Oven Heating Element Broken In Half? [How To Deal]

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Nothing is everlasting in the world, including electronic items; anything can damage after using for some time. The thing is some products are durable & others are not; some equipment get damaged accidentally (new or old).

Oven Heating Element Broken in Half

The oven is no different from other things; so, you should know about the oven heating element broken in half.

My mom once got an electric shock when she tried to use a broken oven; she actually thought that nothing would happen, but she got in contact with a wire.

I was too little at that time but I can never forget the scene & my mother’s suffering because I witnessed everything.

Isn’t it necessary to know all about an oven’s heating element defects, reasons, & solutions, or others?

Oven Heating Element Broken In Half Safety Process.

Well, it’s not safe to use an oven without heating element or broken one because anything can happen, but you can run it if the damage is not severe.

For example, something got clogged in the metal or it caught some oxidized layer; then, you can try to run the oven & see if the top part sparks or not.

How to tell if oven heating element is broken
Recover oven heating element is broken

However, it’s not safe to put your food items late alone hands if any part is broken in half; putting things on a broken part may cause short circuit & fire or the oven may cause a blast.

Suppose the wire has broken, you can use some plasters or tapes to repair that & it won’t let the inner materials get in contact with your hand, but it’s against the safety standard of the maximum brands.

What Type Of Defects Can Occur In An Oven

When you are looking for the reasons behind an oven heating element broke in half, you should know that your oven may have other problems as well; the repair also depends on the problem.

  • Your ovens circuits may damage while running electricity or producing heat inside; on the other hand, the coils can burn. That’s not a major problem & you don’t have to replace the whole oven, you may take it to the servicing center to fix it.
  • Any glass material, including your oven’s door may break if it encounters something hard or fall from a place; you should not turn on the oven without repairing because it may not do its work properly.
Defects Can Occur in an Oven
heating element for oven
  • Some inner parts of the oven is fixed, made of metal, & have wires inside that gets electrolysed when it’s plugged; if you notice any kind of decay on the metal lair & any wire out, you should send it for repairing.
  • The oven top can break any time due to an unfortunate mishap; well, you can’t cook, fry, or bake anything with a top oven heating element broken in half because the portion can’t hold the ingredients, function properly, or circulate well.
  • Sometimes, your oven’s touch pad may disturb & you can have some issues with the sensors there; then you must take it to an expert or professional to see if he can fix that or not.

Well, repairing is not the solution always; you may have to sometimes replace the oven; if you are confused, you can contact the manufacturers you have brought the product from.

However, you can exchange some parts if your oven gets damaged during the warranty period.

Some brands offer you with full exchange when you take your oven in the warranty period, but others don’t; you can expect this service from the renowned companies

Anyway, if the time is over, you have to either buy a new one or give some charges for the servicing.

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Broken Heating Element In An Oven?

Well, to solve the problems, you have to first know that how to tell if the oven heating element is broken because identification is a must for sorting out.

If notice these signs while operating your oven, you can be concerned about if it’s working properly or not.

First of all, the heating element is orange when turned on, or heating process is going on, but if you notice that the illuminator is not orange enough, you may mark it as a problem.

If your oven’s heating material is problematic, the light will either fade to be yellow or sometimes may flicker.

Secondly, the heat may not produce properly, or evenly spread everywhere; for instance, if you heat a meat at 170° for half an hour, it may reach the temperature 165°F at least.

Once you calculate the temperature hasn’t reached the desired level, it’s an alarming sign you can consider.

What Are the Symptoms of a Broken Heating Element in an Oven
Symptoms of a Broken Heating Element in an Oven

On the other hand, you may have put your instant or precooked food in an oven & let it heat for 3 minutes; if the result temperature all over the plate & food is uneven, you can say that there is an error in the heating element.

Suppose you have put any food to be baked, cooked, or broiled & you followed everything in the recipe, but when you brought the pot out after the certain time, you found it uncooked or half-cooked; therefore, it’s a red signal for your oven.

If you notice excessive dirt inside your oven even after keeping clean or using moderately, you must check the source of dust.

The metals or other parts inside may decay, break, or tear & create small pieces of dust.

Lastly, if you don’t see anything broken but notice changes in the electricity consumption, you should be aware & observe the oven more because it’s a sign of the heating element breaking down.

There may be other signs beside them, but whenever you notice any of them, please don’t neglect them.

You have to ensure if your oven has an issue or not & if found any, you must not use it before fixing; you must know can you fix a broken oven heating element.

How To Repair A Broken Oven Heating Element [Methods]

Well, it’s not always possible for common people to fix an oven because all persons don’t know how to fix a broken oven element.

  • First of all, you have to ensure your safety before start working because safety is the first priority; you have to wear safety wears or other things so that you don’t get electrolysed or shocked.
  • If you want to use glasses & gloves, you can wear them because gloves help preventing your body to get in touch with current. However, the goggles can protect your eyes if you run a welding machine to fix the metal inside.
How to Repair a Broken Oven Heating Element
Repair a Broken Oven Heating Element
  • You have to separate the damaged part from the oven immediately & you can use any equipment like screwdriver or others; you have to find each small part to observe where the damage is & then you should start the separating mission.
  • Well, you have to either fix those separated parts if possible or gather the suitable replacements because the oven is not usable without them; so, exchange or repair the parts well.
  • In the next step, you have to reattach the parts you have removed & repaired; please be careful about their tightness & respective places because both of them are essential.
  • Next, you have to check the oven after fixing if it’s working or not; it’s better if you have fixed the things inside; on the other hand, you have to take it to a professional if you have failed in fixing after trying because that’s not your cup of tea anymore.

Anyway, you can follow the steps if you’re primarily want to learn some work or don’t want to hire any mechanic or laborer for small works or any one is not available around you.

That’s why most of the people usually discourage you to do these works because all the electronic service centers have specialized engineers to fix the problems of your electric device including the oven; sometimes, the broken parts can fix at metal or glass showrooms.

Anyway, please take the necessary & wise decision because your oven’s durability, performance, strength, & your safety depend on what decision you will take about sorting out the oven’s broke heating element repair or fixation.

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How Much An Oven’s Heating Element Costs?

Ans: It may sound surprising to you but the truth is an oven’s heating element or portion is one of the most cheapest equipment; buying one heating content may cost from $20 to $25.

Q. Is It Better To Buy A Heating Element Or To Repair It?

Ans: Sometimes, it gets difficult to change the parts of your oven, especially when your oven’s parts are severely damaged; moreover, it’s not cost-effective because the heating element may break again after fixing & that’s why it’s better to replace.


You don’t have to worry about anything even if you have an oven heating element broken in half because the article lets you know the solutions & identification.

However, please follow the tips because they are from experts & you shouldn’t neglect them if you want to be safe.

Anyway, save your money, time, & health by repairing or fixing problems in your oven’s heating element.

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