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How Hot Is 1100 Watts For Microwaved Cooking? A Complete Guideline.

In my new apartment kitchen, there is a built-in microwave of 700 watts. It took a pretty good to cook my breakfast.

Then I bought a countertop microwave of 1100 watts. It reduces my cooking time half from the built-in oven. Now think, how hot is 1100 watts?

How Hot Is 1100 Watts

Microwave wattage starts from 350 watts which takes a lot of time to cook. An 1100 watts is equal to 625 degrees of temperature.

This heat is perfect for any cuisine. You can cook fast and even. Moreover, your leftover time will spend on another task.

People use 700 and 900 watts microwave for reheating and cooking. But sometime the cookd foods remain raw slightly. It also takes time. If you use an 1100 watts oven, it will be an ideal solution for any challenging cooking.

It is plenty hot 1100 watts of an oven. Where 212 degrees are the highest temperature of boiled water, there 625 degrees are burning enough.

How Hot Is 1100 Watts? Will It Complete Cooking Fast?

Wattage means power. It is known that the more the watt, the fast the cooking. A  microwave of 1100 watts is more powerful than a 900 watts oven. It cooks food tastier and equally. Though it is more pricy, it will deliver more advantages also.

How Hot Is 1100 Watts In 2022
How Hot Are 1100 Watts?

Is an 1100 watt microwave powerful enough? This time let us know about microwave temperature, wattage, and its beneficial sides.

There are different scales of the wattage of the microwave. It starts at 600 watts and reaches up to 1500 watts.

How Many Degrees Is 1100 Watts- Know The Food Absorbs Heat

An 1100 watts denotes 625 degrees temperature for cooking. Cooking time depends on the wattage.

When you prepare food in a microwave, the cooking depends on its power settings and the wetness of ingredients. Timing depends on the quantity of food.

Let us know the temperature of 1100 watts below the chart.

Microwave WattageMicrowave Temperature (Degree)

To prepare food at 625 degrees is a sufficient amount of energy. Water needs 212 degrees of heat to boil. Chicken need over 350 degrees to cook appropriately.

Chicken barbeque heat at 450 degrees. Ground meat and bacon need 100 % heat to cook. So, an 1100 watts of microwave has enough energy to heat food.

What Is Power Level 1100 Watts Microwave?

Most of the microwave works with power level. Each level denotes 10% temperature. There is some specific option to choose some menu for cooking.

But you have set the power level for most of the dishes, which begins from 1 – 10. These levels work for a minimum of 600 watts microwave.

Suppose you want to cook a chicken dish and set the level at 7. It will provide 70% temperature of the microwave to cook well. Here is a simple level setting chart for a better understanding.

Power levelTemperature level (%)Required watt for cooking
level 110%110
Level 220%220
Level 330%330
Level 440%440
Level 550%550
Level 660%660
Level 770%770
Level 880%880
Level 990%990
Level 10100%1100

Is 1100 Watts Enough For A Microwave?

An 1100 watts microwave has all the necessary power to cook food. This wattage will save you time and finish your cooking thoroughly.

Over 1000 watts ovens are the most demanding oven for modern people in the market. You will get 1200 watts even 1400 watts microwave in the market.

But it is not compulsory to buy a high-end oven. Your necessity and budget will confirm your choice. You will notice that the higher the watts, the higher the price and size of a microwave.

Remember, a 700 watts microwave takes 2 mins to boil water, whereas a 1200 watts takes 45 – 50 seconds.

In the case of 1100 watts, it will take approximately 1 minute. When the watt will increases, reduce the time by 10 seconds for every minute.

The same thing occurs for the other foodstuff. Food takes time for 1 1/2 minutes of 1200 watts. It will complete 2 minutes of 1100 watts.

In the case of 1400 watts, oh, it will finish within only one minute. There is a comparison chart on cooking time based on wattage.

Microwave Watts Cooking timePower
10002 minutes80%
11002 minutes70%
12001 ½ minute60%
14001 minute50%

See, there is little difference in cooking time and level for different wattage. Now, if these trivial differences create an immense matter in your life, you can choose a high-end oven of 1400 watts.

It is ideal to buy from 700 – 1100 watts for comfortable cooking. I prefer 1100 as an excellent solution.

Another issue that comes over is the kitchen space. The high watts oven tends to larger. A 1400 watts oven will take an ample space from 1100 watts.

So, if your kitchen has less space and you have a fair budget, then 1100 wattage is enough for you. This is the latest and fast cooker.

Noteworthy Differences Between 11,00 and 1200 Watt Microwave

There is some minor difference between an 1100 watts and a 1200 watts microwave. Based on these differences, you can understand your necessary oven. Just look below the table and judge the two.

Microwave Power1100 Watts1200 Watts
Cooking temperature (degree)625632
Power level ( 350 degrees)Level 3Level 2
Time difference (based on food density)2 minutes1 ½ minute
Required space1 Cu. Ft. – 1.6 Cu. Ft.1.2 Cu.Ft. – 2.2 Cu.Ft.
Price rangecostlyMore costly

How Hot Is 1200 Watts? Is it Faster and More Expensive?

A 1200 watts microwave is hot enough of 632-degrees temperature heat. Expert says, 1000 W microwave is enough for everyday kitchen cooking.

A 1200 W is more sizzling than 1100 W. It cooks food faster and defrosts freezing food evenly.

Instead of 1100 W, if you get a 1200 W microwave, it will save you 10% time. The power level of the microwave will decrease to one step.

This oven will take an ample space on your kitchen counter. Of course, the price will be high than an 1100 Watts oven.

How Hot Is 1400 Watts? Know Here

If you want to keep high-end kitchenware, you can take a 1400 watts microwave oven. A 1400 watts oven cooks at 738 degrees which is 100 degrees more than a 1200 watts oven.

Your baking, grill, and roasting all the high-temperature menu are finely cooked in this cooker. A microwave of 1400 watts is more and more powerful than a 1200 watts microwave.

It has 11 power levels. This more power cooks extra faster and at best. And, you know the more the watts, the high the price.

What Is The Best 1100 Watt Microwave Oven?

If you are looking for the best pick of 2021, then you will astonish at how unique features are ornamenting the modern microwave.

You will get fast cooking, and swift reheating support along with an easy defrost option.

The most attractive feature of these ovens is the pre-programmed option, where you can cook many food dishes only to press the menu.

Till now, Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Smart Sensor Microwave Oven is the Best 1100 Watt Countertop Microwave Ovens.

It is an 1100 W oven with ten power levels. The outstanding services you get that this oven saves 50% electricity.

Pre-programmed sensor option for frozen pizza, potato, frozen vegetable, rice offers the ultimate food facilities. It has two defrost options along with your preference. Easy popcorn press and timer for comfortable use.

This oven comes in two colors, black, and steel. The large display and sound on/off option will give you a more convenient feel.

Another best oven you can see is the Sharp ZSMC0710BB Microwave. Sharp has a long time reputed history of producing quality and modern ovens.

This model is 1100 W with turnable carousel sensors. It will be easy to cook pizza, popcorn, veggie, and beverage with the pre-programmed services. —no need to set time and temperature.

This microwave has a convenient ‘+30 second’ option for an easy start. Easy defrosting and even cooking surety also make you tensionless. The delicate steel color with ample space in the oven offers you to cook big dish food.

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Lowest Wattage Microwave?

Answer: The 320 watts is the lowest wattage microwave. But this type of microwave is not ideal for domestic kitchen use. You can use it in any vehicle or van during transportation.

This low-powered oven can be run with a 1000 watt generator or  1000 V inverter or solar. Your food will cook very slowly and take a lot of time. This oven is a temporary solution for picnics or outings. Also, less available in the market.

Question: How Many Watts Should a Good Microwave Have?

Answer: Experts say that a good microwave should be from 1000 watts. From 700 watts to 1400 watts, microwaves ( below 700 and over 1400 are not necessary ) are generally used. The high the wattage, the more fast the cooking will be.

A 1000 watts or more is an ideal solution because this oven cooks food faster. Your food will cook evenly and properly. You can defrost and reheat food thoroughly from the frozen states. So it will be fine if you buy 1000 or 1100 watts microwave for your everyday cooking.

Question: How Much Power Does An 1100 Watt Microwave Use?

Answer: Usually, a 1000 watts microwave uses 1700 watts during work. But, 1100 watts use more than 1700 watts.

Microwaves use more than their wattage during cooking. It wastes 60% power throughout the electric power supply and input power process.

Also, it takes a huge power at the time of its start and changing power level. Even on the stand-by mood, an oven takes power. In this way, during cooking, an 1100 W microwave takes 1700 W.

And your microwave needs at least a 20 amp circuit to operate accurately. To calculate it, you have to divide the used wattage by used volts.

Most of the microwaves run on 120 volts. You can find these volts inside the oven or in the microwave manual book.

Now, divide 1700 by 120 (1700*120), and the answer is 14.2amp. If we consider that our wattage is more than 1700, then the amp can be 15. But you have to use a 20 amp circuit for security.

Question: What Is The Best 11000-Watt Countertop Microwave?

Answer: Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Smart Sensor Microwave Oven.

Question: How Do you Convert Watts to Temperature?

Answer: Multiply the total watts with temperature. Let me clear it. One watt = 0.00052656506684073 Celsius. If you want to know your 1100 wattage microwave temperature, multiply it with a celsius unit ( 1100 * 0.00052656506684073 ). The result is 0.57922157352.

Question: How Many Degrees Celsius is 1000 Watts?

Answer: It’s 0.526566066841-degree Celsius per second from 1000 watts. One watt is 0.00052656506684073 Celsius heat unit(IT) per second. So, multiply the 1000 watts with 0.00052656506684073 Celsius.

1000 * 0.00052656506684073 = 0.526566066841

Question: How Do You Know if Your Microwave is 1100 Watts?

Answer: Microwave wattage is written or printed in the user manual or microwave cash voucher. If you lost these two, then check inside the oven door or glass plate.

Sometimes it can be inside the oven wall. I found my microwave wattage behind the oven. You can find it even under the external body.

Let us try a test about wattage. It is easy. Just boil a cup of water in the microwave. If this boiling takes two minutes, then it is a 1000 watts cooker.

The longer the time, the less the wattage will be. And the short the time it is a high watts cooker.

You can Google to learn your microwave watts. In the search box, write your microwave brand name and model number.

You will get all the technical information about your oven. Also, try the official website of your microwave brand.

Warming Up.

After reading the content, you are now knowledgeable enough about how hot is 1100 watts microwave. In our busy lives, we could not manage a lot of time for cooking.

But we love to eat different foods. We love to cook delicious foods for our family and dear ones.

An 1100 watts microwave is faster to cook any food. It will be a hassle-free choice for your kitchen. So, if you are thinking of replacing your old microwave, buy an 1100 watts microwave oven.

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