Are Cheap Microwaves Safe? Let’s Know Here

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I am using a 700 watts microwave for seven years. It was low-cost. I make pizza, chicken, vegetables, bake cake, buns, and reheat foods. It is still good as its first day. If a microwave follows all the ideal engineering processes, it will be a secure one.

More than 95% of Americans use a microwave in their kitchen. Most people make an economical budget for a microwave. But are cheap microwaves safe for cooking?

Microwave safety issues depend on its raw materials, manufacturing process, and cooking methods. Wattages and capacity vary the price tag. So the quality of a microwave depends on the making procedure, not on the price.

Let us now give some time about the question that are cheap microwaves any good.

Are Cheap Microwaves Safe? Make Your Budget Today!

Most people believe that an expensive microwave is decent for long-term use. As a result, they make a big budget. But later, it reveals as a burden. Moreover, they never need to use most of the exclusive features of their high-end oven.

How The Microwave Works
Microwave Oven.

The majority of people use the microwave to defrost food and to cook some basic dish. Make popcorn or baking.

A cheap microwave has all the benefits you need. So, before deciding what the safest microwave to buy, you should know its mechanism. Also, distinguish the difference between a cheap and expensive oven. 

What Is The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Microwaves.

The actual difference is the watts and the capacity. A cheap microwave is a low-wattage cooker. Though it is a low watts oven, it will take time to cook.

Don’t worry. Your food will cook evenly and perfectly. It also takes a small room on your kitchen cabinet.

In the case of an expensive microwave, the foodstuff will cook faster and more smoothly. You can defrost and reheat food quickly.

This type of machine requires more space on your cabinet, but you can try a big dish inside it. Here is a quick chart for more easy understanding.

DifferencesCheap MicrowavesExpensive Microwaves
Wattage600 W – 900 W1000 W – 1400 W
Capacity0.5 cu ft – 1.2 cu ft1.3 cu ft – 2.2 cu ft
FeaturesDefrost, popcorn, potato, pizza, dinner, beverage, vegetable.Melt/ soften/ defrost, potato, popcorn, vegetable, beverage, reheat, dinner, baking, grill.
Cooking TimeTake more time ( take 3- 4 mins to boil water)Fast cooking ( take 1- 1 ½ mins to boil water)
SpaceLess space. Not for a large plate.Large space. Enough space for a large plate.

How Do I Make A Proper Decision To Buy A Cheap Microwave?

Cheap microwaves can be safe for cooking. Among the many brands and many wattages, make your mind about a specific one. You should resolve some essential matters before buying a low-priced oven.

1# Check The CU Ft Of A Microwave According To Your Need

Size matters on the price. If your family members are two or three, you need a microwave for general cooking. Choose an oven from 0.5 cu ft to 1.1 cu ft. These sizes are always fittable to your kitchen countertop.

Also, check the interior space of an oven. Some ovens possess less room for food which will bother you.

2# Select Between 700 W – 900 W Microwave For Fine Cooking

Wattage means power. A more powered microwave is pricy than a less powered oven. Pick between 700 -900 watts for a microwave. This power is ideal for making food fast and safe. You can defrost and reheat food.

3# Basic Features Are Necessary

Most people never need to use the exclusive features of their high-end oven. For casual cooking, you need the basic facilities that are available in the cheap microwave also.

You need the defrost and reheat options. The popcorn, beverage, veg, pizza, and dinner options are also included in all the ovens.

4# Safety Features Are Appreciable

Security comes first. It adds an extra benefit to your cooking. Check the safety features like a child lock and an auto timer.

The child lock option is necessary if you have a child. By this option, your child’s play of on/off or turning the timer will not hamper the cooking.

An intelligent timer or auto sensor is an option where foods cook automatically. It can detect the moisture inside the sustenance.

This technology can read the timing and signal you before finishing the cuisine. Luckily some cheap microwave has this facility.

5# Warranty Is Always Important

Warranty matters a lot. Whether it is cheap or expensive, always check the service contract. Generally, all types of ovens provide one year of security.

However, some companies deliver paid service even after finishing warranty time.

How The Microwave Works ?

All microwaves cook food through electromagnetic radiation. The method of cooking food is all the same. There is an electronic vacuum tube called a magnetron.

The energy of This magnetron converts to radiation. Radiation distributes heat to the cavity and stirring the water particles of the sustenance. This stirring makes the food warm.

Cooking food in a microwave is safe and easy. Just ready the raw food elements and insert them in the oven. Close the oven door and set a specific time.

The food will cook by itself. You do not need to stir or mix the cooking elements in the middle. Turn over the food half of your time to cook it evenly.

The cooking time depends on the wattage and capacity of your oven. The more the wattage, the less the cooking time. The more the wattage, the higher the price.

Microwaves use more power during cooking. But its 60% energy is wasted through the power line. It takes a lot of power during starting and changing the power tune.

So, it will be safe and wise to use a high amp circuit to operate this. If you use a less capacity microwave, use a minimum 15 amp circuit.

How Does The Cavity Affect Cooking?

Microwave generated by magnetron. Magnetron provides heat waves to the cavity and hot the substance. This crater also resists leakage of power and radiation.

The cavity is not only the place where food is kept. It is a system by which the heat will hot only the food. A microwave can have two types of cavities, stainless steel, and ceramic enamel. Now, which microwaves are the safest?

Stainless steel cavity is a good performer of heat. It absorbs heat properly and reduces the risk of leakage. Steel is always easy to clean. Stainless steel has less chance to crack or damage.

On the other hand, a ceramic cavity is non-sticky and an easy to clean conductor. It takes more time to absorb heat. It is less durable than steel.

Some ceramic cavity has an antibacterial coating that prevents bacterial attacks on foodstuff.

Microwave with Stainless steel cavity is expensive but cooks food faster. It is safer. Nowadays most of the manufacturer uses stainless steel cavity in the microwave.

What Is The Best Cheapest Microwave _Below 100$

I can say best affordable microwave to all. My research makes a list of the best cheapest and affordable microwaves which are safe.

These are quality microwave ovens which you can rely on for your cooking and health. All the microwaves are around or below 100$.

  1. Amazon Basics Microwave, 0.7 cu ft, 700 W, small
  2. Fiberwere 1.1 cu ft, 1000W
  3. Panasonic NN-SB458S, 0.9 cu ft, 900 W
  4. Costway Retro, 0.7 cu ft, 700 W
  5. Emerson Griller Microwave, 1.2 cu ft, 1100 W

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Question: How Long Do Cheap Microwaves Last?

Answer: If you have a well-branded oven and use it properly, it will work nicely for a minimum of seven years or more.

Some people have had the experience of using their oven for over a decade. Your number of family members can affect the use of a microwave. The lifetime of an oven is not related to the price.

 A good quality microwave is manufactured for ten years of service. Proper maintenance can ensure its long-term work.

After using a microwave for five to six years, people want to change it with a new one. The cooker companies also manufacture new models with many new features.

Question: Why Are Microwaves So Cheap?

Answer: The majority of microwaves work on the same engineering methods. They cook food by electromagnetic radiation. Radiations heat the food through the cavity.

The materials used are similar for all ovens. So you do not find many dissimilarities among them. That’s why all microwaves are comparatively cheap. The price will vary only in the difference of capacity and wattages.

Question: Are Electromagnetic Microwaves Harmful?

Answer: Microwaves cook food through electromagnetic non-ionized radiation. Do not worry. This is not nuclear radiation.

This is a safe wave that heats the water molecules inside the sustenance. The food gets warm. These cooked foods are not harmful or contaminated.

The radiation only heats the foods and cooks faster. As a result, the nutrition and vitamins of the foodstuffs never waste.

Question: What Is A Safe Distance From a Microwave Oven?

Answer: There is no established guideline to make a safe distance from a microwave. The microwave cooks through non-ionized radiation, but this radiation is not harmful.

During cooking, the door of an oven remains locked. So there is no way of escaping heat or wave by the door.

The magnetron makes the power into radiation which only heats the food. There is no chance to spread any radiation or heat waves throughout cooking.

You can feel safe beside a microwave at any time. It will be secure to stay by the side or front of an oven and not touch it while working.

Question: Are Old Microwaves Safe to Use?

Answer: An old microwave can have damage or broken parts. Here are the safety issues. Your microwave can be old, but you maintain it well and take good care. This oven is safe for your kitchen.

If you do not care about your machine, its parts will damage, or its doors will not lock flawlessly. The radiation, which will convert into heat, can leak outside of the oven.

Furthermore, the food may not cook properly and have a chance of uneven finish. It can burn the food or split the hot foodstuff.

Warming Up.

In the case of machinery elements, people always buy the latest technological instruments. But if a cheap microwave can fulfill your need, why waste your money on a luxurious one.

My answer to the question, are cheap microwaves safe is yes.

If you need daily basic cooking, you can buy a cheap microwave. Cheap means not less qualified; it means less quantity taker only.

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