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Oven Temperature Off By 50 Degrees [5 Common Mistakes & Solution]

Do you have an oven? If you have, then you may face a couple of problems. The temperature problem is one of them. Some of my friends asked their oven is automatically shut off when it reaches up to 50-degrees temperature.

Do your oven temperature off by 50 degrees like my friends? Well, you can solve it so take some steps. I am going through 5 steps to solve this problem permanently. Note, I tested these steps and researched the ins and outs to provide you an easy and effective solution. So, let’s get started.

What Happen When Your Oven Is Shut Down by 50 Degrees Temperature?

I found a couple of reasons for shutting down off an oven when it reached 50-degrees temperature.

But I found 5 common core reasons, and you may also find the same problem in your oven.

So, let’s know the reasons and their solution so that you can solve the issues without hiring a plumber.

  • Check Out Your Oven Function
  • Calibration Issue of Your Oven
  • Oven Sensor (Bad Temperature)
  • Check Out Your Heating Elements
  • Damage Oven Knob Selector

1. Check Out Your Oven Function

While your oven raises higher temperature or lower temperature, that means it automatically shut off.

Most of the oven has two functions low and too high temperature, but sometimes it increases and decreases a lot.

If you have set up the oven to 350-degrees, that means your oven rises up to 400 degrees before it shut-down.

On the other hand, your oven also drops when it rises to 300 degrees temperature. So, you may see that an oven is still working when it has a 50-degrees temperature.

But when the temperature high or low of 50-degrees, then it automatically shuts off.

Check Your Oven Function
Check Oven Function

However, if your oven is still working but suddenly shut down, you should check out this section. You can also use a thermometer to check out your oven temperature.

So, how can you solve this functional error? You just need to follow the following fixing section to fix this error.

To Fix Functional Problem

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To fix this function issue, you need to regulate the temperature control which you find in your oven setting option. Check out your temperature level using a thermometer.

Preheat your oven for at least 20-25 minutes without entering any foods or elements.

Now it is time to check out the thermometer. See how off it is; however, if your thermometer shows less than 50-degrees temperature, it wouldn’t be a problem for your oven.

However, if your thermometer shows up to 70 degrees temperature, you may need to change some functions. You can check out the oven thermostat sensor.

You can find it backside of your oven. If you find a thermostat problem, you might change it. Similarly, you can tighten the screw of this sensor, and I think it also works perfectly.

Now, test your oven again. If it is still not working, you should hire an oven technician so that he will easily solve your problem.

2. Calibration Issue of Your Oven

Oven manufacturers are always keeping in mind calibration. When they properly optimize with calibration, the oven is much powerful and works well.

However, when you buy a new oven, you may find the calibration instruction, and the manufacturer told you that strictly follow the manual.

Oven Calibration Issue
Oven Calibration Issue

However, shutting down the oven when it reached a 50-degrees temperature is another cause of calibration which you need to fix. How?

To Fix Calibration Issue

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To fix this issue, you should hold the calibration button. When the temperature comes into your oven, you need to check out your heating, which means preheat option.

If your oven temperature is 0 degrees, you need to wait around 30 minutes and make sure that the right temperature calibration occurs.

However, if you don’t see the calibration button or any kind of option, you should see your oven technician as soon as possible.

3. Oven Sensor (Bad Temperature)

The oven temperature sensor is a part of your oven. It is responsible for preheating and heat of your oven, even overheating issues.

Sometimes the temperature sensor does not work properly, and that’s why your oven shuts off.

Oven Sensor Temperature
Oven Sensor Temperature

So, you need to fix this issue as soon as possible so that your oven provides you best performance. But how can you solve this temperature sensor issue? Well, check out the following section.

To Fix Oven Sensor Temperature

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First of all, you need to shut down your oven and disconnect all of the electric elements from the oven. Secondly, take out your oven screw where the sensor detaches the wires. Third, replace your oven sensor and again screw it.

Now, it is time to check out the oven running process. If your oven is running fine, that means you can easily solve the issue otherwise;, you need to hire a technician to solve the issue.

4. Check Out Your Heating Elements

If your sensor is fine and working well, that means you should check out the heating elements of your oven. Sometimes the heating elements are broken and damage, which affects your oven, and it automatically shut-down.

Oven Heating Elements
Oven Heating Elements

You can check out your oven heating elements to preheat for nearly 30 minutes, and if you notice that your oven is very hot, then your heating elements need to change. If the heating elements damage badly, then your heating elements damage badly.

To Fix This Heating Elements Problem

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First of all, turn off your oven and keep in open-air becomes cool. Don’t touch the heating elements in your hand because of too hot. After that, you should take out the outers panel. Now, it is time to remove the screw from the heating elements and replace it.

However, after fixing this error, I hope that your oven should work perfectly and don’t turn off when it reached 50-degrees temperature or less temperature.

5. Damage Oven Knob Selector

You may have a user manual with your oven, which you get. If you have, then it is easy for you to solve the issue. Knob selector is also an important factor in providing the right temperature.

So, after checking out the above steps, if you don’t find any problem, then you should check out the knob selector.

Damage Oven Knob Selector
Damage Oven Knob Selector

How to Fix the Problem?

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First, you need to find out the damaged section of your oven. If you found visible damages, then it should be better for you to change the knob and buy a new one.

Furthermore, if you notice any difficulty, you should turn the knob, or if your knob is loose, then it would be the culprit.

Some Pro Tips To Avoid Oven Temperature Off By 50 Degrees.

With this information, you should keep in mind some other things that help you keep your oven fresh, durable, and provide your best performance.

  • Try to clean your heating elements for at least a month.
  • You are setting your temperature function properly.
  • Take a break when you use the oven continuously.
  • Finally, hire a technician after six months of proper use.
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How To Calibrate Microwave Oven Temperature and Resolve It.

There could be a number of reasons for the temperature to go off by as much as 50 degrees. We discuss a few of those reasons here below.

  1. Thermostat is not located properly to measure the accurate heat
  2. Sensor is not working accurately
  3. Heating equipments not working
  4. Knob Not working

Thermostat At The Back.

Usually, the thermostat in the oven is located at the back which means the temperature reading could be inaccurate.

While the food is being heated up in the front, the thermostat at the back measures the heat, leaving a gap to actually read the food temperature as it is.

The temperature, if set at 350 degrees could actually be within the range of 330 to 370.

Resolve the Gap.

One way to resolve this issue is to use an internal thermometer to see the difference between the thermostat of the oven and the temperature near the food within the oven.

Then calibrate the thermostat to remove the gap. The other way would be to manually check the heat by seeing and smelling. You wouldn’t want to leave your cake burning!

Sensor Not Working

Another reason for the fluctuation in temperature could be due to a bad sensor in the oven. The problem could cause the food to overheat or underheat.

Fixing The Sensor Problem

First, you need to shut off the oven. Then screw out the sensors and remove the wires. Replace the sensors and wire back with screwing done.

Heating Equipments Not Working

Check if your oven has bad heating equipment. This can also lead to temperature fluctuation.

Fixing The Heating Equipment

To fix the problem, first, you need to preheat the oven for 30 minutes. Then check to see if the heating equipment turns red. If it does not, then you can assume that the heating equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.

Knob Not Working

If your oven is a manual one, then the knob could be the problem. The knob selector and shaft could be in the wrong places resulting in wrong temperature adjustments.

Fixing The Knob

Check if the knob is loose. If so, then you may need to tighten up the grip. However, please do know that such fixing requires technical skills which is why an expert fixer would be the best approach to solve the problem.

We learnt that oven temperatures can be off by 50 degrees. There could be a number of reasons for this such as a bad sensor or the Thermostat is not located properly to measure the accurate heat, the heating equipment is not working or it could be a faulty knob.

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FAQs-Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Why Is The Oven Temperature Not Reaching Up?

Ans: If you see that the food is not heated up enough, it could be a sign that there is a problem. Check if there is

  1. faulty equipment such as a bad sensor
  2. faulty knob
  3. faulty thermostat
  4. Or other issues.

Q: What Can You Cook At 50 Degrees?

Ans: With this temperature, you can’t cook many foods or fat-type food yet. So many oven experts believe that the lower temperature should start up to 70-degrees C.

However, if you still believe that you cook the food at 50-degrees temperature, you can cook traditional food, classic food, and other food types.

Q: What Is The Lowest Oven Temperature?

Ans: According to the expert recommendation, an oven temperature should be 70-degree C or 113 to 180-degree F.

It also depends on your food which you cook. Whatever the universal lowest temperature is 70-degrees C or 113 to 180 degrees F.

Q: What Is The Lowest Temperature An Oven Can Go?

Ans: It depends on your cooking food or the types of food you cook. For example, if you want to cook meat, fish, or fat type food, then you need to go for high temperature.

Similarly, when your oven has the lowest temperature, you can cook traditional food or very simple food that takes less temperature.

Q. Is My Oven’s Sensor Bad?

Ans: Symptoms that show the sensor is not working include

  1. Food is overcooked
  2. Time needed to cook is more than what you calculated
  3. Food is not cooked as you desired
  4. Overheating issues occur

Q. How Many Degrees Should An Oven Temperature Fluctuate?

Ans: 30 degrees both ways – It is usual to have a fluctuation of 30 degrees both ways. If you fix the oven at 350 degrees, it could be going up to 380 degrees or lower to 320 degrees. Any more fluctuation would be unusual and a sign of a problem.

Warming Up:

It really sucks when our oven automatically shuts off, and we don’t know the reasons. Imagine you cook your food in emergency time, and at this moment, your oven stops because of up to 50-degrees temperature or lower of 50-degrees temperature.

I understand your pain and this why I wrote this article for you so that you can solve your problem and cook your food perfectly.

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