5 Best Microwaves With Push Button Door In 2024 [True Info]

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I have a high-end Microwave with a handle opening. During baking or Asian cuisine, I repeatedly have to open the oven door.

My untidy hand makes the handle dirty. If I have a push-button door oven, it opens easily with a press and remains tidy.

microwaves with push button door 2022

The decent-quality best microwaves with push button doors are the smartest choice for the kitchen counter. It makes a little sound to open the door.

Push-button doors are easy to access and hacks free. You use your finger to open the door. Your messy hands with oil, flour, or spices won’t dirty the door, and you need not grasp or force anything.

The most benefit is you can use your one hand even dishware in another hand.

What Is The Best Microwaves With Push Button Door

When you push or pull the handle of an oven, you need to force pressure on it. On the other hand, you may use the other hand to support the oven.

Otherwise, the body of the oven may move back and forth from its space. Moreover, the handle door makes a loud bang sound open.

In this regard, the majority of people prefer a microwave with push-button controls. You can open the oven door with a push even you have a plate of food in your hand. Push-button doors are less noisy to open.

Comparison Table Of Top 5 Microwave Oven With Push Button Door

There is some comparison of the five best push-button oven microwaves that helps you to understand your need. So, let’s compare the microwaves with push button doors from the list.

ImageProduct NameRatingsPrice
BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven
Best Microwaves With Push Button Door Overall
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backpacToshiba ML-EM45PIT(SS) Microwave OvenBest Smart Microwaves With Push Button Door
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cordlessblowerPanasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave OvenBest Interior Microwaves With Push Button Door
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cordlessblowerCommercial Chef CHCM11100B Microwave OvenBest Commercial Microwaves With Push Button Door
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cordlessblowerSHARP Countertop Microwave OvenBest CountertopMicrowaves With Push Button Door
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List Of 5 Best Over The Range Microwave With Push Button Door

When searching for the quality features of the oven within a price range, it is tough to find a perfect microwave with a handle or push button.

We research a lot and make a list for you of the five best microwaves with push-button doors. All the microwaves are a push button to open the door and are qualities.

1.Best Microwaves With Turntabl Push Button Door Overall: BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven

Key Features:

A powerful oven with 1000 Wattage: This is a heavy-duty oven with a 1.1 cu ft capacity. The stainless steel body ensures easy cleaning with long time use. It takes a minimum of 110 v during work.

Digital LED display along with easy control panel: Modern digital operating system to cook easily. LED display shows the perfect time and temperature.

Six Express timer to 6 minutes: Cook as fast as you need. A 30-second express timer will fulfill your bit. Six minutes options will provide you a package for quick finishing.

Six pre-programmed menus: One-touch, six options of your favorite foods like pizza, popcorn, veg, beverage, potato, and dinner plate. Ready your mixture of food and place it on the turntable. Press the option, and it will cook.

Defrost and cooking timer: The defrost option works on two methods: time and weight. You can defrost the frozen item perfectly.

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Capacity1.1 cu ft
Energy1000 W
MaterialStainless steel
Operating typeDigital
Dimensions20.2* 15.6*12.1 inches
Weight30.6 pounds
DisplayDigital LED
Included componentsMegnetorn, turntable
Voltage110 volts

When cooking complete with flexibility, you feel the most relief in your mind. Black-Decker EM031MB11 is a top push button microwave that will give you the utmost joy of easy cooking.

You can get four comfortable sizes ( 0.7, 0.9, 1.1, 1.4 cu ft) around your budget. Enough interior space compatible with your dinner plate.

The oven size is perfect for your kitchen cabinet. The 12.4″ removable glass turntable spread proper heat to the food from the cavity. You can see the cooking in the oven by the interior light.

This microwave has the intellectual ability to cook six pre-programmed food. When you press the specific food button, the oven automatically sets the dish’s time and temperature. No hacks, no worry.

Cook any cuisine with this forceful oven along with ten power levels. You can cook at any power level from low to high. The beautiful black color enriches your cabinet looks.

The most significant advantage is the push-button door for opening. Safety child lock prevents any unwanted touch.


  • Enough interior for cooking with 12.4 “turntable.
  • Six one-touch recipes buttons.
  • Two defrost option
  • Six minutes number for the express cooking
  • 30 plus second express facility


  • Some people find it noisy during cooking.


This oven is an ideal wattage and capacity oven for any cooking. If you are busy enough, you can cook and reheat six pre-programmed food by pressing a touch.

Push-button doors can easily open and close. People with physical disorders or even children can cook and use this oven comfortably. 

2. Best Smart Microwaves With Push Button Door: Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(SS) Microwave Oven

Key Features:

Robust oven with giant turntable: Toshiba is a heavy-duty oven along with 13.6 inches big turntable.

Five pre-programmed menus with smart sensor:  You can cook and reheat frozen veg, pizza, popcorn, meat, and potato with only one touch.

The smart sensor detects the liquid of the food and adjusts the temperature according to need. This sensor also guesses the cooking condition and countdown from the last second at the finishing.

Quick express time: enhance your cooking time to three minutes if need. This oven has three minutes time option for additional timing.

Eco-friendly power saver: digital inverter saves power and provides sufficient energy to the cavity—eco-friendly oven-good for the environment and lightweight to carry.

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Capacity1.6 cu ft
Energy1250 W
MaterialStainless steel
Operating systemdigital
Weight28.70 pounds
Dimensions (inches)External (21.8*19.2*13) Internal (15.5*17*10.2)
Included componentsTurntable

Save the power from being wasted during cooking with Toshiba Microwave oven with push-button door. Its inverter technology can adjust with oven power and saves 40% energy.

Toshiba is an eco-friendly cooker for enjoyable cooking. Toshiba is a large size, big watts oven than Black Decker.

Its 13.6 inches turntable is comparatively spacious for any royal dish. 1250 watts provide fast cooking facilities. Though the size is big, the price is also high for this microwave.

Cook food within a short time. The massive wattage cooks and defrosts food more speedy. There are five food menus programmed for shortcut press.

So, you can quickly cook or reheat pizza, popcorn, or meat only with a press.

There are ten power levels for any challenging cooking. Interior light helps to watch inside the cuisine.

Press 0 and mute the sound. Digital control panel with stainless steel. Pretty and sleek design.


  • A very dynamic oven with a big interior
  • Save power up to 40%
  • Fast cooker and defrost quickly
  • Five auto menu food button
  • Ecofriendly
  • Three minutes buttons for extra and speedy cooking.


  • Lightweight quality makes a shake while opening the door.


This is a high-end oven for people who love to cook different items quickly. You can cook multiple food dishes all at once.

The smart sensor and pre-programmed food options provide easy cooking for five items.

This oven can be comfortable for any veteran, old, physically disabled person, or child at home.

3. Best Interior Microwaves With Push Button Door: Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven

Key Features:

Air fryer saves oil and provides perfect crispness: This oven’s most fantastic and beneficial side is the air fryer. You can crisp french fries, nuggets, or chicken wings with perfect browning. There are no hacks of preheating the oven.

Convection bake from 100 degrees to 425 degrees: You can bake or roast in the convection mood. No need to preheat the oven.

Grill-like broiling: The wire rack is for broiling dishes. On the top, there is an electric coil that spread infrared. The stand gets the food close to the infrared and gets brown.

Smart cooking with sensor: Fast cooking and defrosting abilities save your time. Reheat food evenly. Smart sensors perceive humidity in the food and countdown from the last minutes before finishing cook.

Power saving inverter: Patented inverter resists the wastage of power. It saves energy.

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Capacity1.2 cu ft
Energy1000 W
MaterialStainless steel
Operating systemDigital
Weight39.1 pounds
Dimensions14.97*15.36*9 inches
Voltage120 V
Included componentsTurntable, high wire rack, air fry basket, enamel tray

Let’s complete your cooking with mastery along with our new home chef. Panasonic 4 in 1 can provide you the ultimate freedom to prepare any cuisine as a restaurant teste.

You can cook food evenly, make the outside crispy and brown, bake a cake, grill meat, and defrost frozen items fast.

You can call Panasonic an over-the-range microwave with a push-button door, but it is a combo cooker for your cooking.

The 1000 watts is ideal power for any cuisine, and 1.2 cu ft is a fittable design for the countertop.

It comes with a 14.2 inches turntable that will allow a large plate in the oven. The rack remains only five inches below the electric coil.

As a result, the food on the reck gets high hit and turns brown.  The air fryer fry and crisps in a healthier way with minimal oil.

A beautiful sleek design microwave will be stylish for your kitchen. The slim outer and more interior saves 15% space on your counter. Evenly cook and broil any food.

This oven is more pricy on the list with a fryer, rack, and aluminum plate.


  • Convection microwave
  • Broil fantastically
  • Cooks fast, reheat, and defrost quickly
  • The cooling fan works even after finishing cooking to cool the interior completely.
  • Healthy oil fry.
  • Dashing design and easy to use.


  • Expensive
  • The tags of the control panel are a little bit blur.


People who want an all-in-one combo cooking and can afford a high price can buy this oven. You do not need a different fryer or grill pan to crisp food.

It will save space instead of a grill pan and fry pan. It cooks fast and evenly and uses less energy which will save your cost ultimately

4. Best Commercial Microwaves With Push Button Door: Commercial Chef CHCM11100B Microwave Oven

Key Features:

Six quick food menus: Cook pizza, potato, vegetable-only by pressing the buttons. Cook popcorn anytime. Reheat leftover food perfectly and heat the beverage in one minute.

Weight and speed defrost options: Defrost frozen food fast, leave no portion unthawed. Weight defrost works well according to the weight of the food.

Ten power levels for quality cooking: Cook comfortably any meat, veg, or reheat last dinner leftovers. This oven has ten power points to provide appropriate temperature to the food.

No Products Found.


Capacity1.1 cu ft
Energy1000 W
MaterialStainless Steel
Operating systemDigital
Weight35.5 Pounds
Dimensions16.8*11.5*21 inches
Voltage120 V
Included componentsTurntable

When power, convenience, and price meet on a specific oven, this could be your best pick for the kitchen. Commercial Chef is an affordable price oven along with its high power and modern facilities.

This is a suitable sized microwave for any challenging cooking. There is a 12 inches carousel glass turntable that allows big dishware for cooking. Solid construction and the black front show the control panel brightly.

You can cook food, reheat properly and defrost speedily. There are six options for pre-programmed food on which you can get those items only by pressing the button.

Commercial Chef is a quality microwave with a digital clock and timer. You can set the timing for your cooking.

Elegant black color and stainless steel body make it durable for long time use. The most attractive issue is the price is budget-friendly to all.


  • Quick-cooking by ideal power.
  • Solid made by stainless steel
  • Six one press food options
  • Speed defrost option
  • Child lock
  • Easy control panel to use


  • No express button for fast cooking
  • The beeps are a little bit louder.


This oven will be a suitable option for every family member in the house. A straightforward control panel can be beneficial for an older person.

The price is also less than the ovens—overall a quality, simple product for cooking.

5. Best Countertop Microwaves With Push Button Door: SHARP Countertop Microwave Oven

Key Features:

ADA compliant Microwave: according to Americans with disabilities compliant, this Sharp is easy and can be operated by one hand. There is no button for grasp, twist, or forcing hard. The size and height are ideal also.

Auto Defrost option for proper thawing: only put the food and push the button for melting. There are meat, poultry, and seafood options that unfreeze automatically.

Six pre-set food buttons make easy cooking: Cook or reheat potato, fresh or frozen veg, popcorn, frozen pizza, and beverage. Only one touch will prepare your meal.

Six quick timers with thirty-second express time buttons: Express timers for one to six minutes and thirty seconds for additional quick cooking.

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Capacity1.1 cu ft
Energy1000 W
MaterialStainless steel
Operating systemdigital
Weight30 pounds
Dimensions14.8*20.3*12 inches
Voltage120 V
Included componentsTurntable

Our last microwave with a push button to open the door is a Sharp Black Carousel 2017 Model. Sharp has had its reputation of trust in kitchen appliances for many years.

This oven can fulfill your cooking need with its high power and supportive services. It is a medium-sized oven that fits perfectly on your kitchen cabinet.

The size of the carousel turntable is 11.2 inches which meet any large size of your dinner plate.

Six automatic food buttons for cooking and reheating evenly. Six express cooking minutes button for quick cuisine.

The “thirty-plus” second button offers you an extra half-minute of cooking if necessary.

ADA (Americans with disabilities act) compliant oven operable by a hand, no need to twist or grasp. Ten power levels for even cooking every time.

Auto defrost option for properly melt food. Timer and clock included.

This is a beautiful design oven, available in two colors: black and white. The bright green LED display shows the time of cooking.

Easy control panel with child lock facility. Overall a quality oven for the home kitchen.


  • Compact design for any kitchen
  • Adequate power and energy provide accurate heat to the cavity
  • Six automatic food options for cooking and reheating.
  • Six buttons for quick cooking.
  • Auto defrost


  • The interior light will be on during cooking.


Sharp microwave is a reputed oven in cooking. It can cook fast, defrost evenly. It is an ADA-compliant oven.

If your family has a disabled person, you can buy this oven. The older members also can use this oven comfortably because it has an easy control panel.

Education: How To Buy Microwaves With Push Button Door [Buying Guide]

What should notice before buying a Push button door oven

Push-button is easy to use. It makes less noise during open and close. You can use one finger to press. Before choosing a push-button microwave, you should check some issues.

Capacity and energy are always essential. Your cooking time and perfection depend on these qualities. Buy a microwave of minimum 0.9 cu ft capacity. A 900 Watts energy can cook fast.

Check the push button if it works correctly. The door should open with a push and make less bang. Check the interior light also if it is lit while open the door.

Ten power level is always helpful for any type of cooking. The express timer is another benevolent option for quick work. Pre-programmed options for a specific food, and defrost options are also should check. These are the basics of a microwave.

Moreover, check the turntable measurement if your meal plate will fit it. Check the included components and other facilities.

Child lock is beneficial to you. At last check the warranty and service issues carefully. Buy your product from a trustworthy retailer.

How To Clean Your Microwave With The Push Of A Button?

A microwave works both like a stove and a pan. You can put foodstuff in the turntable and cook food. That’s why the inside of an oven requires cleaning after some days. Like cooking, you can clean your oven with a push of the start button.

Clean The Oven With Dishwasher And Water

  1. Place a cup of normal water in the oven. Push the start button and heat the water for three to four minutes. The vapors of the water will soften the grease inside the oven.
  2. Take a soft cotton cloth and dip it into a small amount of dish wash and water mixture.
  3. Clean the inside of the oven.
  4. Use normal temperature water and wipe the inside of the oven carefully.

Deodorize The Oven With The Push Button

  1. take a cup and fill it by water. place into the oven.
  2. Add lemon juice or vinegar to the water.
  3. Push the start button and heat the mixture for two minutes. It will remove odor.

How To Fix The Push Button Door On A Sharp Microwave?

After using a long time, the push-button door of the Sharp Microwave can be jammed. This issue will solve by cleaning the door inside.

There are levers and springs which can damage by any usage issue. But you can fix these issues with a screwdriver. Follow the instructions if you are a DIYer.

  1. Unplug the oven from the power.
  2. There are four screws on the outside back part and two screws to the bottom part. Unscrew them.
  3. Push the body part of the oven backward. This pushing will be short but solid. The body will come out, and the inner of the rotisserie will appear. You will see the magnetron, the motor, and other mechanisms. Please do not touch them. Carefully clean the interior with a soft brush.
  4. In the interior, just beneath the control panel, you will see the screws attached to the control panel.
  5. Unscrew them and carefully remove the control panel.
  6. If the lever or spring of the door damaged or broken, you can fix them. Buy another replacement from any local retailer. You can order the parts from the Sharp Electronics Company Also.
  7. Place the control panel and body part properly after finishing the repairing task.

FAQsFrequently Asked Question 

Q: Is There a Microwave With a Quiet Door?

Answer: Yes, there are many models of the microwave which has a quiet door.

The Microwaves door needs to close completely. Because a microwave works by electromagnetic radiation.

This is safe radiation that heats the cavity and excites the water molecules of the food. As a result, the food warms up quickly.

If the door does not close completely, the radiation will come out from the oven. There is a loud bang sound create during the opening and closing of the oven door.

This sound occurs to be confirmed to close the door. If you do not like this sound, you can buy a quiet door microwave.

Panasonic NN SS686S Countertop microwave oven and Magic Chef MCM1611ST Microwave oven are the most reliable for soft door opening.

Q: How Do You Open A Microwave Without a Handle?

Answer: This is not like that you can not open a microwave without a handle. A microwave can be opened by handle forcing or pressing the push button.

If your oven comes without a handle, there must be a push button on the right bottom corner. Push the button, and your oven door will open.

Q: What is the Best Compact Microwave?

Answer: For 2021, LGNeo Chef is doing the best service. It is a compact oven with 0.9 cu ft capacity and 1000 watts.

Its dimensions are 5*5*5 inches, and the weight is only 0.50 pounds. Truly a compact oven with the best cooking service. This oven is also ADA compliant.

Q: Can I Place A Countertop Microwave In A Built-In Microwave Hole?

Answer: It will be risky, and you should take some precautions before placing a countertop oven in a built-in hole.

The main problem is vent ways. Manufacturers produce a different style for a countertop and built-in ovens.

 During cooking, the motor of an oven releases hot air. This hot air should be going out from the oven.

Otherwise, the excess heat can spoil the coil and motor of the oven. A countertop oven has vents on the top or by the side to remove the hot air.

If you want to place your countertop into the built-in cabinet, make sure that there will be enough space around the oven.

This space helps to release the vent’s air outside of the built-in cabinet. Follow these steps:

  1. Empty the oven.
  2. Remove the turntable
  3. Unplug the power of the oven
  4. Place the oven into the built-in cabinet. Keep space on the back of the oven.
  5. Try to set the air vents in according to the air passing hole.
  6. Maintain little space in front of the oven. It’s done. Now, plugin it.

Q: Can’t Open My Microwave Door?

Answer: This can happen for many reasons. Sometimes the foodstuff or gummy particles interfere with the door. So the door can be jammed.

Or the microwave push-button stuck. In this case, pull the door along with the microwave push button to open the door.

There is a push button, letch, and spring in the door; those can be damaged or break. Find out the problem immediately.

Carefully take out the control panel and find out the actual problem. If there is a damage issue, then repair it. You can take help from an expert.

Final Thoughts:

We hope now you decide to buy the best microwave with push button door from our five product list. These all ovens are from renowned companies that have a long-term reputation for quality microwaves.

All five products are budget-friendly and fast cooking assistants. These latest models will fulfill your family meal requirements. Furthermore, it will feel easy to open the door with only a push.

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