7 Best Microwave With Crisp Function In 2024 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

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The crisp function is one of the most convenient features of a modern microwave oven. It allows you to give a crusty layer to your food in an instant. Here, we will talk about the 7 best microwave with crisp functions.

Apart from making you aware of the technical details of microwaves with crisp function, we have shortlisted seven products that we feel fulfill the desired benchmarks.

The Panasonic Home Chef 4-in-1 microwave is our standout pick. We will discuss this in more detail in the following paragraphs.

What Is A Microwave With Crisp Function?

What is crisp function in microwave? It’s one of the most common microwave FAQs you’ll hear.

A crisp function, in short, is a remarkable trait that enables the microwave to create a crusty food top. Therefore, it’s perfect for rustling up pizzas, spring rolls, lasagna, or any other crumbly delights.

However, you won’t find this feature in basic microwave ovens. The crisp function is only available in convection microwaves.

Convection microwaves are capable of performing all basic microwave operations. On top of that, they have a host of extra functionalities because of their superior heating attributes.

  1. Best Overall: Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven
  2. Best Editor Choice: Farberware 1.2 Cu. Ft. 1100-Watt Microwave Oven
  3. Best TouchPad: Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2-Cubic-Foot Convection Microwave Oven
  4. Best For Chicken: Samsung MG11T5018CC Countertop Oven
  5. Best for Big Space: Oster Digital Air Fryer Oven
  6. Best For Pizza: Hamilton Beach Digital Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven
  7. Best For Recipes: COSORI CO130-AO Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

1. Panasonic Home Chef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven

The first name on our list is the Panasonic Home Chef 4-in-1 Microwave.  As the name implies, the unit boasts four cooking modes alongside other spectacular offerings.

Technical Specs:

Specifications                            Parameters
Input SystemTouchpad
Installation TypeCountertop
CapacityCubic Feet
Number of Power Levels2
Wattage1000 Watts
Child LockYes
Dimensions22 x 13.4 x 17 Inches
Weight39.1 Pounds


  • Multipurpose: The Panasonic Home Chef 4-in-1 Microwave merges the abilities of a countertop microwave oven, an air fryer, a broiler, and a convection oven into a single package. Buy one and enjoy the luxury of four useful kitchen appliances.
  • Panasonic Inverter Technology: Panasonic has used its top-of-the-line inverter technology to make this unit exceptionally capable of even heat distribution. In combination with the oven’s Genius Sensor, the inverter oversees smooth heating and defrosting.
  • Child Safety Features: The oven comes with a child lock option. Turn it on to make sure your kids don’t accidentally get their hands inside the oven.


  • Works equally well as a microwave oven, convection oven, broiler, and air fryer.
  • A balanced distribution of heat.
  • Child-friendly features like child lock and silent mode.
  • Simple to clean.


  • No auto cook function.

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2. Farberware 1.2 Cu. Ft. 1100-Watt Microwave Oven

The following product in our consideration is the Farberware FM012AHTBSG. This one doesn’t cost a fortune, but it has the quality to compete with the finest choices in the market.

Technical Specs:

Capacity1.2 Cubic Feet
MaterialStainless Steel
Input SystemButtons
Installation TypeFree Standing
Dimensions20.5 x 17.3 x 12.8 Inches
Weight39.1 Pounds
Child LockYes
Number of Power Modes10
Wattage1100 Watts
Auto Cook Settings9


  • Smart Sensor Technology: The Smart Sensor Multi-stage cooking feature from Farberware alters the cooking temperature multiple times. In doing so, it guarantees the perfect level of crispness.
  • 9 Auto Cook Features: There are nine heating modes in the oven that makes it much easier for beginners to cook. Press the button that matches the food you want to prepare, and the device will take care of the rest.
  • Grill: Besides a microwave, this unit can also serve you as a grill. Switch between the modes with a simple push of a button.


  • Functions both as a microwave and a grill.
  • Nine one-touch heating modes.
  • Child lock.
  • Power saving design.


  • The darkened glass on the door is not easy to look through. So, the interior lights will not do you much good.

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3. Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2-Cubic-Foot Convection Microwave Oven

The Cuisinart CMW 200 is another product that keeps on popping up when you research microwaves with crisp function reviews.

The unit made its name because of its impeccable combination of versatility, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

Technical Specs:

MaterialStainless Steel
Input SystemTouchpad
Installation StyleCountertop
Capacity1.2 Cubic Feet
Dimensions19 x 12.2 x 21.2 Inches
Weight38 Pounds
Wattage1000 Watts
Auto Cook Settings9


  • 9 Auto Cook Options: To save time and effort, Cuisinart offers nine preset heat modes to get your food ready. Get the food in, press the corresponding button, and you are done!
  • Multiple Defrost Options: You can choose to defrost an item by the time or by weight. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to select the defrosting method that suits your cooking endeavor the most.
  • Customizable Multi-Stage Cooking: You can queue multiple cooking sequences so that they take place one after one. For instance, you can choose to defrost for 5 minutes before baking for five minutes and then finish up with a one minute grill.


  • Programmable multi-stage cooking.
  • Nine preset heating modes.
  • Premium stainless steel build with engraved Cuisinart logo.
  • Multiple defrost functions.


  • The interior requires frequent cleaning.

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4. Samsung MG11T5018CC Countertop Oven

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has an exquisite line of microwaves. We will shed light on the Samsung MG11T5018CC Countertop Oven since it has many ergonomic features that would interest anyone looking to purchase a microwave with crisp function.

Technical Specs:

Installation StyleCountertop
Capacity1.1 Cubic Feet
Input SystemTouchpad
Child LockYes
Number of Power Levels10
Auto Cook Settings37
Dimensions16.13 x 20.38 x 11.75 Inches
Weight34 Pounds


  • 37 Cooking Presets: You get as many as 37 default cooking settings in this microwave. So, you can whip up some of your favorite food in no time, even though you are not much of a kitchen-savvy person.
  • Grilling Element: The grilling element expands the unit’s range and also ensures better heat diffusion.
  • Glass Touch Control Panel: The sophisticated glass touch control panel accounts for easier operation. Moreover, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the device.


  • A lot of auto cook options. So, it’s perfect for beginners.
  • Simple operation.
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Auto shut-off feature for reducing energy consumption.


  • Some users have found this device a bit noisy..

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5. Oster Digital Air Fryer Oven with RapidCrisp

The Oster Digital Air Fryer Oven would be an excellent choice for someone looking to purchase a compact microwave with crisp functionality.

Don’t be fooled by its small size, though! It runs on 1700 watts of power and can reach temperatures as high as 450⁰F.

Technical Specs:

Number of Cooking Functions12
Capacity0.78 Cubic Feet
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions16.7 x 15.8 x 14.5 Inches
Weight25.58 Pounds
Input SystemTouchpad


  • Rapid Crisp Technology: Oster’s very own Rapid Crisp Technology delivers top-notch crisp in minimal time.
  • One-Touch Presets: You can prepare your favorite snacks like pizza and fries with a single touch on the screen.
  • 12-In-One Design: It’s an air fryer, grill, dehydrator, convection oven, and more! The Oster RapidCrisp Air Fryer Oven brings together the cooking expertise of twelve different appliances in a single unit.


  • Incorporates the cooking abilities of twelve different appliances into one.
  • Unique Rapid Crisp Technology for better crisp.
  • Consumes less oil than conventional air fryers when switched to air fryer mode.
  • Low energy consumption.


  • Some users have found the timer faulty.

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6. Hamilton Beach Professional Sure-Crisp Digital Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven

Our penultimate entry is the Hamilton Beach Professional Sure-Crisp Digital Air Fryer, which is a multi-utility microwave. It offers a unique crisping feature alongside a raft of other benefits.

Technical Specs

Installation StyleCountertop
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity1 Cubic Feet
Wattage1500 Watts
Dimension14.5 x 17 x 23 Inches
Weight21.61 Pounds
Input StyleKnobs


  • Sure Crisp Air Fry: The Sure Crisp feature gives you the best crisp using minimal amounts of oil. So, you can get a crunchy bite in the healthiest possible way.
  • Seven Auto Cook Features: Seven distinct auto cook options will benefit both experienced and novice chefs.
  • Precise Temperature Control: You can set the cooking temperature anywhere between 200⁰F and 450⁰F with maximum accuracy, thanks to the pinpoint controls. You can check the food temperature with the temperature probe that comes with the package.


  • High accuracy temperature control.
  • Seven preset cooking modes.
  • Minimum use of oil on air fryer mode.
  • Three rack positions for a variety of cooking purposes.


  • The fan noise is louder than ideal.

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7. COSORI CO130-AO Air Fryer Toaster Combo Countertop Oven

We will wrap up our list of recommendations with the COSORI CO130-A0. What makes it special is its assortment of 12 cooking functions.

So, if you are looking for a kitchen all-rounder, COSORI CO130-A0 should draw your attention.

Technical Specs:

Installation StyleCountertop
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity1.06 Cubic Feet
Dimensions22.25 x 19.18 x 16.37 Inches
Weight19.6 Pounds
Wattage1800 Watt


  • 12 Cooking Functions: The COSORI CO130-A0 equips you with no less than 12 cooking functions. So, you will be ready to tackle a wide range of cooking challenges with it.
  • Non-Stick Interiors: The interior of the oven is coated with non-stick material. Therefore, you won’t find a lot of grime or food leftover inside despite extensive use.
  • High-Performance Convection Fan: The heavy-duty convection fan spreads out heat efficiently and creates the perfect layer of crunchiness.


  • High-performance convection fan for superior heat distribution.
  • Easy to clean interiors.
  • Five heating elements for faster heating.
  • Free recipe book.


  • Some users were not satisfied with the build quality.

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How To Buy The Best Microwave With Crisp Function? [Buying Guide]

Crisp Function

This might sound too basic, but we must mention that you have to check whether or not the microwave you want to buy has a crisp function.

Not all microwave ovens have this option. Therefore, there are no guarantees that your microwave will have a crisp button if you don’t look for it before buying.

Power Control

Worried about your utility bills? You can keep your energy consumption in check using a microwave that comes with multiple power settings.

Higher power modes mean faster cooking, but it would also drive up electricity consumption. Power mode flexibility gives you the chance to make your preferred trade-off between convenience and power economy.

Child Lock

If you have small kids in the household, then you should buy a microwave with the crisper function that also has a child lock feature.

Children can accidentally injure themselves when you leave a switched-on oven unattended. A child lock would require a specific password or passcode to access the oven.

So, it can be highly effective in keeping your children safe around the unit.


The timer comes in real handy to prevent the food from being overcooked. If your oven has a timer, you can set the operating time so that it stops heating as soon as your food gets prepared.

Some models come with a knob to set the timer, whereas some have an LCD touchscreen. Pick the one that suits you better.

Auto Cook

Not sure about the ideal temperature and cooking duration of a particular dish? The auto cook option is one of the modern amenities a microwave oven puts on the table.

Microwaves with auto cook mode have previously specified settings for some items, which makes life much easier for amateur chefs.

How Does Microwave Crisper Work?

A microwave crisper or crisping tray is central to the crisp function offered by your oven. Usually, a microwave oven with crisp function should come with a tray, but just in case it doesn’t, you need to buy one to utilize the crisp option.

Without a standard crisper, you can’t hope to attain the perfect crisp in your bacon slices or sandwiches.

The crisper makes the most of the microwaves dispersed by the oven and heats the food from the bottom to make it crunchy.

Trays come in different variations, each with its own set of features. A standard tray normally has small feet that prevent the pan from having direct contact with the oven.

At first, the crisper gets preheated in the oven. Once you put the food on it, the heat spreads all across its surface.

The tray captures immense heat and disseminates it evenly. To promote better heat distribution, manufacturers use materials with high thermal conductivity to build the tray.

If you don’t use a tray, you can’t expect the heat to reach all parts of the food despite putting your oven in crisp mode. It will primarily affect the center.

For a brittle crust, it’s essential for the heat to get to the outer besides the core. The tray accelerates the cooking and lays out the heat to ensure a beautiful crisp.

How To Crisp In A Microwave?

Bought the best microwave with crisp function, but not sure how to exploit its crisp service properly?

We will show you how simple it is to prepare food with the right amount of crumbliness using a microwave oven with crisp function.

Let’s make some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches with an amazingly crispy texture.

First, take the crisping pan and put it in the oven to preheat it. Heat it in high heat for about three minutes. The preheat time relies on the wattage of the machine.

So, it could be more or less, depending on how powerful your microwave is. Here, we have considered a standard 1000 watt microwave.

Once the preheating is complete, you can take out the pan and spray some non-stick spray on it. The pan is usually made of non-stick materials,

But the non-stick spray would further emulsify the surface. Place the sandwich bread on the pan and put it inside the oven. Cook at half power for two minutes.

At this point, one side of the sandwich should become crispy enough. Now flip the bread and put it back inside the oven. Turn the oven at 50% again and cook for two minutes.

Now, the other side should be done too. Before crisping, preheat the pan. Then, cook the item at the appropriate temperature over the appropriate amount of time.

How Do You Make Microwave Crispy?

The secret to better crisping is capturing a higher level of heat and dispensing it steadily throughout the food.

You can place a piece of parchment under the food before putting it on the pan. Parchment serves as a catalyst as it can trap more heat and spread it out.

However, don’t wrap the food in parchment to avoid the food from getting burnt.

FAQs[ Frequently Asked Questions]

Q. Can You Make Things Crispy In The Microwave?

Answer: Yes, you can make things crispy in the microwave. But, your microwave needs to have the crisp option to do that. Basic microwaves don’t have a convection fan, so they are not capable of adding crispiness to your food.

Q. What Is A Dual Crisp Feature In A Microwave?

Answer: In usual microwaves with a crisp option, you have to flip the food halfway through so that the heat can reach both the top and the bottom. If your microwave has a Dual Crisp feature, you won’t have to turn over the food mid-cycle.
It has a special heating element that can apply heat on either side simultaneously. Therefore, the food becomes completely crispy.

Q. What Is A Crisp Function In Microwave?

Answer: A crisp function in a microwave is the option that lets the top of the food become crumbly. It calls for a superior thermal diffusion system which is not available in all microwaves.

Q. Does A Convection Microwave Crisp Food?

Answer: Yes, a convection microwave can crisp food because of its heat circulation system.

Q. How Do Microwave Crispers Work?

Answer: Microwave crispers amplify the heat a food item receives inside the microwave. Because of its high thermal conductivity, the crisper becomes hot very fast. Then, it transfers the heat to the colder food per the law of thermodynamics.
The crisper delivers heat to the entire food surface in contact with it. When the food hits the right temperature, it transforms into a crispy form.

Final Thoughts:

We picked the Panasonic Home Chef 4-in-1 Microwave as the best microwave with crisp function because of the excellent crisps you can get from this device.

It doesn’t have any auto cook setting, but it compensates for it with its unwavering output across all four operation modes.

The other six microwaves we mentioned here are also fantastic buys. We have gone through countless reviews to finalize this list.

So, you can trust all these microwaves to give your food a gloriously crispy crust.

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