7 Best Microwave with Steam Function [Trusted Reviews & Buying Guides]

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Are you looking for the best microwave with steam function, then go through the article and we guarantee you will have a preference at the end.

Microwave ovens have a lot of varieties now, and one of those is a steam microwave. 

If you wish to steam rice, make dumplings, steam a fish or make anything with steam then the function is very handy.

A microwave with steam function allows you to do all of these things at home easily. 

So, we thought to ourselves that why not put forth the Best Microwave with Steam Cooking Function which gives you an overview and also allows you to choose one according to your preferences.

What Is The Best Microwave With Steam Function?

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Are you interested in eating healthy food? Can’t make the perfect rice? Microwaves with steam cooking options are essential in your kitchen right now.

Rice, fish, dumplings, and more will be steamable with these products. Moreover, when cooking vegetables with them, you keep more nutrients, making them healthier.

Comparison Table Of Microwave with Steam Cooking Function

You must be wondering what is the best microwave with steam function that I can buy that is efficient, trustworthy, and durable.

Do not worry, we have handpicked the best available silent ovens on the market, and here is a short comparison before we go into the details

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Top 7 Microwave with Steam Function Reviews For Sale

Among the products presented, we reviewed their features, pros, and features we would prefer if the appliance featured it. 

We decided, therefore, to provide you with an overview of the best microwaves with steam cooking functions so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Choose your best fit for the kitchen.   

1.Best Microwave With Steam Cooking Function Overall: Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven

The Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) is one of the Best Steam Microwaves that we came across that is powerful, has a big capacity, and is also very convenient. 

It is a 1200 watts oven with 10 power levels making it on the best microwave oven with steam function list. 

The microwave also has pre-programed sensors and a 1.6 cubic foot capacity. Moreover, the turntable has position memory which allows it to reset for safer use. 

The stylish black stainless steel microwave comes with auto defrost, fast cooking, memory function, child safety, clock, and multi-stage cooking functions.

Defrosting is easy with the custom defrosting feature. The microwave will do all the work for you when you choose the auto to defrost menu and input the weight of the food.

If you prefer, you can simply choose one pound. Defrosting is automatic in the microwave.

Features at a glance

Power – the microwave provides 1200 watts of power with 10 different power settings. which will give you a good grib of customization.

Capacity – You are getting 1.6 cubic feet with the Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS). If you worry about the size it will solve this.

Technology – It has turntable position memory and also a memory function so that you can save all of your cooking settings. 

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Pros –

  • Large capacity of 1.6 cubic feet
  • 1200 watts machine
  • Turntable memory function
  • 10 power levels with pre-programed sensors

Cons –

  • Usability is not that straightforward, you will have to read the manual.

2. Best Countertop Microwave With Steam Cooking Function: Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN936B 

While looking for the Panasonic microwave with steam function we found the Panasonic NN-SN936B, a 1250 watts appliance with 2.2 cubic feet capacity. 

The microwave is known for delivering seamless cooking power with no issues. It comes with inverter technology and the turbo defrost for quick and efficient defrosting of food. 

Moreover, the oven also has a smart cooking setting which allows you to go through 14 presets and you also get a built-in smart sensor.

The sensor allows the microwave to adjust the power according to different foods in the oven.

A microwave oven with steam cooking uses a one-touch sensor for one-touch cooking and reheating, which makes it possible to automatically adjust the power level and cooking time.

Hence, adjusting the settings is no longer necessary.

In addition, you can cook a wide variety of popular foods with ease. Nine pre-programmed auto cooking settings are offered for vegetables, frozen entrees, pasta, potatoes, and more.

Features at a glance 

Power – The appliance you have here consumes 1250 watts. which is ideal for saving electricity. 

Capacity – The microwave delivers an amazing 2.2 cubic feet capacity. Best suit for a large kitchen. 

Technology – It comes with inverter technology, turbo defrost, and a genius sensor. 

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Pros –

  • power saver; 1250 watts
  • Inverter technology
  • Fast and efficient
  • Smart sensors

Cons –

  • The cabinet has no handle.

3. Best Stainless Steel Microwave With Steam Cooking Function: Galanz GLOMJA17S2B-10 Range 1.7 Cu Ft Microwave

The Galanz GLOMJA17S2B is an impressive kitchen equipment with 11 power variables and a 1000 watts power unit. The variable power levels allow for 0-100% power 

adjustments in a matter of seconds; moreover, it also provides a 1.7 cubic feet capacity.

You also get 9 auto cook programs and the heavy duty handles, stainless steel body provides for the durability of the appliance. 

It also comes with two speed exhaust fans which remove smoke and odor from the kitchen and one thing to mention is that the microwave has an Eco mode for power saving. 

Your kitchen’s smoke and odors are quickly and efficiently removed by an exhaust fan with two speeds.

This microwave provides 9 automatic cooking options, including pizza, potatoes, reheating, popcorn, beverages, vegetables, cheese, and meat.

Features at a glance 

Power – A 1000 watts of power with 11 power variables. A total of 11 different power levels allows you to adjust the heating power between 0% and 100%.

Built quality – The handles are aluminum and the body has a stainless steel finish. Which will give you a premium feel.

Capacity – The microwave oven has a capacity of 1.7 cu. ft, allowing you to cook all your favorite foods, from veggies to casseroles and even baked pasta dishes.

Children’s lock and Eco mode – It has a child lock, an ECO mode, and the option to switch the light on and off. Microwave over the range like the Galanz Over-the-Range Microwave is a kitchen must-have when it comes to capacity and features.

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Pros –

  • 11 power variables for adjusting cooking mode.
  • 9 auto cook programs
  • Two speed exhaust fans
  • Eco mode and child lock

Cons –

  • Little bit Noisy

4. Best Multi Function Microwave With Steam Cooking Function: COMFEE’ CM-M091AGN Retro Microwave

Looking to give your kitchen a retro vibe then go for the COMFEE CM-M091AGN with 9 preset menus, 900 watts and 0.9 cubic feet capacity. 

It is a stylish-looking microwave which gives your kitchen more of a retro look; moreover, it is also durable and efficient at the same time.

The oven has 9 preset menus from which you can easily select your preferred setting and the multi-stage defrost setting allows you to defrost and cook at the same time.

The microwave has an express button, mute function, ECO mode, and an LED display which is bright as a day. 

Features at a glance

Power – You will have a 900 watts appliance in your hand.

Technology – It comes with express cooking, ECO mode, multi-stage cooking function, and 9 preset menus.

Display – The LED display is bright and clear; moreover, it shows everything from the timer to selecting your needed settings. 

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Pros –

  • Bright LED display
  • 9 preset cooking menus
  • Eco mode
  • A multi-stage cooking setting

Cons –

  • Noisy

5. Best Smart Microwave With Steam Cooking Function: BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven 

The BLACK+DECKER has their new model oven out which has your pre-programed buttons for popcorn, steaming vegetables, making pizza, baking potatoes and so much more.

It is a 900 watts machine that comes with 10 power level settings and a 30 seconds express cooking function,

Moreover, you also get 0.9 cubic feet capacity along with a clear LED display, interior lights, and a removable 10.6 inches turntable. 

Choose one of 10 power levels to reheat or cook foods with Time Cook. With two different options, you can thaw frozen meats, vegetables, or casseroles in no time at all. Clocks and kitchen timers are also available.

Features at a glance

Power – It is a 900 watts appliance that also has 10 power level settings. 

Capacity – The microwave comes with 0.9 cubic feet capacity.

Display – It has a bright and easy to read LED display that shows your preset buttons and which functions that you are using.

Express Cook- Simply touch the number to turn the microwave on for one to six minutes at 100 percent power. If you want to stop the microwave at any time, simply press the STOP button.

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Pros –

  • Clear display
  • Efficient and reheats food fast
  • 900 watts device
  • The 10.6 inches turntable 9 is removable which allows for easy cleaning

Cons –

  • The function keys have no backlight.

6. Best Small Microwave With Steam Cooking Function: Commercial Chef CHM009 Countertop Microwave Oven

A 30 pounds, 900 watts convection oven with 0.7 cubic feet capacity, no we are not talking about a commercial microwave but a Commercial Chef CHM009 countertop.

It is Durable oven that comes with 10 cooking power levels and has a very solid 

A great deal of versatility is offered by this appliance. The convection mode can be used alone to get professional oven-like results, or you can combine it with microwave cooking for various flavors and textures.

construction. The microwave has six buttons on the preset cooking menu and those are just a touch away. Moreover, you also get an LED display. 

The microwave is very convenient and also has an auto weight and speed function that adjusts while defrosting. 

Features at a glance

Power – The CHM009 countertop is a 900 watts appliance with 10 power levels.

Build quality – the construction is very solid with a stainless steel front and metal body.

Capacity – it has 0.9 cubic feet capacity. Medium-sized kitchen will be the best fit for it.

Functions – The microwave comes with auto weight and speed adjustment functions while defrosting.

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Pros –

  • Auto weight and speed adjustments
  • Durable
  • 10 adjustable power levels

Cons –

  • The turntable squeaks.

7. Best Power Saving Microwave With Steam Cooking Function: Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBSB 1.1 Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt Microwave Oven

If you are looking for an oven with a large capacity then the Farberware countertop is the appliance for you. It is amazing cooking equipment with express cooking function, digital clock and so much more. 

The microwave is spacious and also stylish. You are getting a total of 1.1 cubic feet capacity which allows you to put almost anything in the microwave. Moreover, with 10 power levels you are not running low on this setting. 

It comes with express cooking which allows you to cook your leftovers in under 6 minutes. Moreover, the six preset cooking program certainly allows versatility and flexibility when cooking. 

The Display has LED lights which shows the time and also shows each cooking setting. It also has a powerful and fast defrost setting for defrosting your favorite foods.

Another cool thing about the microwave is that it comes with a child lock and you also have a 12.5 inches glass turntable. 

Features at a glance

  1. Power – It comes with a 1000 watts power requirement and has 10 power levels. 
  2. Technology – You are getting express cooking features which allows you to cook leftovers under 6 minutes. 
  3. Display – The LED display is bright and shows every settings. 

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Pros –

  • 1000 watts and 10 power levels. 
  • Express technology feature. 
  • 1.1 cubic feet capacity. 
  • LED display. 

Cons –

  • The coating is cheap. 

What Should You Consider Before Buying The Best Microwave with Steam Cooking Function [Buying Guides]?

When getting a microwave with a steam function, choosing which one fits your needs is not a simple task if you do not know what to look for in the products.

So, here is a guide that will help you get a better understanding on how to select an appliance according to your preferences –


How large is the appliance and how much space it will take is a thing to consider before buying. As there is not unlimited space on our countertop.

That is why you know what size is the appliance and how much countertop space you have to utilize every corner of your kitchen efficiently.


You will be able to heat your food from all sides with an appliance that uses a Cyclonic Inverter tech. Your food will be better looking and tasting with a Cyclonic Inverter appliance.

This type of wave does not overcook foods in any way. As a result, when you steam cook, poach, or braise in the microwave each time, the results will be perfect.

The functionality of microwaves is very important to keep in mind.

Settings For Steaming 

The steam function is mainly about their heating capabilities. The function allows you to efficiently and quickly steam your food.

Moreover, the steaming feature reduces the extra effort of putting in a bowl of water in the oven when using a regular microwave for steaming. 

Child Lock & Eco Mode

You should keep in mind your child’s safety in the kitchen. So, child lock is important in a microwave. Most of the microwaves nowadays  are ECO friendly.

Still you should check the feature. ECO friendly microwaves are mostly safe to nutrilock functions.

Other Functions

We are not saying that you buy a microwave only for its steaming capabilities, rather look for every feature that you can get in a single product.

Many microwaves now have multiple functions to satisfy every need a home cook wants to have in their kitchen appliance. 

How To Use Steam Function On Microwaves?

What is the best way to steam food in the microwave? Using a microwave’s steam cook function, How do you make tender and fluffy vegetables and rice?

With many microwaves that offer steam cooking, the steam sensor simplifies the process vastly. Steam functions vary according to the model, and the steps for using them differ as well.

  1. Incorporate the food into the microwave.
  2. Select Steam Cook from the menu.
  3. Utilize a steam recipe or change the settings to meet your needs.
  4. “Start” the program.

Simple enough, isn’t it? Furthermore, the food items will retain their essential vitamins and nutrients. You will thus be able to take advantage of delicious, nutritious meals every day.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use The Steam Function In A Microwave?

Your microwave has a steam function and you can use it by pressing the steam function button on the panel. 

How To steam with a microwave?

Put your food inside the microwave and press the steam function button on the panel. Set the timer and if necessary place a water bowl inside. It will do the trick. 

How Do You Use A Microwave To Steam?

The simplest way is to place your small cut veggies in a bowl with some water and then inside the microwave. Now, if your oven has a steam function then press that button or you can also use the regular settings to steam your foods.

Are Steam Microwaves Worth It?

A combination of an oven with steam function is a great choice. Not only it keeps the moisture more than traditional ovens but also cooks food more evenly, making these microwaves worth the investment.

What Is A Microwave With Steam Cooking?

Some microwaves give you the flexibility to steam your food. It is a function that is found on most over the range countertops nowadays.

Is There A Steam Microwave Oven?

Yes, there are many steam-functioned microwaves on the market. For example our top pick is the Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven.

Which Is The Best Microwave Steamer?

We recommend the Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven. It is one of the best in the market now in terms of durability, efficiency, performance and also budget. 

Is Steaming Or Microwaving Better?

Steaming your food preserves the taste much better than microwaving foods. As steam ovens retain most of the food nutrients and moisture allowing it to be more tasty and healthy. 

Is There A Steam Microwave?

Many microwave manufacturers are now putting out steam functions in their newer models, one such is the Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN936B which we highly recommend you check out. 

Are Steam Microwaves Good?

They are amazing, especially when it comes to retaining the fool value and moisture. Steaming food is a healthy choice and you are getting the full nutrients from your meals. 

So, What Should You Buy?

Steaming is a great option for those who like to eat healthy. Not only steaming retains the nutrients of the food but also keeps the moisture inside making every meal worth it.

That is why we thought to provide you with an article with the best microwave with function that we could find on the market. 

The review is completely biased and we gave our honest opinion about each of the products containing their features, pros and also what we would prefer more if that appliance had it in their functions.   

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