10 Best Low Power Microwave In 2024[ Reviews & Top Picks]

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Are you looking for an excellent low power microwave to save energy in your kitchen? Then I will say wow, it’s an excellent decision. Confidently tell you that this effective article is right for you.

You will all agree that nowadays microwave ovens have become a significant kitchen component for heating food quickly and easily. Moreover, in this modern age, all human beings have become dependent on all electrical appliances.

So, most people want to use low-watt microwaves in their microwave ovens which will be safe and effective along with saving electricity.

Keeping in mind the users’ interests, we have started the research to create a list of the best low-wattage microwaves in the international market. Hopefully, after reading the entire article carefully, you will be able to choose a suitable microwave for your family.

What Is The Best Low Power Microwave?

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Our research on low-wattage microwaves led us to select the top 10 best low-wattage microwaves which are recommended by users and professionals, and you can buy them from Amazon if you like any of them.

Comparison Table Of Low Power Microwave Oven

There are many types of best microwave ovens available in the market for different applications. Choosing the best microwave oven is not an easy task. Before deep dive into it see the comparison table which will give you corresponding info about the products.

Top 10 Low Wattage Microwave Reviews

It seems that you are searching for low-wattage microwaves for your small kitchen, office, or whatever else you may need. If this is the case, then you will find this post useful.

Our research team has discovered the world’s top ten low watt power microwaves for you to enjoy safe and enjoy cooking. Let’s see what is on the list of best low power consumptions microwave ovens.

Check those products and buy what is best suited for your kitchen.

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1. Best Low Wattage Microwave: Nostalgia Classic Retro 0.7 Cu. Ft. 700-Watt Microwave

Currently, the 0 7 cubic feet microwave is at the top, gaining all accounting users’ confidence for excellent performance at low power microwaves.

While its design is clean and a lot like a smooth classic retro, it has all the features of a modern microwave with 8-pre-programmed cooking settings, and a bright LED display that makes it very easy to use.

Five power levels and 700-watt power residue for reheating or cooking Provides excellent performance.

Its customizable cooking setting, eight pre-programmed cooking settings, provides an option for optimal heating of delay timer meals.

 Again, I like its multi-sequence cooking the most. If you want to create a special recipe, its great performance will fill your mind as it allows you to use four different special cooking sequences for each cooking program for special recipes.

You’ll be even more pleased to hear that it’s Even Cooking 10-inch rotated glass carousel plays an admirable role in cooking food evenly.

The digital clock used in scheduling its easy-to-read green LED display highlights each cooking setting to ensure the microwave’s safe use. It has a panel lock that protects the child from accidents.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • Multi-Sequence Cooking: Each Of The Cooking Programs Can Be Customized To Work With As Many As Four Different Cooking Sequences
  • Digital Clock:  The Adjustable Digital Clock Features A Green Led Display That Will Make It Easy To Read Whilst Highlighting Each Setting On The Cooktop
  • Even Cooking: A Rotating Glass Carousel Helps Cook Food Evenly
  • Retro Style: This Retro-Styled Appliance Has A Sleek Chrome Door Handle Control Panel And Accents That Give It A Touch Of Class
  • Simple Program Dial:  Turn And Push The Program Dial To Navigate Cooking Settings


  • Time saving even cooker
  • Easy to clean
  • Digital display that is easy to operate
  • Child lock available


  • Slow heater.

2. Best Countertop Low Power Consumption Microwave: Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave Oven

Commercial Chef CHM660W Microwave Oven is one of the most popular low power microwave ovens. With which you can cook very easily in just 600 watts and 0.6 cubic feet inside.

It also has easy-to-use mechanical dials that allow you to choose between six cooking power levels by setting a timer in 1 to 30 minutes. It plays a significant role in preparing snacks and preparing hot meals.

There is a cabinet for its compact stability. Moreover, the door has a durable grip type handle for opening and closing, which is easily realized Mechanical’s rotary dial controls typically have a 0.6 cubic foot – 9.5 inches turntable-sized internal capacity for essential operation, allowing great speed and weight defrost multiple uses in the kitchen. Including.

It is usually more suitable for small apartments, studios, dorms. Very easy to operate and capable of providing exceptional performance in the preparation of small items.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • Design: Elegant, black stainless steel finish, 0.7 cubic feet of capacity, 700 watts, and 11 levels of power
  • Great functions: There are features such as mute, clock, kitchen timer, child lock, and easy auto-cooking functions: popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverage, reheat
  • Energy-saving Eco mode: E Reduce standby power by 50% by activating the eco mode
  • Display: Display is bright, controls are easy to interpret, a 10inch glass turntable is included and there is an interior light in the unit



  • Locks without child safety latches

3. Best Low Watts Countertop Microwave Oven: Impecca 700 Watts Lightweight Microwave Ovens

This low-watt microwave oven has an internal capacity of 0.6 cubic feet – 9.65 inches turntable size, which enhances your kitchen experience with its fancy cooking and reheating features that fit into your aesthetic space and style with its beautiful design.

It defrosts function also helps a lot in avoiding cold centers overcooked edges. Its most significant advantage is that it adjusts six power levels for different cooking tasks, multiplying your cooking pleasure even more.

 It also has a timer that helps keep things safe for a 30-minute time. The inside of the microwave has customized settings for easy cleaning, which allows you to clean up accidental dirt while offering various offers. The biggest advantage of this is that it takes less time to wait for the food to be prepared.

It is built by providing smart technical functionality that goes beyond the usual defrosting and reheating. Its settings are so simple that even senior citizens and visually impaired people can use them effortlessly.

Moreover, it is also quite suitable for small apartments, studios, dorms. However, it provides excellent performance in preparing small items of food.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • Digital Clock:  With a green led display that lets you see every setting on the cooktop, this adjustable digital clock will make it easy for you to read.
  • Even Cooking: Food Cooks Evenly with a Rotating Carousel
  • Retro Style: Sleek chrome handles and gold accents give this appliance a stylish appearance.
  • Simple Program Dial:  You can navigate cooking settings by turning and pushing the program dial


  • Popcorn Pizza and vegetables are examples of presets.
  • Child safety lock is also included
  • Express buttons with One Touch
  • With its ergonomic handle, it is very convenient to use.


  • Bit Expensive 

4. Best Low Power Levels Foot Microwave: Nostalgia RMO770RED Retro 0.7 Cubic Foot Microwave Ovens

This beautifully retro-designed microwave features 12 pre-programmed cooking settings and a bright LED display that makes usability easier.

These include turn and push programs used during cooking to determine the weight of the food or choose a program setting.

It also has a huge ability to cook express on the control panel that adjusts the power level (100% to 20%). Child safety lockout mode plays a huge role in preventing accidents.

Its big size compact when its countertop takes up little space, the spacious cooking cavity can easily fit a standard size plate, and the different cooking options per program are able to easily create a variety of items of your choice.

It is suitable for cooking in your home kitchen, basement bar, dorm room, break break, and many more. It also makes it easy to cook everything from casserole to pizza.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • 0.7 Cubic Foot Microwave: best for all home kitchen types.
  • 12 pre-programmed settings: custom program gives flexibility to cook.
  • LED display: LED display gives you a premium feel and control of settings.
  • Glass carousel: you see the food condition from outside.
  • A sleek chrome door handle, control panel and accents


  • Can determine weight of food
  • Clean look
  •  High quality build material
  •  Suitable for every kitchen


  •  LED of display sometimes blinks

5. Best Budget Sociable Small Wattage Microwave: Sunbeam SGB890 1.9 Cubic Feet Oven

The Sunbeam SGB890 1.9-Cubic Foot Microwave Oven in Black has 900-watts of cooking power, in addition to cooking power, there are six cooking settings that are able to easily prepare various fun items.

With ten adjustable power levels, meals are able to be prepared with ease or opt for the express cooking or weight defrost for faster preparation.

An LED display with a digital timer and clock provides easy viewing, and a child-safe lockout feature keeps peace of mind. It has ten regular power levels that complete 900 watts of cooking power.

It is made by providing technologically advanced functionality that goes beyond simple defrosting and reheating. Its biggest advantage is that its settings are simple so that even senior citizens and the visually impaired can use it very easily without any hassle.

Moreover, it is also quite suitable for small apartments, studios, dorms, which is appreciated by all. However, it does provide great performance in making small fun items of food.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • Great features: mutes, clocks, kitchen timers, child locks, and auto-cooking functions for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverages, and reheats
  • Energy-saving Eco mode: Reduce standby power by 50% by activating the eco mode
  • Display: There is a 10 inch glass turntable and an interior light in the unit, as well as a bright display, easy to read controls, and an easy-to-understand display.


  • Food weight can be determined
  • An attractive appearance
  •  Quality materials are used in construction


  •  Sometimes the LED on the display blinks

6. Best Low Power Microwave For Home: Nostalgia RMO7AQ Retro 0.7 Cubic Foot Microwave Oven

It is rich in very captivating retro design, which can attract the buyer’s mind to go to anyone’s kitchen. It has 12-pre-programmed cooking settings and has a brightly featured LED display that makes cooking easy for the user.

Five power levels which are 0.7 cubic feet. There is a 700-watt capacity cooking power, so you can cook delicious meals and reheat meals very quickly.

This oven has the facility of 12 pre-programmed cooking settings so that the delay timer and express cooking can provide an alternative for heating popular food such as popcorn, pizza, potato, veggies, etc.

You can also easily rotate the food cooked in a glass carousel if you want. Most items come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees your safety. This microwave has a one-year warranty.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • 700-watts cooking power: With 0.7 cubic feet of space, this microwave can quickly cook and reheat food
  • Convenient cooking controls: with 12 preset cooking options, a delay timer, and express cooking capabilities, you can heat popcorn, pizza, potatoes, vegetables, and more to perfection without having to adjust or change any settings
  • Digital clock: The digital clock displays easy-to-read LEDs and highlights each setting
  • Even cooking: A rotating glass carousel evenly distributes heat
  • Retro accents: This retro-styled appliance is enhanced by a chrome door handle and control panel.
  • Simple program dial: Set and adjust cooking settings with ease by turning and pushing the dial


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Best for small Spaces
  • 12 power level with 8 cooking functionally
  • it is a small microwave watts


  • No child safety lock

7. Best Smallest Low Power Microwave For Family: Whirlpool 0.5 Cu Ft Silver Countertop Microwave Oven

Whirlpool WNC20005YD 0.5 Cu Ft Silver is the smallest Countertop Microwave Oven that is complete with 750 watts of power and is always ready to provide excellent performance in making your food very fast. It has a rounded back that fits very well into the corners of the countertop.

It stands at 14.1 of the tallest of our proposed small countertop microwave ovens. Its power modes are divided into ten levels with an additional 30 seconds and a quick touch button for popcorn. Its other methods allow easy defrosting and reheating.

In addition, the control lock lets you disable the control panel at the touch of a button to avoid inappropriate use or accidental other changes in cooking settings.

It’s good that cooking controls make food preparation less stressful for you and your family. Microwave protection You can easily use it in your home.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • Convenient cooking controls: with preset cooking options, a delay timer, and express cooking capabilities, you can heat popcorn, pizza, potatoes, vegetables, and more to perfection without having to adjust or change any settings
  • Digital clock: Its LED display displays each setting clearly and is easy to read with 750 watts power.
  • Even cooking: A rotating glass carousel evenly distributes heat
  • Simple program dial: Set and adjust cooking settings with ease by turning and pushing the dial


  • It is easy to clean and use
  • Small spaces are best
  • The power level of 12 is paired with the cooking level of 8
  • Microwave wattage is small


  • Locks for children are not installed

8. Best Low Power Levels Digital Microwave Oven: Black + Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

Powerful Black + Decker Microwave Oven with Power Output of 700W Most Featured low power microwave. Which is able to provide a wide range of power settings to address different cooking requirements.

This microwave oven has ten removable turntables for evenly prepared food, which you can easily remove for cleaning if needed. It has pre-programmed buttons that allow you to have all kinds of popular dishes ready without the need for power level and cooking time.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • pre-programmed button: A pre-programmed button for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, drink, and dinner plate
  • Power: Featuring 700 watts of power, 10-power settings, a kitchen timer, and 30-second fast cooking
  • LED display: Features include a large LED display, a large control panel for easy viewing, a child safety lock, an interior light, and a 10″ glass turntable that can be removed for cleaning
  • Push button door: Easy access with the push of a button


  • Easily used and easy to clean
  • Locking system for children is available
  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Featuring Pro Features For Small Spaces
  • Using a low-wattage microwave is a budget-friendly option


  • One to two minutes would be sufficient for heating a plate of vegetables

9. Best Fewer Watts Small Microwave: Daewoo KOR-7LREW Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

This microwave has fewer watts but a more attractive and advanced design, which will increase anyone’s interest in buying a microwave.

If you have a tasteful, stylish mind and want to buy a small microwave, this microwave will catch your mind. Cubic feet and has a capacity of 700 watts.

 It has three quick settings for preparing or heating food, such as a standard timer, an auto-defrost setting, and even an auto cook function.

They can easily make certain food drinks, soups, baked potatoes, fresh vegetables, and frozen vegetables. Its eco mode uses zero energy when the device is not in use and can save money.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • Capacity: With a capacity of 20L, this microwave is ideal for large families or gatherings.
  • Child lock: A child safety lock is perfect for protecting those little hands from harm, making sure they are safely out of harm’s way.
  • Power: There are five different power settings on the microwave face, which lets you choose from a wide range of options that will suit your needs.
  • The microwave’s end signal – a beeping noise indicates that food is ready for removal – The digital timer setting allows for up to 60 minutes of cooking time
  • CAVITY- The rust-resistant stainless steel cavity makes cleaning easier and facilitates more even cooking, as well as preventing any rust from building up.


  • Simple Operation Can Be Used.
  • Microwave that is compact in size
  • How to use and how to clean guide
  • Kitchens for small spaces are best suited for this design


  • Expensive 

10. Best Smallest Low Watt Microwave: Commercial Chef CHM770B Countertop Oven

This 700-watt smallest-watt microwave from Westinghouse is currently in high demand. It is cheaper and smaller than other microwaves, with a depth of only 12.5 inches.

You would not be surprised to hear that it has a capacity of only 0.7 cubic feet, and it plays a significant role in creating suitable food for a small apartment or studio.

This model keeps things very simple and uses these two rotating dials for operation, controlling the time and controlling the cooking modes.

Its quick cooking settings include popcorn, baked potatoes, pizza, drinks, reheat, and frozen dinner cooking. It also has a digital clock feature LED display that you can use as a timer in your kitchen.

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Feature At A Glance:

  • 10 pre-programmed settings: Customizable programs allow for flexibility in cooking.
  • LED display: An LED display gives you more control over your settings and a premium feel.
  • Glass carousel: the condition of food is visible from outside.
  • Great door handle: It features chrome accents, a door handle, and a control panel


  • Simple to use and clean
  • There are 10 levels of power
  • Smaller kitchens should buy this
  • Price is cheap
  • Features of the Premium Plan


  •  Child locks are not available

What Should You Consider Before Buying The Best Low Power Microwave [Buying Guides]?

We must follow a standard buying guide when choosing a personal microwave for your home that will enable you to get acquainted with the right product. There are a lot of unscrupulous traders out there today who will discredit the band by selling you fake products, and if you don’t have a good idea about the product, then you will get in trouble. Also, buying the wrong shape or watt microwave will save you money.

To help you get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day microwaves, we have come up with an intuitive guide that will introduce you to the actual microwaves of your choice. So read the instruction patiently.


 The maximum power of the microwave is measured in watts. The higher the power of the device, the faster it can cook food without any doubt. It is good to know that it is always best not to use the maximum power setting.

 Simply to say, a 500–900-watt microwave oven is enough to reheat food, water or tea, or coffee to make this kind of bland food. Buying a 1500-watt microwave oven unnecessarily costs a lot of money and is a sign of stupidity.


 Each microwave’s power describes the volume of the interior through which you determine how much time you can cook and is measured in cubic feet.

In our reviews, the numbers range from 0.5 to 1.2 cubic feet. Many bands often do not guarantee low-powered microwaves.


 The size issue must be considered when buying a microwave should not be forgotten but may face problems in the future.

For example, if your kitchen’s size is minimal, then if you buy a vast microwave, it occupies a lot of space, then where will you keep other furniture in the kitchen.

If you need a microwave for your restaurant or home that is too small, you will be in trouble also because it will take a lot of time to prepare or reheat the food little by little.

So before buying a microwave, you must choose the size of the oven considering your needs.

Special Features:

 Standard microwaves will be well heated by the timer and will also have a defrost mode to set it well by weight. The best microwaves in the kitchen will come with many special features to make your cooking easier.

 For example, instead of figuring out how long it takes for a touch preset to heat up properly, pressing a button that pre-loads the cooking instructions and this button will automatically cook for the right power and the right amount of time.

 Again, there are some models that will save time by speeding up you’re cooking by including multiple presets for different types of food.

 While in standby mode, electrical appliances have a drain in the power supply that comes with an eco-friendly mode and saves money by saving energy in the long run.


 Microwave ovens usually have a one-year warranty, and you can extend it by changing the settings on your device and check with the manufacturer to see what the limitations might be.

What Is Low Power On A Microwave?

By low-wattage microwaves, we can easily understand the smallest microwaves with low electrical power. Typically, power outlets of 500W to 900W are considered microwaves in packs as low wattage or small microwaves.

These microwaves can meet the needs of cooking by providing outstanding facilities with efficient power. It is made as to the best bet for small spaces and motorhomes.

Now many people may have a question about what percent power on a microwave is low. In fact, microwave provides 10-30% low power. However, the medium-low power is often calculated at 25% -30% or above.

Moreover, if you want to buy a camping, RV, or motorhome microwave oven, it is better to buy a low-wattage microwave oven first.

Nowadays, manufacturers produce microwave ovens of different shapes and watts depending on the user’s needs by calculating the wide range of power outputs.

Now you can easily buy any watt microwave according to your needs. If you need low power consumption and power output for cooking, then low power consumptions microwaves are best for you.

What Power Level Correlates To Low, Medium, and High On A Microwave:

It is common to question what power level correlates to low, medium, and high on a microwave. Understanding the microwave cooking ability level can be confusing not only for beginner new microwave cooks but also for many seasoned veterans.

It is never possible to ensure the best cooking results without using the right level for each meal. Using the correct power level for different foods in the microwave is still not known to many. As a result, there are many problems with cooking.

We’ve listed six types of foods to better understand the power level of a microwave, so you can quickly get the best performance by using the microwave power level properly.

I have taken the food of my choice to make you understand that you will cook the food of your choice. The foods I ate were chalk roast, egg meat, meat bread, cheese dip, broccoli, and proofing (grown) bread.

  • Chalk roast consumes 30% of energy and requires a slow microwave. It would be best if you cooked it at a media-low heat of 225-300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A poached egg in the microwave oven requires 50% energy which you need to cook in the microwave on medium heat of 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • At the right power level, a loaf of bread consumes 100% of the microwave’s high energy that you have to cook at a high heat of 425-500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Preparing a cheese dip in a microwave oven consumes 60% of the energy you must cook at a medium-high heat of 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Proofing bread takes 10-30% energy to prepare, although many manual pieces of bread use 30% energy for proofing. Many ovens use 10% to get good yields. You can also cook it at a low heat of 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also cook at a medium-low heat of 200-225 degrees Fahrenheit. In my opinion, it is better to cook in the lowest heat.

 Important Tips For Using Your Microwave Power Levels:

>>>When there is no need to lower the power level: Heated water, Making popcorn

>>>When the low power level is at 50 percent: When heated, foods may not be well stirred, such as frozen chicken, potatoes.
 >>>In the case of bringing food to a specific temperature: such as softening the butter

 During Low Energy Levels or Frequent Stirring:

  •  When stirring dairy-based foods.
  • Heat splatter prone food
  • In case of melting splatter-prone butter

FAQS (Frequent Asked Questions):

Q. Are Microwave Really Safe For Everyone?

Answer: If you use the microwave according to the right rules, it is safe for you. The microwave does not start or cause an accident on its own. The user’s unconsciousness is solely responsible for the accident.

For example, when you use a microwave, you do not clean the toast powder properly, which can damage the inside of the microwave once it happens or any major accident can happen.

So, if any part of the microwave settings is damaged, replace it quickly without delay. Then it is safe to use the microwave, there is nothing to fear.

2. How To Easily Defrost Frozen Food In A Commercial Microwave?

Answer:  Use 10-20% power level in your microwave to defrost frozen food. If your microwave has low power, you need to increase the power level percentage a little. Many microwaves do not have a defrost button.

3. Can I Use A Microwave In The Cabinet?

Ans: Actually, looks incongruous in microwave cabinets. This is because microwave ovens only have vents designed for kitchen countertops behind them.

If you ever accidentally install it in a cabinet, these vents will be blocked and steam will not be able to escape from the microwave, resulting in a lot of damage to your microwave.

Warming Up:

Low power microwave ovens are the best for you if you are really fighting for your kitchen space and energy savings. We have introduced you to all the excellent quality microwaves of Low Power.

If you are looking for the most miniature low-watt power microwave oven to be confined to a solid space, the vortex model takes up the least counter space.

If there is a problem with the height, you choose from our selected microwaves according to your microwave’s appropriate location. It’s good to know that most miniature models aren’t the most relevant among the devices if you have severe space restrictions in your kitchen if you have the perfect location.

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