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Can You Put Microwave Next To Stove? [Pro Tips & Tricks]

Putting the Microwave on the next stove is an important thing. Microwave always play an important role because it helps you to get healthy food and other things. that’s in the article, we have discussed Can You Put Microwave Next to Stove?

Can You Put Microwave Next To Stove

You will need to ensure that the Microwave next to the stove, putting the right place where you don’t get any hazards.

So, can you put Microwave next to the stove? The official answer is yes; you can do that. It is recommended for you to put your Microwave at least two feet away from your stove.

You should also keep in mind every safety when you are going to put the Microwave next to the stove.

However, let’s discuss in detail your question with an answer. Keep reading to get one of the best and trusted answers from the following content.

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Can You Put Microwave Next To Stove?

As you know that you need to put the Microwave at least 2-feet away from the stove because of several reasons.

Setting on the Microwave close to a stove which something many homeowners do, you will also get a user manual with your Microwave where you will discover the proper steps to put Microwave next to the stove.

can i put microwave next to stove
can I put microwave next to the stove?
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Tips On Placing Microwave In Your Kitchen

Is it safe to put Microwave next to the stove? Yes, it is safe, but most kitchen owners do not recommend it.

However, if you are dedicated to placing the Microwave next to the stove in your kitchen, then you can check out the following tips and tricks.

  • Always Stay Away from Stove
  • Use a Different Outlet
  • Don’t Press the Microwave Against Anything

1. Always Stay Away from Stove

Your first task is that check out the Microwave and stove and also do them long distance. Any appliances that can overheat should not be close to the stove.

If they are close, then it would be fire and make any accident. So, what can you do to use the Microwave next to the oven safely?

Well, you need to install the Microwave and stove nearly 2 to 3 feet away. It is a strong safety measurement.

2. Use A Different Outlet

Try to use different out which is not match your kitchen elements. When you keep kitchen appliances besides the Microwave, then serious issues may occur.

It is not enough to maintain the distance, but also you need to use different outlets when you want to use Microwave next to the stove.

On the other hand, you should reserve other elements for the stove and microwave. The appliances are also included in your fridge.

Whatever I suggest you use a kitchen-friendly outlet in your microwave and stove so that you can get the best performance.

3. Don’t Press The Microwave Against Anything

There are a couple of things that work here which means you don’t need to press the Microwave against anything such as walls and others.

When you press the Microwave against the wall, that means you have an accident in your kitchen.

To set up perfectly with professional skill only helps you to avoid accidents in your kitchen.

You should know that your wall is plain and if you use tile, then your tile is capable to take the temperature pressure.

You can do it for your heat product and safety. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

Can You Put A Microwave Next To A Gas Stove?

Of course, you will do this thing without any hassles. But before you put a microwave next to a gas stove, you should keep in mind some important tips.

So, let’s check out the tips and tricks from the following section.

Proper Placement Of Your Microwave

According to my experience, most of the Microwave installed above a stovetop a total clearance of 66-inches from the floor of the Microwave.

This can also leave 13-inches from the top to the bottom from Microwave.

So, check out that you already maintain the measurement which I told you.

The Question Of Microwave Venting

Venting is one of the most important elements of the Microwave. Smoking, odors, and moisture can be effected your Microwave.

A powerful vent also helps keep grease and oil from maximum dust and moisture.

So, it would help if you used a powerful vent so that you can easily and safely use the Microwave next to the stove. Note, for 100 cubic feet; you need to choose 10000 BTUs.

You Need To Concern About Safety

Before placing a microwave next to a gas stove, you should concern about safety. There are couple of safety things you need to consider. The height should be perfect.

You need to install the microwave top side of the stove even maintain the 3-feet distance. On the other hand, if you have long hair, then you should also care about it.

FAQs-Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How Close Can A Microwave Be To The Stove?

Ans: According to users’ experience, a microwave to be the stove should be closed between 30 to 35 inches. You can keep your distance away from more if possible because of extra safety and security.

Q: Where Should The Microwave Be Placed In The Kitchen?

Ans: There are couples of places you can place your Microwave in your kitchen. However, I found nine places that are safe to put the Microwave. They are

  1. Below the Counter
  2. Integrated Into Cabinetry
  3. In a Spare Cabinet
  4. Angled Corner Cabinet
  5. Over the Range
  6. At a Drinks Station
  7. In an Appliance Garage
  8. In the Island
  9. Over the Oven

Q: Can You Put A Microwave Next To A stove?

Ans: Of course, you can put a microwave next to a stove. However, if you want to put a microwave next to a stove, then you can check out the above section to get pro tips and tricks.

Q: Is It Safe To Put Microwave Next To The Stove?

Ans: The official answer is not. But you can safely put Microwave next to the stove if you maintain the right measurement, distance, and appliances. You can also follow the above steps which I already described for you.

Q: Where Should You Not Put A Microwave?

Ans: There are couples of places I found where you should not put a microwave, such as:

  1. Paper bags
  2. Take-out-container
  3. Yogurt & butter containers
  4. Eggs
  5. Styrofoam
  6. Grapes
  7. Cookware with metal trim
  8. Sauce or dip without a cover
  9. Plastic storage containers
  10. Frozen meat

Final Touch.

I hope that you are clear yourself to put a microwave next to a stove. It is truly important to put it perfectly; otherwise, you fall into a significant problem, and the accident also occurs.

So, without thinking anymore, you just need to apply rightly way your Microwave. Or if you think that you have not enough skill in this matter, then you can also hire a plumber to complete your task.

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