wattage1550 watts
TypesOilless Knob Control Electric Oven
Over CategoryAir Fryer Toaster Oven
Warranty1 to 5 year
Starbuck OvenYes

If you are looking for a microwave oven that provides you with everything in your cooking experience, I recommend you check out this AUMATE Countertop Convection Oven.

As a kitchen expert, you can get a couple of advantages from this Starbucks convection oven. However, a countertop or upper cabinet installation microwave oven means you can install this microwave oven above your cabinet, table, and other areas.

You will discover 4 different legs which are stable and provides safety operations to use this oven. On the other hand, this unit is made of aluminum material which helps you a lot to use this unit for a long-time.

The guard, body, legs, and other parts are also made of this unit. So, it would help if you never worried about this high-quality Starbucks Turbochef oven’s durability.

Overall, the manufacturer used this component smart voltage sensor technology (the US only), providing you with fast and safe operation.

Whatever you will discover, a crystal and clear LED display and touch control panel for hassle-free operation of this microwave oven.

No Products Found.

Features At A Glance:

Power: This microwave oven comes with a 19 Quart 7-in-1 Countertop Oven Combo, 1550W Oilless Knob Control Electric Oven with 4 Accessories power option, which provides you an excellent experience of power.

Technology: The smart voltage sensor technology of this unit provides the customers with fast and safe operation facilities.

Display & Control: From this microwave oven, you will discover a crystal and clear display and control panel for hassle-free operate this microwave.

Assemble: Don’t worry; you will get everything from this product, such as cord, tool, and other elements, for hassle-free installation.


  • Easy to assemble because of its pre-ready functions
  • Used high-quality aluminum for durability
  • Provides a crystal and clear LED display and touch control panel
  • Featured with smart voltage sensor technology for professional cooking
  • Of course, it is a safe microwave oven


  • The oven do not take many pressure

How To Choose The Best TurboChef Starbucks Microwave Oven For Cooking [Buying Guides]?

Now, you have enough information to collect your best oven from Starbucks new oven. But, if you feel that it is also confusing for you to choose the best one out of these 3 ovens,

Then the following buying guides help you a lot to get the best one. So, let’s check out the following buying guide.

Technology Of Oven

It is one of the most important for a person to choose an advanced technology microwave oven. Most of the popular Starbuck manufacturers are used smart voltage sensor technology and smart sensor technology to provide the customers one of the best services.

Power and Saving Energy

These two things help you a fast and professional cooking service. However, if you need to cook heavy food such as chicken, meat, and others, you should choose a microwave oven that comes with up to 1000-watts of power. Note, choose an energy-saving microwave oven.

Control and Display

No doubt, you need to choose a crystal and clear digital display to hassle-free monitor your microwave oven.

On the other hand, the control panel should be touchscreen because of several reasons. So, before buying a microwave oven, you should keep in mind these two things.


The Starbuck microwave oven comes with a complex installation process, but some products are easy to install.

You can choose a microwave oven that is easy to install in your inside cabinet or upper cabinet. So, before buying a microwave oven, you can check out this section.

What Are The Starbucks Oven On The Market In 2023?

Though Starbucks oven are expensive, they provide the customers with high satisfaction service. It is important to choose the right oven from Starbuck.

But it is also tricky enough to choose the best one. So, what can you do to choose the best one for your kitchen?

Well, I already collected for you 3 awesome ovens which come from Starbuck. If you are searching for the oven here and there,

Then you can stop your research and check out the following oven to consider the best one. So, without thinking more, let’s get started with the article right now.

What Do You Mean About The Starbucks Oven?

Starbucks Ovens means what kind of range they use. Their ovens are well-featured so that they can serve such delicious fast food. Starbucks doesn’t use a standard regular oven.

They use convection microwave ovens, and their oven brand is turbo chef.

Turbo chef is an expensive oven among all. Most high-class chefs do recommend this for its outstanding feature.

Starbucks Ovens

Starbucks uses these ovens since they are new in the market. Generally at home, when making any cheesy grill bite or sandwich panini or  Starbucks egg white bites recipe in the oven.

It doesn’t taste juicy or not even come with the perfect crust. But the Starbucks Microwave can do this task easily. That’s why people are huge fans of their food.

The Starbucks oven price is mid of 7 grand to 8 grand around. We usually don’t use this king oven in our home.

These are for restaurants or any food tracks that supply food because these convection ovens can provide food half in time and cook food at the correct heat

What Are The Features Of Starbucks TurboChef Oven?

Turbo Chef is the first convection oven that cooks food quickly without lacking quality. Starbucks is famous for its fast-food restaurants.

It’s a high-tech device that takes up less space and uses less energy.

It’s a 16″ wide open-air oven installed on the kitchen countertop. It is insulated with a detachable plug and a bottom jetplate in a cooking chamber. 

It stores up to 256 recipes that can be kept in this smart oven. It simplified the meal time. When the food is cooked, the oven temperature alerts.

What are the features of Starbucks oven

It is a multi-speed convection blower with new tech for small voltage sensors. This oven is Independently-controlled dual motors for vertically-recirculated air.

How Does The Starbucks Microwave Work?

Now we know that Starbucks ovens are convection microwave ovens. These ovens include a lot of unique features.

These ovens are a combined version of both convection oven and microwave oven. That means it will work like a convection oven and also a microwave version.

How does the Starbucks oven work
Starbucks oven work process.

These ovens have various temperature facilities. All Starbucks turbo chef oven temperature has to be in perfect range to supply the ideal servings of food.

It can provide the weather as your food condition. That’s why Starbucks can serve such unique foods just as perfectly as it can.

Besides, the cleaning processor of these ovens is also elementary. On the other hand, you can also provide a lot of customers at the same time.

These ovens are time-worthy also. These high-tech super ovens work amazingly that no other regular range can do.

How to Make Starbucks Egg Bites In The Oven?

It is preferable, to begin with, a slice of nutritious food. We want to share a recipe for Starbucks egg bites in the oven to start.

The food bakes in a home oven, reducing the cost of purchasing. Starbucks egg bite includes a great combination of both fats and oils. It makes this dish more enhanced.

Stepwise Recipe of Starbuck Egg Bites:

The steps are simple to prepare within 10 – 15 minutes. Take these steps to make the mouthfuls:


●     8 Eggs

●     ½ diced ham

●     One teaspoon olive oil

●     ¼ cup white cheddar

●     ½ ground black pepper

●     One teaspoon garlic powder

●     One teaspoon onion powder

●     1 ½ teaspoon coarse salt

●     One teaspoon mustard powder

●     One teaspoon mustard powder

●     ½ medium-sized red bell pepper

 Best Instructions

Once preparing to bake, preheat the oven to 300 – 350 degrees. In a large saucepan, heat olive oil to medium.

Fill in the bell pepper and spinach, and till the pepper is soft, 2-3 minutes. Then, put it aside.

In a mixer, place the eggs, Greek yogurt, cheese, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, mustard, and black pepper. Mix until the mixture is even.

Use cooking oil, coat a 12-cup muffin tin. Fill each muffin cup almost ¾ complete with the egg mix.

Place the pepper mixture and diced ham on a small spoonful for each cup. Each should fill with white cheddar in sliced form.

Bake once the egg is ready for 18-22 minutes. Leave to cool until removing each muffin from the muffin tin cup with a knife.

Either serve at once or refrigerate for up to 5 days or even months in the freeze.

5 Effective Cleaning Tips

Starbucks is not a challenging task to clean. The oven is ideal for the Turbo Chef small room. This oven combines several types of fast cooking heat.

It’s time to clean out your oven of the leftover dirt and burnt-on oil.

You stay home, and you’ll have the ability to wash it well. You will also gain more from cost savings by not using excess grease when cooking every home-cooked meal.

Will handle most of the tasks for you if your oven is self-cleaning. The self-cleaning process locks the oven door heating to the temperature possible for hours, burning everything inside.

Allow for complete cooling until washing away the burnt bits with a wet towel.

Step 1 – At first, remove the jet plate to separate the rack from the cavity and loosen the thumbscrews that help hold.

Both parts should wash, rinsed, and sanitized. You can also remove and clean, scrub, and clean the lower air diverter if your oven has one.

Step 2 –  The air filter on the machine’s back is one of the essential cleaning aspects. It is, thus, vital to keep its cleanliness under the oven’s guaranteed cover of blocked air vents. Don’t work the stove while the air filter removes.

Step 3 – It intends to remove undesirable particles and unwanted waste from the oven. People can dissipate and remove dirt with a food vacuum or wet tissue only.

Step 4 – Clean both the sides, the oven’s inside, and the door. Smooth in a rag or nylon scrub pad cleaner. A top jet plate is a form of glass, and failure is uncertain.

Clean the inner oven up. Don’t sprinkle the stove on the stove with a cleaner. The essential elements of this oven can damage if a cleaner passes the rear wall holes.

Step 5 – If there are stains on the oven’s interior, spray them smoother and let them soak for five minutes.

The cleaner should not spread on the oven’s back wall. After five minutes of soaking, wash them away with a nylon scrub pad.

Easy Process Of Cleaning These Ovens?

These ovens are relatively easy to clean. But remember one thing first: clean only inside the stove, not outside, or it will be generous for your range.

For cleaning any oven, the first thing you need to do is turn off the stove. Let it cool or set down properly. Do not try to clean the hot oven at all.

It can burn yourself, and also, it’s precarious to clean an uncool oven.

For Starbucks oven cleaners, you can use some oven cleaner that is available anywhere. Just check the labeling that it doesn’t contain any powerful reaction.

Before spraying your oven, clean all the tray, stone, or oven racks and clean them separately.

Spray the cleaner carefully; you might not pour it into the power buttons of the stove.

Then you will need a small metal scraper. It almost works like a razor but not sharp that much.

Scrape inside the oven area very well, then rinse it off with semi-wet soft cloths. You can repeat this process three times for better results.

Make your use hand glave before cleaning the oven.

Can I Heat Starbucks Panini In A Microwave Oven?

Since the Starbucks paninis are pre-cooked and grilled, they are all reheated in the microwave.

Clarify the microwave’s capability, preheat the crispers, and reheat the sandwich for 30-40 seconds on either side of the microwave without soggy the crust.

Beware of the following when checking the consistency of the bread:

  1. You can use a paper bag to place it of the same size as the panini if it is challenging and dry.
  2. Leave little air in, but play the opening firmly to close it.
  3. Take a little spray on the outside of the bag.

This way, the unpleasant bread is relieved while you can also avoid it. You can wrap it with a dry towel to absorb excess water when you have soft, soft bread using a nap-dryer sandwich to dry the bread area.

For some panini, there are no excellent heating components . Use less heat before your interior is warmed up to avoid thorough heating of the bread.

If you’re reheating leftover food from earlier in the day or cold panini from today, use these microwave tricks to keep your Starbucks panini smelling fresh, delicious and avoid dealing with soggy bread at the same time.

To toast the bread and warm up the sandwich ingredients, make a Starbucks panini in a preheating crisper pan.

What kind of oven does Starbucks use to wave their sandwiches?

Starbucks uses a convection oven for preparing sandwiches. These stoves used to make meals, combining microwave air inhibition with microwave radiation.

The air interference function instructs heat to the food at a fast speed.

 It is a form of convection oven filled with turbo. The hot air not usable in the microwave creates a crispy outer crust. It can heat meals very much like a microwave.

The quality control is almost as high as the heater quality of any oven.

Their convection microwave ovens are noteworthy for the perfect use of their sandwich crusts.

Generally, in homemade sandwiches, we don’t find these kinds of crust in our sandwiches. It only happens because of the perfect temperature of their ovens.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Should Everyone Use The Starbucks Oven?

Answer- Not really! It’s not necessary that everyone must have these ovens. But if you are a Turkish lover or live turkey sandwiches as Starbucks makes, you can buy them.

Q. Is It Very Costly To Use These Ovens?

Answer: Yes, it is. These ovens are not for home use. These are systematically manufactured for fast food places. So, these are huge and very costly too.

If these convection ovens, you will be able to make food for thousands of people at a time.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Regular Ovens and Starbucks Microwave?

Answer: Normally, ovens are made in 2 ways. One is a microwave oven, and another is only a convection oven. But Starbucks uses a range with both convection microwave ovens. These are new featured ovens in this generation.

Q. Does This Convection Microwave Oven Make Noises A Lot?

Answer: As it is a big-size convection oven, it’s quite natural that a large-size generator or motors will work. It can make some noises.

Q: How Much Does A TurboChef Cost?

Answer: According to my experience, a TurboChef microwave oven comes with a minimum of 10000 to 15000 US dollars. You may also choose a high or less amount of microwave. Generally, it depends on the model, power, working capability, and others.

Q: How Hot Is The Starbucks Oven?

Answer: Generally, a Starbuck oven comes with up to 350-degrees C or 400-degrees F. You can choose more heating microwaves from the market. But this heating element is the perfect option for any standard Starbuck oven.

Q: What Brand Of Oven Does Starbucks Use?

Answer: Starbuck uses the Turbochef brand. This brand produces a high-quality oven, and the oven comes with very powerful features. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this question answer.

Warming Up:

A person needs to choose a perfect Starbuck oven for their kitchen. I think the above 3 ovens help you a lot to consider the best one for your kitchen.

So, what do you want else from this article? I hope that you clear your confusion and already chose your best one.

On the new generation basis, microwave ovens are so standard now. But these super technical convection microwave ovens are not found so easily anywhere.

Starbucks uses these kinds of food to serve its customers as much quickly as possible. Though when it’s super feature convection ovens, it has another level of fun factor to work.

Most of the high-rated chiefs also recommend this oven to everyone. Starbucks ovens are quite expensive, but when you are ambitious to fulfill your requirements, then nothing is impossible.

If you also want to build a fast food corner, you can also have these ovens in your kitchen.

Recommended Market Trending Starbucks Oven

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