How Deep Is A Microwave Cabinet? Authentic Answer!

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Cabinets are a useful thing to have in your home as it saves space and also gives you the opportunity to fit all of your necessary things inside your house.

How Deep Is A Microwave Cabinet

Starting from wall cabinets for clothes to even microwave cabinets in your kitchen.

They clear up your kitchen countertop and make it look more neat and clean. So, how deep is a microwave cabinet if you wish to install one in your kitchen? 

That is why we wrote the article which will provide all the necessary knowledge that you want from how deep a cabinet needs to be for microwave and how to install it and everything.

How Deep Is A Microwave Cabinet?

How deep should a microwave cabinet be is one of the main concerns, while making a cabinet space for your oven?

The depth is the measurement to go by and typically for over the range the depth is 15 inches to 16 inches.

However, upper kitchen cabinets have a depth of 12 inches, which means there is more than a chance that the oven will stick out. 

These measurements are for normal microwaves that we usually have in our kitchens.

But there are smaller ovens available on the market that are efficient and also smaller in size. That allows you to fit the microwave in the typical kitchen cabinets.

Moreover, you can also renovate your kitchen make the cabinet bigger to fit your microwave, and decide how big a microwave cabinet should be according to your appliance’s measurements.

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Microwave Sizes:

How deep a microwave oven cabinet should depend on the size of your oven. A standard microwave is around 30″ wide, 17″ high, and 15″ to 18″ deep.

Moreover, the built-in ovens also fall in this standard measurement. You can get the exact dimension by looking at the cut-out dimensions and also product dimensions.

Furthermore, it is not measured for every microwave out there, you also have options of a smaller oven.

Here are some dimensions of both compact and standard microwave so that you get a better understanding –

Compact Size:

Compact ovens have a capacity of around 0.5 to 0.9 cubic feet and range from 15 inches to almost 19 inches.

The height usually is 10 to 11 inches and the depth starts from 12 inches to almost 16 inches while the door is closed. 

Standard Size :

Standard microwaves are bigger and have a capacity of 1.0 to 2.2 cubic feet. The width stands around 21 inches to 25 inches and the height typically is 12 to 15 inches.

Moreover, the depth while the door is closed is 16 to 20 inches. 

What Is A Microwave Cabinet?

A microwave cabinet accommodates your oven rather than having it on the countertop. It not only saves space but also compliments the looks of modern households. 

Microwave kitchen Cabinet
Microwave Kitchen Cabinet

The cabinet holds the oven over the top of your kitchen, out of sight but also in reach for usage.

These microwave cabinets are built into the top row of your kitchen cabinets which allows you to reach when necessary and also keeps the oven out of sight.

Installation Process Of Microwave Cabinet – Must Know

One thing you might face while installing the microwave in the cabinet is the depth. As standard ovens will stick out a little bit in a standard cabinet.

However, if you made it from scratch then there is no issue. The oven will sit flush inside the cabinet. 

Another issue is the holes that are used for attaching the microwave with the cabinet. In a standard cabinet, there is a problem as the oven will stick out and the holes will not match to set the appliance perfectly.

The holes are pre-drilled in most cases unless you custom-made the cabinet for your oven. 

If the holes do not align with the microwave then the installation is not possible.

The best option if you wish to have a built-in oven in your kitchen then get a smaller oven or make the cabinet according to the measurement of your appliance. 

Now coming to the doors of the cabinets. If the microwave is sticking out then is there going to be an issue while opening the oven’s door.

The microwave’s door opens from the left hand side and the cabinet door from the right-hand side.

So, there is no issue there; however, if the cabinet door opens towards the outside then you will not be able to open the oven’s door.  

Which Is Better, Countertop or Built-in Microwaves

It depends on the space and how you want your kitchen to look. First priority is the space, which is compulsory if you have a small kitchen.

In that case, a built-in microwave is the best option as it will be in the cabinet and consume less space on your countertop. Moreover, you will have more room to work within the kitchen. 

However, if space is not an issue, then a countertop microwave is the best option. As it will be in reach rather than reaching above your head to reheat or cook food in the oven.

Moreover, it is less risky to drop the plate while pulling it out of the oven. 

Advantages Of A Built-In Microwave

A clean kitchen is a beautiful sight for any home cook to see in their house. It does not only mean cleaning out the trash and the spilled food in the kitchen, it also means the look of the kitchen should also be clean.

That means no unnecessary things here and there nor any appliance someplace which kills the décor of the kitchen. 

That is where a built-in microwave comes to play, as not only looks stylish and compliments your entire kitchen but also frees up a lot of space.

You get full access to the countertop, which means more surfaces to work on. Moreover, it also provides good ventilation for the microwave. 

How To Measure The Dimensions Of A Built-in or Over The Range Microwave

Measurements are very important if you are trying to fit an oven or built-in microwave. Here is how you get those measures –

  • First remove the old or current microwave from the cabinet. It allows you to measure the dimensions inside the cutout.
  • Now grab a measuring tape and firstly measure the width inside the cutout.
  • After that you will get the numbers for the depth and also the height of the cutout. 


Now that we have got the measurements and installation process out of the way, it is time to ensure your safety. The cabinet should be 30 inches above the cooktop of an electric stove for safety.

On the other hand, if you use a gas stove then there is 36 inches of space between the bottom of the cabinet and the stove. 

Moreover, the bottom of the cabinet should be at least 66 to 72 inches from the floor, and from the countertop, it should be 18 inches.

It is for your safety and it also allows the most efficient usage of your cooktop. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 

How Many Inches Should A Microwave Stick Out
From The Cabinets?

The recommended space is 30 inches between the cabinet and the bottom and 13-1/2 inches from the top of the range to the bottom of the microwave.

So, if you do not have a deeper cabinet then it will stick out and these are the recommended inches that are safe if the oven sticks out of the cabinet. 

What Size Cabinet Does Over A Microwave?

The standard for the cabinet size for the over-the-range microwaves is 30” wide and 12”, or 15” high. However, not all appliances are the same size, and not every oven will stick out of the cabinet.

If you have a bigger or deeper cabinet than the usual one for every household then the microwave will sit flush. On the other hand, in the usual or standard size cabinets, the standard microwave will stick out a little bit.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Microwave Cabinet?

The standard size is 30 inches; however, 24 inches cabinet and 27 also fall in that category. It is the width and for the height, it is 17 inches to 22 inches.

The depth of the cabinet is also important as the deeper the cabinet the less of a chance for the microwave to stick out.

We recommend 20 inches to roughly 25 inches is a standard depth range, it is with the door closed. Furthermore, with the door open it should be around 30 inches to 35 inches.

Can Any Microwave Be Mounted Under A Cabinet?

Yes, it is possible to mount any microwave under a cabinet. Almost every standard or typical microwave is the same size so it is possible to mount different microwaves in the same cabinet.

However, there are smaller ovens available on the market now, but for any standard microwave, you can mount that appliance under a cabinet. 

Warming Up:

Microwaves in a cabinet are not a new thing and gathering knowledge to install that feature in your kitchen is a good option.

As, it saves space on your countertop, giving you more space to work and also suits the entire décor of the kitchen.

However, the depth of a cabinet or how deep is a microwave cabinet still is a raging question.

As most homes come with preinstalled cabinets you do not have that many options. Most cabinets will fit your standard microwave, although it will stick out a little bit.

But we showed the exact measurements of a cabinet, how to install a microwave in there, and what options you have while installing a microwave in a cabinet. 

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