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How To Work A Dial Microwave? Answered!

Microwaves are a common appliance to see in a regular household. Not only helps to reheat food but also it is very convenient to use when in a hurry. 

How To Work A Dial Microwave

The keypad or a dial is what we use to operate the microwave. Some ovens come with a selector dial.

However, there are touch keypad ovens available on the market. Due to this, most people cannot figure out how to work a dial microwave.

The dial-in microwave helps to set the timer; moreover, you can also adjust according to your needs even after the oven starts working. So, a dial microwave is more convenient to use than a keypad oven.

How To Work A Dial Microwave?

A dial microwave is an oven that comes with a dial knob that allows you to easily and quickly set the timer on your food. The knob is much easier to use and you can do whatever you want.

Moreover, it also has a built-in smart sensor in the microwave which adjusts the power levels and cooking time based on the food that you have in the oven. 

Simply just turn the dial where you want or how much time you want it to heat your food and you are done.

It is not rocket science nor you will have to go through programs to set the timer and temperature on your food in the microwave. 

How To Use A Microwave?

The instructions on how you can use a microwave in your regular food heating and cooking work is pretty straightforward. Here is how – 

  • The first thing to do before starting to reheat or cook your food in the oven is to go through the manual of that model. Get to know the pre-set programs, power usage, and other functionalities of that oven to save time. 
  • Now the plug the oven to an outlet and then put your food in the microwave. Be sure to use microwave-safe utensils as unsafe utensil in the oven can cause damage. 
  • After that use the dial of the microwave and set the timer. Wait till the timer runs out and then carefully take your food out and enjoy.

How Does A Manual Microwave Work? 

Manual microwaves are also known as dial ovens. They come with two separate dials, one for the timer and the other for the temperature. Some have two to three buttons for your convenience. 

You have two dials which you can use to set the power level and timer on a specific food item that you have in the oven.

Manual microwaves are the most basic kind of ovens out there and you do not need any specialized knowledge to operate the device.

The Key Features Of A Dial Microwave Or A Manual Microwave 

The significance of a manual or dial microwave is the usability and convenience it brings to the user’s hand. There are also some features that we prefer in that type of microwave, those are –


A manual or dial microwave allows you to use the knob to set the power level. That how the oven decides how much wattage it needs to fulfil the power amount to set the dial at.

Moreover, the more the wattage the quicker the food inside the oven will heat. That is where a microwave with a dial is very convenient. 

Easy To clean:

Most microwaves with a dial coms with lining which makes cleaning after use so much easier. Moreover, the lining is coated with antibacterial coating which prevents bacterial growth in the device. It keeps your oven hygienic and also makes it easier to clean. 

Dial Knobs:

The dial knobs are what makes these type of ovens worth the money. The only way to start the machine is to turn the knobs which reduces the chance to auto start or running after usage.

Moreover, you have full control over the temperature, time and power levels of the oven. 

How To Fix Microwave Timer Dial 

If your timer dial in your oven is showing issues then there can be to explanations. One there is an internal problem that you need to look at and two, the knob is faulty. Four times out of six it is the knob and that is fixable easily. 

If the Shaft Has The Issue

The shaft is where the knob goes into and that connects to the internal setting of the microwave. It is a metal thing and if that has the issue then the best bet is to get it to a repair shop.

However, another smart move is to not waste any money on that part as with that money you can get another microwave. 

If The Knob Has The Issue

If your knob is what not working then simply just get a new knob from the shop. Fixing it is easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Moreover, the knob is just a plastic or any other material handle which you use to operate the device and you can get it from any shop near you. 

How To Work A Galanz 0.7 Cu Ft Dual Dial Microwave

The Galanz is a brand of a microwave that has a great reputation of being simple yet durable. The new Galaz 0.7 cu ft dual dial microwave comes with two dial knobs and has ample space for large plates.

Further, it works just like a regular microwave, so you don’t have to worry while using it. 

Simply, put your food in the oven, use one dial to select the power level and another to set the timer and hit start. Wait till you hear the ring sound and your food is now heated. 

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Why Does Ice Not Melt In Microwave?

Answer: Haven’t we all as a kid tried to microwave ice? Yes, we did but did not see the results we wanted. That is because, in ice the molecules are tightly stuck together which stop the them from rotating. So, they do not absorb any energy from the oven; thus does not melt. 

Q. Is A Microwave Safe If It Has Rust Inside?

Answer: Rust outside or inside your microwave is not a good sign and not a good idea to keep using that appliance. A microwave can leak radiation due to rust. It can also cause internal damage. 

Q. If Your Microwave Leaks Radiation, What Happens?

Answer: The radiation from your microwave is not severe; however, still damaging enough.
It can cause high levels of heat which is bad for your eyes and testes. Furthermore, the radiation is more than that level then it can cause skin burns. 

Q. Is A Dial Microwave Worth The Money?

Answer: Yes, it is as the oven is both simplistic and easy to operate. You get two dial knobs and a few buttons to use.

On the other hand, new models are very good but operating the machine is an engineering course by itself.3

First, learn how the touch works, then which button sets of which pre-set, after that pre-program your cooing preference or you won’t be able to use the oven properly, etc.

The dial microwave is much more simple and you get two options – one power level adjustment and a two-timer.

Q. Does The Microwave Not Work With Metal?  

Answer: Metal utensils such as – forks, spoons, knives are conductors of electricity and when you put those things in a microwave, the waves get reflected from the utensils and can cause serious damage. 

Final Thoughts:  

A microwave with a dial knob is a great choice if you like simplicity and user-friendly appliances at your kitchen. Most modern ovens have tons of features and settings to go through which is a hassle for many users.

That is why people tend to get a dial microwave which is straightforward to use and also has the same features of cooking that you get in more modernized ovens. 

So, knowing how to work a dial microwave is handy especially when you like simple appliances and have a dial oven in your kitchen. 

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