7 Best Low Watts Microwave Of 2024 [Top Rated]

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Is your kitchenware using a lot of energy? Any idea of choosing a low watts microwave? Ok, we’ll be discovering this in this article about energy-efficient microwaves.

The microwave aims to cook food without energy loss. Microwaves with lower wattages have a lower per-minute operating rate. You can see various wattages based on the microwave.

Low Watts Microwaves

The consistency of the microwave is usually excellent. Some units give an Eco Mode option too.

Now let us gain insight into this topic. This article includes a purchasing guide for the best small microwaves. Keep reading this article to get the perfect overview.

You’ll learn how watts work and why they are relevant after studying this content. Having a microwave that suits your needs is vital. In our microwave guide, we convey our valued view. We expect that this guide will give you a good sense of watts and electricity.

If you are still confused about the best low watts microwaves then here we are for you. from these 7 microwaves, you can buy one according to your match.

What Is Low Wattage Microwave?

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Watts are power measurement units. It measures the power or energy that travels in a particular way. The more wattage a microwave has, the more electricity it absorbs every minute.

The magnetron size decides the wattage of a microwave. And the sum of induced electric current. The speed at which the microwave cooks is defined by it. By viewing the guide, you can locate the microwave wattage.

Comparison Table Of Top Low Watts Microwave Ovens

There is a quick comparison table among 7 low-watt microwaves that helps you to decide which one is best for you. You don’t have to worry, we have researched a lot to pick these products as walls.

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The 7 Best Low Watts Microwave Of 2024

Nowadays, most people have chosen to use low-watt microwaves for their homes. Only for your concern here, we have described the top 5 low-watt microwaves of this year. You can get a clear idea about their watt and uses.

Because a low-watt microwave can be the best option to prevent massive electrical waste levels, you will also be able to make perfectly delicious cooked food with low-watt microwaves. You can easily choose these microwaves at low wattage.

1. COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven-Best Countertop Low Watts Microwave

Measurements17.3 x 13 x 10.2 inches
Item weight 20.3 pounds
Wattage700 watts
Capacity 0.7 cubic feet
Material Stainless Steel

The new stylish and compact microwave from COMFEE certainly has a good reputation for its performance. It is a 700 watts appliance with 11 power level stages.

The microwave is a compact stainless steel oven with 0.7 cubic feet capacity. It also has mute function, settings, clock, kitchen timer, child safety and much more. 

It comes with a plus30 second function, two defrost functions, and a one touch express function for quick and efficient reheating of your favorite food before dinner. Moreover, the microwave also features an energy saving ECO mode which minimizes 50% standby power. 

The display is also another thing to buy the oven for, as it is bright, clear, easy to use and has LED. It also comes with a 10 inches turntable allowing even cooking from all sides for a large food product. 

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Features At A Glance

  1. Power – You have 700 watts of energy in the microwave. 
  2. Capacity – it provides 0.7 cubic feet of capacity.
  3. Functions – The microwave comes with a plus 30, two defrost, and an express function. 

Pros –

  • The display is bright and easy to read and use.
  • ECO mode.
  • Multi-function for comfortable usage.

Cons –

  • The oven is not waterproof. 


It is a stylish yet a very durable microwave with ECO mode. You are also getting defrost functions, express function, and a plus30 features which in this budget range is hard to find. 

2. Farberware Classic FMO07AHTBKJ Microwave Oven-[ Best Budget-Friendly Small Low Watts Microwave with Stainless Steel ]

Measurements12.99 x 17.3 x 10.14 inches
Item weight 22.5 pounds
Capacity 0.7 cubic feet
Material Stainless Steel
Interface Buttons
Wattage 700 watts

If you want a microwave with full features, but the power will not up to 700-800wattage. Then Farberware classic oven is here to serve you.

The 0.7cubic foot is the perfect size for a family microwave and at any kitchenware or workplace.

Its stainless steel countertop feature has made using this microwave oven way more easy. The classic version of Farberware provides 700wattage power that perfectly cooks all your foods. 

Besides, it has ten power levels, a one-touch controlling program, and can easily deforest frozen items by their time and weight.

This brushed stainless steel microwave is entirely lightweight. It provides functional child safety with a one-year warranty. Well, we all know no other brand gives security on this low-wattage microwave, but Farberware has done

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Features At A Glance

  1. Power –You are getting a total of 700 watts from the appliance.
  2. Capacity – The microwave provides 0.7 cubic feet capacity.
  3. Functions – It comes with 10 power levels. 6 customizable cooking presets, and a child lock function. 

Pros –

  • The turntable is glass and removable which makes it easier to clean.
  • You have multi-stage cooking options.
  • It comes with 10 power levels and 6 cooking presets.

Cons –

  • Noisy while running.

3. Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven [800-Watt Countertop Microwave Oven]

Manufacturers Nostalgia
Measurements19 x 17.9 x 11 inches
Item weight 30 pounds
Power levels 5
Wattage 800 watts
Capacity 0.9 Cubic feet
Interface Dial

Nostalgia is an ultimate countertop microwave with 800-watt power. It’s one of the highest-rated microwaves among all low-wattage microwaves.

This oven can provide 800-W power, quick heat, and perfectly done food at this wattage.

Besides, its optimal heating provides different 12 programmed food settings. So there are many food items you don’t even need to set the timer and power.

Nostalgia Aqua and Retro red both of these microwaves are perfect in any compact place, it’s also low wattage. For this, you can use it on commercial sites also.

You can also pick the Nostalgia 700-Watt retro-red version. It will give your kitchen attire a classy look for sure. The pricing is also not up to the mark, so I think overall, it’s a great deal.

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Features At A Glance

  1. Power – The product is an 800 watts cooking machine.
  2. Controls – It comes with 12 pre-programmed cooking settings, delay timer and express cooking controls.
  3. Design – The microwave is an aqua colored oven which provides a retro look to your kitchen. It has chromed finished doors and a funky looking unique design. 

Pros –

  • Comes with 5 power levels.
  • It has 12 per programmed cooking settings.
  • Easy to read LED display with clear digital clock.
  • Express cooking function.

Cons –

  • The parts could rust easily.

4. Kenmore 70722 Small Countertop Microwave [ Best  0.7 cu. ft Compact Low Watts Microwave ]

Measurements14.5 x 18.3 x 11 inches
Item weight 22.4 pounds
Material Steel
Capacity 0.7 Cubic feet
Wattage 700 watts
Voltage 120V
Interface Buttons, touch pad

It’s a 0.7 cubic foot compact microwave oven. Kenmore, this version requires only 700 wattages. Besides its small, compact, convenient design is a perfect home, office, or any conventional center. For the average size, it fits anywhere in any corner.

Also, for only a 700watt low power supply, it’s best to use an office or an apartment. This microwave has ten power settings and also a 30sec timer option.

It can heat and cook your foods quickly. Without all these, it provides 6-Auto cook options for your pizza, veggies, popcorn, soup, etc. Besides this includes a removable glass turntable and a safety lock the door for children.

Kenmore brand has always provided a wide range of their quality and excellent service as well. It can indeed be at your top pick of a low-watt microwave.

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Features At A Glance

  1. Power – The microwave provides a total of 700 watts of power with 120V. 
  2. Design – It is a compact oven with 0.7 cubic feet capacity.
  3. Display – The display is illuminating LED with a clock.
  4. Preset programs – It comes with 6 auto-cook preset programs and heats you food evenly. 

Pros –

  • Provides 700 watts.
  • Illuminating and clear LED display.
  • It comes with a time/weight defrost setting.
  • The touch pad is also LED.

Cons –

  • Noisy.

5. Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave Oven[ Best Small Low Wattage Microwave]

Manufacturers Commercial Chef
Measurements 17.75 x 12.5 x 10.25 inches
Item weight 23.1 pounds
Material 18-8 Steel
Wattage 600 watts
Turntable 9.5 inches

For a budget-friendly, small, compact, low-wattage microwave, it can be your first choice. Then Chef small countertop microwave should be your first choice. Its 0.6 cubic foot microwave provides only a 600W power supply to use.

This microwave oven has an easy rotated control system that can provide six different power options. Its compact minimal size gives the relief of cleaning, and removable turntable glass is ultimately dishwasher safe.

You can cook, prepare, heating any dishes at minimum power uses. Its process cooks food with perfect heat and provides 30-minute continuous work timing.

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Features At A Glance

  1. Power – The Commercial Chef microwave provides you with 600 watts of energy.
  2. Design – The design is compact and perfect for small spaces.
  3. Operating – You are getting 6 cooking presets that you can operate through the dial easily and other functions are also fairly straightforward to use. 

Pros –

  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • 9.5 inches turntable. 
  • The construction is strong and durable.

Cons –

  • Noisy.

6. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven[ Best Digital Low Watts Microwave ]

Measurements17.3 x 13 x 10.2 inches
Item weight 22.5 pounds
Capacity 0.7 cubic feet
Power levels10
Wattage 700 watts
Turntable 10 inches

Black-Decker provides a fully-featured microwave with a 700w power supply. It includes ten different power levels, an express timer, a 30-sec timer option, and an additional kitchen timer.

This digital microwave has a wide range of power levels as per your cooking requirements.

Besides its pre-programmed control for popcorn, soup, pizza, frozen items, and beverage food items. The compact size will perfectly fit, and the black body design completes the entire look of your kitchen attire.

It also provides the removal of a 10” turntable with an easy-to-read control panel. The stainless steel feature helps to maintain the power continence and makes it comfortable to clean this microwave.

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  1. Power – The microwave from BLACK+DECKEr provides you with 700 watts of power.
  2. Display – The screen is large and LED digital with bright and clear vision.
  3. Capacity – You are getting 0.7 cubic feet capacity with the oven.

Features At A Glance

Pros –

  • Spacious interior.
  • The Display is LED and large.
  • Space saving.
  • Quiet operations.

Cons –

  • Not suited in a large kitchen or for a large household. 

7. Farberware Classic FMO07ABTWHA Countertop Microwave Oven [Best 700-Watt Microwave Oven with LED Lighting]

Measurements17.75 x 12.91 x 10.1 inches
Item weight 22.92 pounds
Wattage700 watts
Capacity 0.7 cubic feet
Power levels 10
Interface Keypad

The new classic FMO07ABTWHA from Farberware is a 700 watts microwave that is space-saving and also lightweight. If you are looking for an oven that provides a good capacity with a sleek design then it is the one for you.

The microwave is a 0.7 cubic feet capacity oven with 10 power level stages. Using the express cooking setting you are getting a 1-6 minutes to wait which is very efficient and fast.

Moreover, you also have a quick start function along with a +30 second control. Another cool thing about the appliance is that it stores your cooking settings instantly in its memory. 

Coming the display which is bright and the LED display shows everything from clock to cooking time clearly. 

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Features At A Glance

  1. Power – The appliance provides 700 watts with 10 power levels.
  2. Capacity – It holds 0.7 cubic feet of interior space. 
  3. Design – The microwave is sleek, stylish and space saving.
  4. Functions – You are getting the quick start function, express function and also the option to store your cooking settings.

Pros –

  • Memory saving feature.
  • Quick start function.
  • 10 power level.

Cons –

  • The glass turntable is cheap.


The microwave is an amazing addition in your kitchen. It is stylish as well as durable. Moreover, you can store your cooking setting in the memory giving you the option to quickly start the cooking process in one touch.  

What Should You Consider Before Buying The Low Wattage Microwave Oven [Buying Guides]?

Could an automatic microwave cook improve your life? We talked about the various features and functionalities of an auto-cook microwave in our guide.

Power and wattage: First thing is the power or the wattage. The higher the microwave’s wattage, the faster it will cook food. However, just like with other appliances, it has its own price tag. A 320 to 500-watt microwave is considered very low power. They can be used in caravans and other generators.

A 700-watt microwave is usually enough for most people, but it’ll be slow and basic to use. If you’re not sure, try searching for a more powerful alternative.

Material: The material of the microwave also plays a part in your cooking journey as a cheap quality oven will not last long. That is why something like a stainless steel material or something that does not take on rust easily is a great choice. 

Other functions: Next are the functions that you are getting, such as an express function, quick start, child safety function, cooking functions, and etc. 

Different Levels Of Low Power Microwave Oven and Its Usage:

Microwaving food is so easy that the need to put it in, press the start button, and leave is often intense. Yet, the result can be suppers that are either overcooked or unevenly warmed. Different levels of microwave wattage can make differences in the cooking process. Here we have described the Levels of different microwave wattages.

#1. Extremely Low: 100W and Underneath

The cheapest microwave settings are ideal for keeping food warm and delicate, thawing out of enormous things, such as chicken or a turkey weighing under 2.25kg. For the best thawing out outcomes, permit 5-9 minutes for every 450g, eliminate all bundling (since this can hold heat, which begins to cook the meat), and separate into parcels where conceivable, with the thickest pieces of the bird confronting outwards.

#2. Low: 100-400W

These force levels are still low enough to thaw out and mollify things, for example, frozen yogurt, margarine, chocolate, and cheddar. However, you can likewise utilize them for stewing rice, pasta, and dumplings and low-and-moderate cooking.

#3. Medium: 400-500W

Medium force levels are best for fine cooking, stewing, heating, dishes that can’t mix, and food varieties containing dairy. They’re likewise appropriate for thick food varieties that would require a more extended time when cooked in the broiler or braising on the hob, for example, hamburger dishes or meals.

#4. Medium-High: 500-800W

It is a vital force level to utilize. If food varieties you’ve recently cooked on high have come out looking a piece fatigued or hot outwardly with a cool place. It’s a decent one to default to for warming extras or cooking thick food sources, like meatloaf or simmering joints of meat.

#5. High: 800-1000W

Quick-cooking from a high wattage is most suitable to heat anything with high water content, like soups, canned food, and hot beverages. But, remember that cooking is fast – it’s not tricky to overheat fluids, bringing about them abruptly bubbling over. A standard method is to limit mixing before placing it in the microwave. Mix part of the way through, and permit to stand once the time has slipped.

How To Find Wattage Of Your Small Microwave Oven:

There are a couple of leans to discover the wattage of your microwave. For example, in the guide, on a name on the vast microwave, or by doing your testing. Enjoying this is vital since it compels you with learning the actual microwave wattage changes for food.

Notice In The Manual:

Since many people realize how to utilize a microwave, the manual that supported it repeatedly gets handily disposed of or hurled in a cabinet someplace. It is a badly invented notion since this manual contains the wattage data.

If you ended up booting the manual, the maker’s site ought to have this data recorded on the web.

Observe The Microwave From Inside or Outside:

If you’ve queried about the label on the microwave, it’s the sequential plate number. The wattage data should be recorded, alongside the broiler’s model number, maker data, and security warnings.

You can usually find this name in one of three spots: on the back, as an afterthought, or inside the microwave entryway.

Self-Assessment Of Wattage:

If your guidebook accidentally disappears and your name rubs off the microwave, you can calculate your wattage.

Fill 1 cup of water into a microwave-safe measuring cup. Microwave it on high, notice, and identify how long it requires for the water to bubble. To calculate the wattage, use the following dates:

  • 1200 watts for 1/2 a minute
  • 1,000 watts per 2 minutes
  • 2 800 watts over half a minute
  • 700 watts over 3 minutes
  • 600 watts in 4 minutes

What Power Level is Medium on a Microwave?

Medium power levels are used to conduct microwaves. And five power levels are enough to handle it. These media layers must be present to control the food menu in the microwave. Its fan turns on as soon as the microwave. So its level has to be kept in the medium.

The level in the media can properly control the cooking of your food. At the media level, you can safely prepare food without setting a time. Medium power levels are natural to use. For example, 100 percent above and 70 percent medium-high. Again, 50 percent medium and 30 percent. Thus the middle-lower 10 percent layers contain all types of microwaves.

Use a medium power level to manage it after you buy your microwave. By setting this medium method, you will run it for a short time. Now hit it after a minute. You can do it again. Using a microwave at a medium level reduces your electricity consumption.

Do you have a high power level in your microwave? Then with its carousel, the magnetron settles the hot spot on the food. So use medium power from low. Will heat the food you make. You will see that in the right way in the same way all around.

What Is A Good Wattage For A Compact Small Microwave:

Once it comes to a good wattage microwave, I believe one with a wattage of 900 or higher is indeed the best. Microwaves have power levels varying from 650 to 2400 watts.

The best time to heat food or how it prepares are both affected by wattage. In turn, the microwave’s cost is ideal for homes with 900 or more people, the oven’s efficiency, and the time it takes to prepare meals.

There are a few lots to think about while looking for a good wattage microwave:

  • Oven Capacity:

The oven capacity defines whether a microwave’s oven capacity is a good start. In cubic feet, you can measure the amount of food you can make in your microwave.

Oven size usually differs from less than one cubic foot to slightly more than two cubic feet. Moreover, the greater the oven size, the more watts will require to cook food evenly and effectively.

  • Price:

One of the factors that affect microwave pricing is the number of watts. The price rises in some cases as the amount of watts increases. But, if you look very close, you might notice that all, starting with microwaves, is reasonably priced. It has a wattage of at least 900.

The microwave loses its quality as the watts reach 1,100. So, between 900 and 1000 watts, the cost per watt is the best.

Careful Process To Choose A Smallest Microwave.

What is considered a low-wattage microwave? What are your personal opinions? Microwaves with lower wattage are used to serve simple cooking needs. It brings excellent usability while still being eco-friendly. It’s ideal for small areas.

Wattage is like power when it comes to microwave ovens. A 1,000-watt microwave cooks fast. Instead, 700 watts of microwaves are slow and cannot cook. Low-wattage microwaves do not transfer radiation to those with a higher wattage. The microwave has an energy output of 600W to 900W.

Also, the microwave wattage and size are related. Thus a 1000 watt microwave would be a suitable size. Small microwave ovens with a power capacity of 600 watts are likely in the market. Also, a power rating of 1250 watts as well.A 1,000-watt microwave can name a high-end system. The price is fair. A microwave with 1,200 watts is the most potent handy for home-usage.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is A 1200 Watt Microwave Good?

Answer: A 1200 watt microwave requires good wattage power. A modern microwave costs 1200 watts for a watt microwave. You can cook and heat food using 1200 watts for 1 minute every day. And it consumes 2 to 6 watts of power in your microwave. Therefore, a 1200 watt microwave is good.

Q. How Many Watts Is Low Power for a Microwave?

Answer: The microwave oven is an essential accessory for your daily use. An efficient microwave oven requires 800-3000 watts of power. Because the food in the microwave waves concentrates on cooking and it cooks and reheats quickly.

Q. Is a Higher Wattage Microwave Better?

Answer: Yes, it is high watts to admit microwaves are better than low watts in most cases. Because 1000 or more watt microwaves will cook faster. 800/800 or fewer microwaves cook at a relatively low speed.

Q. Do Watts Matter In Microwaves?

Answer: Yes, of course, you have to think about the wattage of buying a microwave. As it is the better use of the microwave watt, and the faster it can produce the food. So a wattmeter in microwaves. Select watts based on your usage.

Final Verdict:

To conclude, most microwave ovens are vital parts of kitchen appliances. Microwave ovens are an essential piece of kitchenware for most of us. Wattage is also helpful to consider when buying a microwave.

It’s vital to consider how watts work and why they’re essential. Until purchasing a microwave that meets the needs. I think you have a little clearer knowledge of low watts microwave and energy in this guide.

I expect that this detail is finally helpful to you. It will help to make equipment transactions without needing cash from you.

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