5 Best Microwave Without Turntable In 2024 [Huge Info]

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Does your current cooktop need space for warming your plate? Do you need a great technique to sort out your issues? If it’s sure, this setting has about the microwave without turntable that will adjust your kitchen.

A microwave oven is a small household item that makes a whole array of flavors. Recently, the oven usage for heating and cooking food in some dwellings throughout. They, too, are useful for heating and preparing cooked foods.

Flatbed microwaves are top-up with better trademarks. It puts its style on this turntable-allowed to choose. It gives ceaseless warming to guarantee the food is cooked.

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Along these lines, follow our reasoning and purchasing guides on the best microwaves without a turntable.

What Is The Best Microwave Without Turntable?

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Flatbed microwaves develop innovation allowing a reasonable distribution of microwaves without a turntable.

It’s a helpful cooking compartment without the necessity of a top-price form. They have a flatbed base with microwaves that grab hold of a turning gathering device.

It designs for preparing and reheating food emitted within the base. This micro-cook meets many people’s service needs.

It provides more space for cooking in any shape that fits the microwave. Everything lowers to your taste with the growth of flatbed microwaves.

Comparison Table Of Top 5 Microwave Without Glass Turntable

Microwaves are an essential appliance in today’s kitchen, but do you know what features to look for? Find out more about microwave ovens with this Comparison Table at cookshout.net!

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Product Reviews Of Microwave Oven Without Turntable

Below we have discussed the Product Reviews Of No Turntable Microwave in a good way.

Here are five main products discussed in detail, it will be easy for you to buy your products by knowing the details.

So learn about microwaves without a turntable below and buy the best product of your choice.

1. Best Inverter Microwave Without Turntable: Panasonic NN-SN686S Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

Technical Specs:

Specifications Parameters
Wattage 1200 watts
Weight 25.5 pounds
Capacity 1.2 cubic feet
Item Dimension 15.81 x 20.69 x 12.25 inches
Material Aluminum 
Human interface Touchscreen 
Power source120V/60 Hz
Membrane Keypad buttons 5
Power levels 10

The Panasonic NN-SN686S is a stainless steel microwave with child lock and many other features. 

It is a 1200 watts high power oven that comes with 1.2 cubic feet capacity and also has a stainless steel countertop. The oven even has a power supply which makes cooking in it seamless. 

The microwave has inverter technology which generates seamless power with consistency and the turbo frost feature allows you to save time while defrosting a food.

It does, however, have a slim design that makes it look elegant in your kitchen.. The entire dimension stands around (H x W x D): 9 15/16 inch x 15 13/16 inch x 14 3/8 inch  which is very convenient for small spaces. 

It also has a smart cooking feature and a Genius sensor. The built-in Genius feature adjusts power itself according to the food that you put in the oven. Moreover, it also has 14 preset menu items, quick minute timer, and child lock safety. 

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  • Design –The layout is intended for compact places. It is a thin oven with a 13.4 inches turntable. The oven is lightweight, almost around 25.5 pounds and takes way less space in your kitchen than any other conventional ovens with these features. 
  • Technology – It comes with inverter technology and turbo defrost option. Moreover, the oven also has Genius sensor and a smart cooking setting for more comfortable and easy cooking. 
  • Sensors – The oven has a Genius sensor that allows the machine to automatically detect the food and adjust the time and power according to the food. Moreover, it also has 14 preset menu items settings. 

Pros –

  • 1200 watts high power oven.
  • Comes with Genius sensors.
  • Lightweight. 
  • Child lock function available.

Cons –


The Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S is perfect for small spaces and also you are not compromising in the power department.

It delivers 1200 watts of power for cooking your food. Moreover, you also get Genius sensors, inverter technology and turbo defrost features.

2. Best Smart Microwave Without Turntable: Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven

Technical Specs:

Specifications Parameters 
Wattage 900 watts
Item weight 27.3 pounds
Child lock Yes
Human interfaceKeypad buttons
Capacity 0.9 cubic feet
Dimensions 19.2 x 16.1 x 11.5 inches
Material Stainless steel
Power settings 10
Power source120V – 60Hz

The Toshiba EM925A5A – BS is a stylish 120V – 60Hz microwave with 1350 watts of power input. It is a lightweight oven with child lock features for your kid’s safety. 

It has 1350 watts of input rate and output is around 900 watts. The oven also has 6 pre-programmed menus for your favorite foods and can cook at full power from 1 minute to 6 minutes. 

The microwave is very easy to use and it is a one-touch start and stop function. It also has 10 power settings, LED cavity light, digital display, and power-saving ECO mode to consume less power. The turntable is 10.6 inches glass and the control panel is straightforward. 

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  • Design – The design on the microwave compliments the décor of your kitchen. It is a stylish stainless steel oven that comes with a bright digital display and LED cavity light. 
  • Power – It delivers a total of 900 watts of power and also has 10 power settings. Moreover, you also get ECO mode for power saving while cooking for a longer period of time. 
  • Display – The oven has a bright display which allows you to see the time and temperature clearly. It also has LED cavity light and also offers a crystal clear interior view. 

Pros –

  • 900 watts of power.
  • ECO mode.
  • LED cavity light.
  • 10 power settings.

Cons –

  • Warranty coverage. 


Considering the price, the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven is a great choice. It may not be the fastest oven on the market with 900 watts but certainly delivers what they promise.

3. Best Combination Microwave Oven Without Turntable: COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven 

Technical Specs:

Installation typeCountertop
Capacity0.7 cubic feet
MaterialsStainless steel & plastic
Dimensions17.3×13×10 (inches)
Weight20.3 pounds
Power level11

If you’re looking for a compact designed, small, & user-friendly oven with a sound on/off feature, this model would be a good choice.

This oven from the COMFEE brand has been the people’s choice because of its shiny & stylish look, besides being on a budget.

Moreover, it has enough safety features, including the child lock, & you can have a one-touch operating experience here. You can use the oven for reheating, auto-cooking, & other processes like baking, boiling, etc.

If you talk about its materials, you will find both stainless steel & plastic, making the appliance good-looking yet safe. However, the significant part of it is you can turn its mute mode on & work without creating any noise.

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  • Convention Type: It heats all the food items properly & evenly within a short time; the convention system here makes it worth buying. 
  • Digital Display: The digitalized display shows all the cooking options & makes the oven smarter. 
  • Extra features – This model has two defrost function & a 30-seconds extra features with 1-6 minutes cooking function. 


  • The microwave is lightweight & easily fits in even a cabinet.
  • Can save energy up to 50%.
  • Includes auto-cook, child lock, kitchen timer, & one touch express cooking functions.
  • Easy to read, use, & clean.
  • Sound can be on or off.


  • The rotatory system is not so good.
  • The keypads here gets unusable easily. 


The COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave has some amazing cooking, heating, & safety features.

Moreover, it needs a soft touch for operating that a child may also use after reading the manuals. You can find it within $65-$80 in stores.

4. Best Countertop Microwave Without Turntable: Sharp Carousel 1.1 Cubic Feet 1000 W Microwave Oven 

Technical Specs:

Installation TypeCountertop
Capacity1.1 cubic feet
Power level10
Dimensions14.8×20.3×12 (inches)
Weight30 pounds

If you’re looking for a microwave oven to set in a congested space, the Carousel model from the Sharp brand would be the best choice.

It also delivers a quite fast cooking & heating process like the top-seller ones.

The best part of the microwave oven is it has an auto defrost function; the glass turntable here is removable. It has some similarities with other advanced microwaves.

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  • Defrost function – The defrost function here is automated. So you can lay back and let the oven do its work of defrosting your food. 
  • Design – it comes with a sharp Carousel comes with a 11.2 inches removable & rotatable glass plate.
  • Other features and functionalities – You can instantly start or restart the oven with the extra 30 sec button.


  • Fast cooking & heating.
  • LED display & soft touch pad.
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Automatic defrost function 
  • Contains necessary safety features 


  • The heat sometimes get uneven
  • Doesn’t have the mute button
  • Slightly expensive 


If you have enough budget, this oven from Sharp can be a great choice. You can also purchase the white version of the model.

5. Best Commercial Microwave Without Turntable: Midea Equipment 1025F0A 1000W Microwave Oven

Technical Specs:

Specifications Parameters
Wattage 1000 Watts
Capacity  0.9 cubic feet
Material Stainless steel
Item dimension 20.13 x 17 x 12.25 inches
Installation Countertop
Timer 6 minutes

The 1025F0A is a bigger capacity oven with more power. It is equipment that delivers a high-power cooking experience in your hand. 

The oven is 1000 watts microwave with 0.9 cubic feet capacity and accommodates 12 inches platter easily. It can withstand extensive use without breaking down or any issues.

The oven is stainless steel and the dimension is around 20.13 x 17 x 12.25 inches which makes it a great choice for small kitchens. 

It has a six-minute dial timer and also has an auto-reset feature. 

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  • Cabinet and oven cavity – the cabinet is stainless steel and is very durable. It is the great choice for commercial use. 
  • Cooking and reheating – It is a 1000 watts oven which makes it a pretty fast cooking and reheating machine. The power delivery is consistence and it can withstand extensive use over time. 
  • Timer and other features – The oven comes with a 6 minutes dial timer and also has a Auto reset features that is very convenient to use while cooking different types of foods. 

Pros –

  • 1000 watts of consistence power.
  • 6 minutes dial timer.
  • Auto reset feature. 
  • Durable and can be used for commercial kitchen use purpose. 

Cons –

  • The fans keep running when you open the door after usage.


The Midea Equipment 1025F0A is perfect for commercial usage; however, if you use a microwave most of the time for cooking and reheating then we highly recommend the microwave.

It has 1000 watts and an auto-reset option. Moreover, it is very durable and can last a long time without any issues.  

Factors To Look For While Buying Microwave Without A Turntable [Buying Guide].

In this digital era, why should microwaves stay behind? It is no longer used for simple one-minute heating or defrosting.

There are many different features and options in microwaves to consider now. It is essential to know these features before you buy one.

Capacity and Size

Buy your microwave considering the size of your kitchen. There are three types of microwaves, countertop, built-in, and over-the-range.

Over-the-range ovens take the least space in the kitchen as they are built-in the upper cabinets.

The over-the-range and built-in microwaves are more expensive, and they need a professional installer too. The countertop ones are movable and convenient.

Countertop microwaves without turntable work great. You need to keep in mind the size of your kitchen counter before buying one, though.

The standard size of the microwave is 1-2 cubic feet range. Make sure the height of the interior is more than 20 cm for bigger plates.

Usually, the size of combination microwaves is larger than solo. You should check the size as per your need.

Clearance Space

Every microwave needs ventilation for emitting extra air. Combination microwaves tend to release more air as it uses the dual function.

Make sure there is 15 cm above and behind the space for ventilation. If you prefer in-built microwaves, do not forget to get a ventilation kit for your model.


The mentioned watt is the power. The more power, the faster the cooking time. Usually, the power ranges from 650 to 1950 Watt.

It is better to get microwaves with adjustable power degrees. Maximum microwave chores require high power or setting.

However, delicate works like melting chocolate or defrosting require less power. Some combination microwaves have fixed temperature and power levels in their pre-set programs.

Heating Categories

Modern microwaves have a heating category that determines how slow or quick it heats the food. It is categorized from A to E, where A is the lowest and E is the most powerful.

There is some extra key accentuates to look for while purchasing a microwave.

Pre-Programmed Settings:

It makes life so much easier! You do not need to calculate the time and power required for cooking anymore. Just put the kind and weight of food, your oven will set up the rest.

It will automatically calculate the time and wattage for safe cooking. Many microwaves have an auto-defrost option too.

Sensor Cooking

It is an essential feature if you do not want dried-out microwave food anymore. The sensor detects the moisture in food and humidity inside the oven to set the power level and cooking time accordingly.

Multi-Step Programming

It is another super useful feature. It lets you select different modes simultaneously. For instance, you can choose to defrost first then cook.

Touch Panel

I prefer touch panels as they are easier to clean and read. They also look better than buttons.

Child Lock Mode

It is a feature specially made for families with children. In this mode, you have to press a pre-determined sequence of buttons for operating the microwave.

Energy Safe Mode

All electrical devices are introducing energy-safe mode now. Even on standby, microwaves use a certain amount of energy. The energy-saver mode reduces the power consumption of microwaves.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of No Turntable Microwave

Flatbeds are more commonly used in households now for their new advanced and convenient technology. However, you should know about all the pros and cons of microwaves with turntables before purchasing.

Microwave Advantages and Disadvantages
Microwave Advantages and Disadvantages

There are some advantages and disadvantages of it. It partially depends on the purpose of use. These are given below:


  • It is effortless to clean. The feature makes it suitable for domestic uses and also for other purposes.
  • Provide more places for food. As the plate is absent here, it contains some different places inside.
  • The turntable is fragile. So there is a frequent chance to break down during heavy load. Here the problem isn’t present.
  • More flexible to use. So you can easily use it.
  • Able to carry more food because there is space inside the wave.
  • Having a more flexible size and shape
  • It can provide more energy and contain more food. So it is suitable for commercial use. They can use it for cooking more food together.


  • Less chance of even distribution of the heat because the plate is absent here, which ensured that. So manual rotation of the food requires.
  • The price is higher compared to the turntable one. Cause here some intricate design requires.
  • Sometimes it may require more time to cook compared to a turntable one.

Who Makes A Microwave Without A Turntable?

Panasonic offers a quality product. Besides this, it’s a good fit for various cooking positions. It endures elevated use as it’s a heavy-duty microwave oven without a turntable.

No microwave turntables are simple and well designed. The button dial control enables choosing cooking time. Thus, the necessary factor is not needed by pressing as often a button.

At this point, the microwave is for business without a turntable. It’s because these business setups take time to clean up once the cooking is complete.

You enjoy the moment by this microwave when you clean up the water spillage, so it is clean.

Microwave without Turntable Review
Microwave Review

The lack of a platform reduces the chances of breaking up the glass with high volume usage. The kitchen needs microwaves without turntables. The space for plates varies in size.

Old microwave ovens without turntables are not vital. The essence of a microwave oven has various food shapes and dimensions.

The turntable doesn’t let you be loyal to the food to some extent. Each oven tends to spin, allowing food to heat.

What Types Of Microwaves Without A Turntable In The Market

You can find three types of microwaves without a turntable in the market. They are:

Solo Flatbed Microwave

Solo microwaves do not have much to offer. It does all the basic heating and defrosting. Also, the capacity is least in solo microwaves.

However, it is the best choice if you do not use the microwave much and only need defrosting or heating. Plus, it is affordable.

Combination Microwave

It is the more common microwave in households now. It offers a lot more features than solo microwaves.

The best part is that you can use more than one feature at a time. You can reheat, crisp, brown, and cook food in this oven.

Many advanced combination microwaves also enable baking, grilling, and much more. These are usually more spacious and helpful for cooking large dishes on special occasions or events.

Combination microwaves cost fairly more than solo ones depending on their size, classifications, and manufacturers.

Grill Microwave

It is the last popular flatbed in the market as many combination microwaves serve this purpose as well. However, grill flatbed microwaves are similar to solo microwaves with grill trays.

So, they do all the work of solo microwaves with an extra grilling feature. It cost more than solo microwaves and less than combination ones.

How To Microwave Oven Without Turntable Work?

The first concern that comes to mind is how does the food get heat evenly. It is the sole purpose of the turntable. It rotates the food to transmit the heat evenly.


In the traditional ovens, microwaves are emitted from one side usually. But in the case of flatbeds, the microwaves are emitted from the bottom.

Both traditional and flatbed microwaves have rotating blades at the bottom. In the traditional ones, they drive the turntable, and in flatbeds, they wheel the stirring blades.

These blades help to distribute the microwaves, so the food gets heat evenly.

How Do Microwaves Without Turntables UK Work:

The microwave has a rotating engine inside the unit without turntables. The sharp edges of the mix help scatter microwaves delivered by the microwave.

It prepares food items without turning the food. Microwaves named electromagnetic radiation produce water particles in the food. It was making it heat up.

Microwaves without Turntables UK Work
Microwave without Turntable UK

In the food, the microwave shoots out beams and the rows. As often the wave passes through the food, it gets hot, and once the food is outside the wave, it doesn’t get hot.

Receipts are excellent paper that turns dark and warms up, and this is how things are done. On spots, and not elsewhere, a heat map is dull by microwave framing.

That’s why microwave headings usually switch over or turn over food and allow it to sit before eating. If it flips around, areas of interest will shift, and the temperature will test.

These microwaves produce harmful radiation. It’s not enough to produce harmful cells but can consume food in similar ways. They can heat food in any imaginable form.

How To Clean The Without Turntables Oven?

Flatbed microwaves are super easy to clean. Moreover, they do not get dirty quickly as well. However, you still have to clean it regularly to get rid of the dried food stains and stale odor.

You can clean it with mild detergent and let it dry. If you need to disinfect the inside of your oven and remove the odor, then you can use this DIY:

How to Clean Microwaves
How to Clean Microwaves

Put some slices of lemon in a bowl of cold water. You can use a few tablespoons of vinegar instead of lemon too. Make sure that the bowl is not full. Half or less than that is adequate.

Now, heat the mixture in the oven on high power till it boils and the window steams up. Let it cool for about fifteen minutes before taking it out.

Clean the inside of the oven with a cleaning cloth or absorbent kitchen paper and let it dry. Do not forget to clean the buttons, knobs, and top of the microwave too.

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Q. Which Microwave Is Better For Commercial Use?

Ans – A microwave without a turning plate is better for commercial uses. It provides more places to cook food.

Due to the heavyweight, there is no chance of any damage to the wave, and provides more comfortable cleaning facilities. Sometimes it also contains a stirrer which ensures the even spread of the heat.

Q. Is It Possible To Cook Food In The Microwave Without A Turntable Plate?

Ans – Yes, it is possible. There is no doubt the turning plate facilitates the cooking. But without it, cooking is also possible. Moreover, a microwave without a turning plate is better in some cases. So you can easily buy that.

Q. Which Is The Best Microwave Without The Plate?

Ans – The guide is provided in this article. You can choose anyone from the above. It depends on your budget, purpose of use.

Q. Is It Harmful To Use Food Cooked Without The Turntable Plate?

Ans – both cases. Only it requires more time or manual turning force to cook. Without time issues, in another sense, it is better.

Bottom Lines:

Can you use a microwave without turntable? Such microwaves reduce the need for a standard turntable.

It fits more space for preparing food. It is used for warming arranged meals, more items, and refreshments. The no-turntable arrangement and base energy feed help the cooking expertise.

It restricts the distance microwaves travel to show up at the food things. Implies that it can warm and prepare food.

It’s also easier to clean because there is no turntable within the microwave. These hurdles resolve with new microwaves. It ensures unfailing quality and improved discoveries.

It gives faster cooking times than burners, but you get the payment surface and aroma once in a while.

Microwaves are the most significant appliances of any kitchen. Whether you live alone or with a family, microwaves are indispensable to make your everyday life easier.

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