Are Upper Cabinets Out Of Style? Know Here!

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Hm. Need to renovate your kitchen cabinet with modernity?

The new trend of no upper-shelving kitchen backsplash is visually inclusive. But, your idea says your cookhouse needs an upper cabinet for more storage. Are upper cabinets out of style?

Apparently, yes. Upper cabinetry in the kitchen is an old-school fashion.

Microwave Upper Cabinets Style

During cooking, it comes handy to pick small kitchen appliances and spices jars from the upper cabinets.

But, in 2022 kitchen style, the ledge, open floating shelves, or empty backsplash are taking the place of cabinets.

There is a clash between your plan vs. the modern trends. Let’s have a tour of the advantages and drawbacks of the upper cabinet and the new alternatives.

I am sure you can make proper kitchen cabinet planning after finishing it.

Are Upper Cabinets Out Of Style?

The new apartment house has a small kitchen area. Having upper cabinets feels heavy on the head. To get the relief, let’s remove all the upper breakfront.

Now, what about the lots of cooking stuff to stock?

Higher cabinets are used for storing dishes, glassware, and storing spices.  You like the new interior trends but can’t delete the old cabinets. This is a dilemma. Are upper kitchen cabinets out of style?

Why bothering? Here is a compact comparison table between the advantages and drawbacks of upper cabinets.

  Advantages                Drawbacks
1.  You can easily pick small things during cooking.
2.  A safe place for glassware.
3.  Things remain safe from kids.
4.  You can display your favorite kitchenware.
5.  It Increases the storage capacity of your utensils. 
1.  The installation cost is comparatively high.
2.  Unconsciousness during collecting utensils can occur in an accident.
3.  Block the wall spaces.
4.  More cabinetry makes the kitchen darker and low-spirited.
5.  Difficult to clean.
6.  Problematic to collect the heavy pieces of stuff.
7.  Reduces the kitchen spaces and looks crowded.

Why Setting A Upper Cabinet Is Expensive Than Other Cabinets?

Truly it cost more.

Higher cabinets tend to be solid and durable. They require total perfection for safety. You can’t use the low-cost materials for this as it needs to maintain proper height, sturdy knobs, and connections.

You may use wood or plyboard but not a cheap one. Must remember about the waterproof ability.

Most of the homeowners lack knowledge about the establishment of high shelves. On the other hand, a smart kitchen setting entails more updated styles. So there comes a professional cabinet maker.

Cabinets can be simpler or complicated. They can have doors, knobs, slides—a specific box for your microwave, beside the water basin, or above the electrical wire.  Some fellas put reck to keep wine glasses or little spices jar.

All these issues need a professional to build an upper cabinet strongly. It requires more expense than other home renovation expenses.

Of course, you don’t want a loose door or inappropriate height to feel inconvenient while using the high shelves.

Why Does A Higher Cabinetry Being Helpful?

My mom has a great kitchenette with ample space. She feels comfortable picking the necessary jars, utensils, and other stuff during cooking—no need to go far for collecting things while in front of the stove.

The over-the-range oven above the stove needs a cabinet for necessary. Some people place a countertop microwave in a cabinetry box.

A higher cabinet is also beneficial for decorating the dining wares. An inner lighting cabinetry box with a glass door will increase the brightness of the kitchen.

If you have kids, then this high cabinet is a blessing for you. It will keep the heavy and feeble things away from their reach. You can use a child lock for additional safety as your kid won’t open the shelves door by using a high chair.

What Are The New Kitchen Cabinet Tendencies For 2022?

What Cabinets Are In Style?

Increasing population and decreasing spaces. Modern fellows use more cooking appliances, but the kitchenette is getting compact.

But you want a unique design as it fulfills your necessity and smartness. In 2022, people are customizing their kitchen wall with a few open shelves or only perplexing backsplash.

Utilization of the lower space of the island as drawers is appreciable.

The new kitchen design consists of bright light and warm colors. It becomes essential to use proper lighting to enrich the grace of the cabinets.

There are trends of wall-to-wall cabinets in which only a wall deserves the breakfronts. A clean-lined solid design cabinet for the upper wall will bright the cooking area.

Are antique cabinets out of style? -no, some choose a rustic wood color with a mixture of some shelves and small cabinetry in the wall.

Why Do People Minimize The Upper Cabinet Style?

Loads of cabinets on the wall look heavy and shadowy. You feel discomfort in the kitchen while cooking or eating.

Also, your beautiful wall tiles won’t be visible. Here comes the idea of reducing the higher cabinets.

When you search what type of cabinets are in style, you will see two to three-box or wall-to-wall cabinets. This idea uses only a specific wall which is also refreshing.

Another vital cause is the cleaning issue. The higher cabinetry can easily grease by the humid air and fat of cooking oil. It is slightly difficult to clean the tall cabinet and its utensils standing on a tool.

That’s why most people minimize the upper cabinet and use the lower cabinets for dishes. They use a pantry, put a ledge, or open shelves on the wall.

What Should I Choose: Upper Cabinet Or Open Wall?

Have kids? Have lots of small spices and herbs jar? O, you have heavy, beautiful glassware also.

If you ask my opinion, I will support having some upper cabinets. It will be safe and convenient. You can keep and pick the pickles jar at a safe distance.

Conversely, new apartment kitchens tend to be smaller with a few footprints. There is no separation wall between a kitchen and the living room.

Having one cabinet with a glass door can be helpful. But don’t fill up the whole wall with a wooden box. Let the light perplex on your backsplash wall.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Are Upper Cabinets Out?

No, upper cabinets are not outdated. It is something backdated to fill the high kitchen wall with cupboards as it hinders the lighting.

You feel dense inside the kitchen. But the new kitchen interior entails fewer or no cabinets with wide tiles walls.

Do Kitchens Need Upper Cabinets?

 It depends. Upper cabinets are necessary to keep dishes or glassware. But it turns the kitchen jammed.

So if you have a child or need to preserve many utensils, you can set upper cabinets. Otherwise, it is a modern look to retain the cookhouse wall bare.

What Can I Use Instead Of Upper Cabinets?

Instead of high cabinets, many beautiful alternatives are waiting for you. Use single ledge or open shelves of wood or stainless steel.

They are cool. You can set hanging rod and rack also. Moreover, style the wall with wooden boxes for glasses and jars. They are helpful.

Should I Remove The Upper Kitchen Cabinets?

When your kitchen is small and stuffed with wall-high cabinets, it will bother you with stress.

Besides, it creates a dark environment in the cooking area. Furthermore, you face problems cleaning the grease and dust from these higher places. 

In these cases, remove the higher cabinet or reduce some cabinet boxes from the wall.

Where Do You Put Dishes Without Upper Cabinets?

if you have no upper boxes, you can put your dishes in the lower cabinets. An open shelf on the wall also could be acceptable.

Use island cabinets for the glassware. Most people organize the countertop aside.

Are Raised Panel Cabinets Outdated?

Instead of outdated, you can say classic or traditional. Because some people like a classic cabinet design.

Raised panel is a traditional style where the middle portion of the wood is slightly higher than the surroundings.

New trends offer flat-panel but raised is an old-school choice.

Are Wood Look Kitchen Cabinets Outdated?

More ago, people used only wooden cabinets for their kitchen. But now, there are stainless steel and ply for the breakfronts.

But wood still has its appeal. Wood is safe, budget-friendly, beautiful, and long-lasting cabinet materials.

New trends apply a mixture of wood and glasses or wood and stainless still in the case of cabinets. 

Bottom Line:

Styles are changing every day. They are altering for new needs. The answer to the question of are upper cabinets are out of style is partially correct.

People are avoiding loading their cookhouse with a lot of cabinets. Instead, a long shelf or three wooden boxes for dishes with a plant decoration give them stress less feeling.

It’s good to keep your kitchen as bright as your happy home.

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