Can You Put A Microwave Inside Another Cabinet? 4 Guidelines!

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When modernity and necessity meet together, you want to place your kitchen microwave inside a cabinet.

The cabinet saves space on the kitchen counter and looks your kitchen organized. Now, you may ask can you put a microwave inside another cabinet.

Can You Put A Microwave Inside Another Cabinet

Yes, you can place your countertop microwave in a cabinet. Choose a strong cabinet shelf. You need to left enough space around the microwave for proper ventilation.

Place the microwave at least 32 inches in height from the floor. And, of course, plug in the power cord into a correct outline.

It will require some conditions to place a microwave inside the cabinet box. Maintain only four efficient guidelines to make your kitchen stylish and favorable.

Can You Put A Microwave Inside Another Cabinet? [4 Guidelines]

Can you put a countertop microwave inside a cabinet? However, built-in ovens are appropriate for the breakfront.

But, its high price range and installation cost discourage many people from buying this oven. On the other hand, some people use the countertop first and later want to place it in the cabinet.

Placing an oven in the kitchen compartment will keep your counter spacious. The tidy setting also provides you with an eye-soothing feeling during cooking.

Another benefit is you can replace and clean your microwave by yourself. Microwaves release hot airflow during cooking.

In the case of convection, it emits more heat which produces from the oven cavity. So, it is important to look at the space, the construction, and the wired issues.

Let’s have some time on these key bases of oven placement and find the answer: Can a microwave go inside a cabinet.

  1. Space For Hot Air Passing And Cleaning
  2. Sturdy Cabinet Construction
  3. Proper Accessibility Of The Oven
  4. Power Outlet

1: Space For Hot Air Passing And Cleaning

Can a microwave be installed inside a cabinet? Yes, but here comes the space issue. Generally, a built-in and over-the-range microwave have a vent hood or external venting system to release hot air.

A countertop oven doesn’t have a vent hood; instead, it has holes outside its body. So, you have to choose a comparatively larger place than your oven.

It will be wise to keep three to four inches of free space all around the microwave in the cabinet. A cabinet is a box-like close place.

If your cabinet compartment is exact to the microwave size, the hot air will not come out. As a result, the body of the cabinet and microwave get hot and damage both.

Maintaining outside space will also help to clean the microwave body regularly.

2. Sturdy Cabinet Construction

Microwave is heavyweight kitchenware. Most of the kitchen cabinets are made of plywood or wood. Now the question arises, is it safe to put a microwave inside a cabinet.

Make sure that your kitchen breakfront is durable enough and faultless for bearing a heavy load. You can use stainless steel to make your cabinet more strong.

It is ideal for building a microwave cabinet with solid wood and steel. You can fit some extra security support also.

3. Proper Accessibility Of The Oven

Don’t deny this convenience. The real job of your microwave is to make your cooking fast and easy. If you place the oven too high, you will face difficulty in using it.

There is a chance of any accidents while taking out hot food from the oven. You can not judge your foodstuff during cooking.

At the same time, placing a microwave too low height bent your body repeatedly for cooking. Frequent bending is unhealthy for your spine.

Install your oven according to your height in a safe place. It is idyllic for placing an oven minimum of 32 inches high from the floor.

4. Power Outlet

Actually, it should come first. Microwave works through high power. You need to arrange a 120/220 volts power supply circuit for a microwave.

For microwave construction, there is a power plug circuit inside the cabinet box. If there is no power connection or low power, then you have to connect the oven power outside the shelves.

Just make a hole back to the ply wall and place the link carefully. Read the microwave instructions manual where you can find the actual voltage for your oven.

How To Install A Microwave Inside A Cabinet

If you want to install your countertop in the cabinetry and ask, can a microwave be inside a cabinet, here are the effective procedures?

Step 1. Choose a cabinet box or shelf for the microwave. Maintain the cabinet height minimum of 32 inches from the floor.

Step 2. Measure the microwave and the cabinet box where you want to put your countertop. The chest or shelf should have extra six to eight inches more room than the countertop size.

As if when you put the microwave in the middle of the cabinet, it takes three to four inches of free space around.

Step 3. Make a power outlet if there is not any. You may need to make a hole to pass the electric wire. The wires will pass through the hole to the outline power outlet.

Step 4. Take out the turntable from the microwave. Place the oven into the cabinet and plug it into the power line. You can take help from your friend to safely set it.

Step 5. Set a trim kit of the same microwave brand for additional advantage. It looks smart, and your microwave using will be more comfortable.

Before Check Install A Microwave Into A Cabinet

In the section to Check the Guidelines of Install A Microwave Into A Cabinet. So, Have a read the below text, we think this will help you know the proper knowledge.

Moisture Free Space

Moisture kills the electrical instrument. It is also an enemy of metal devices. As a cabinet is a closed place, it has the chance to grab damp and humidity.

Microwave at a humid pace will get rust, foul odor inside, and damage its parts. Select a moistureless cabinet box for the excellent health of your microwave.

Shelf And Doors

A Countertop oven is comparatively large because it is made for an open counter. That’s why it is weighty. Before placing your countertop in a cabinet, examine the shelf and doors.

Test the cabinet with a heavy shake if the joints are ok for taking a load. Inspect the cabinet doors if there are any broken issues because broken doors make a hindrance during cooking. Fix the connections and broken matters.

Child Safety

You have kids in your house. Please, set doors and child lock for the oven cabinet. Open shelf is dangerous for the kids. Suppose your oven is in a high place. Your kids can get injured by trying to touch it.

On the other hand, if your cooker is near the ground space, they can use it when you are not around your kitchen. Using a quiet door and child lock can resist them from touching the oven.

Table Or Counter Nearby The Cabinet

Just think. When you are using a countertop on the counter, you are arranging the dish on the counter.

Mix the herbs, take out the foodstuff from the oven, put it on a platform, turn over the chicken pieces, and put it in the oven again. For all the tasks you are doing, you use a platform.

In the case of the cabinet, it will not be easy. So, choose the oven compartment nearby a table or a platform to use.

Advantages To Set The Microwave Into A Cabinetry

>> Make space on the kitchen counter.

>> The kitchen looks tidy after finishing cooking.

>> If you use doors, it is safe for your child.

>> The cabinet resists the oven  from the dust and grease of the kitchen

Disadvantages Of Putting A Microwave In The Cabinet

×  A Cabinet is a bounded space. The airflow of the oven can make humid its internal portion and damage the wooden part.

× Due to the enclosed circumstance, the inside of the cabinet can get a filthy odor.

× Generally, countertops are heavyweight. If the shelf is not well constructed, there can be a wrecked problem with the cabinet. It might cause an accident.

× You can encounter some problems taking out food from the oven and putting it nearby on a counter.

Use A Trim Kit For Built-In Look

A Trim kit is not compulsory, but it adds a stylish, high-end look to your kitchen cabinetry. A Trim kit gives your countertop oven a built-in look.

The Trim kit has venting systems, and it resists dust from the outside of the shelf.

A Trim kit should be according to the microwave and cabinet box size. Always buy the trim kit from the same microwave band for the appropriate size.

The 2 Best Microwave For Cabinetry:

There is no specific brands or model of countertop which are perfect of the kitchen cabinet. You can install your casual countertop microwave into your breakfront.

If you want a suggestion, I am giving you the two best quality microwaves for fast cooking. These are also the best microwave for inside cabinets.

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven ( 17.14 * 20.51 * 12.83 inches). This is a microwave with a smart sensor for delicious cooking.

It will be perfect for your 24 inches cabinetry with a 1.2 cu ft capacity. 1100 wattage power along with ten power levels provide you with the utmost prevalence of any challenging cooking.

Toshiba is a digital microwave with an LED display and a large control panel. Control this oven on the cabinet without difficulty.

This eco-friendly model is made with steelless steel and glass turntable—no hacks of cleaning. The price is also affordable.

2. Fiberware 1.2 cu ft Microwave With Grill ( 17.3 * 20.5 * 12.8 inches). A combo of grill and microwave with 1.2 cu ft capacity and 1100 W power.

The Smart sensor facility with ten power levels will provide you a quick furnish finish of cooking.

Fiberware is an eco-friendly and energy-saving oven. You will get nine auto cook options to complete fast cooking. Two defrost systems evenly melt the frozen items.

The LED screen with remote control easy-to-use control panel will deliver you more controlling facilities on the cabinet. Stainless steel body and grill reck with glass turntable are relaxed to clean.

Let’s See The Video About How To Put A Microwave Inside Another Cabinet

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does A Microwave Need Space Around It?

Answer: Yes, a microwave needs space around it. During cooking, a microwave release hot air. If you do not maintain enough space around the oven, this temperature will heat the body of the microwave. It may result in an accident.

Q. What Kind Of Microwave Can Go In A Cabinet?

Answer: Generally built-in microwave is designed to be set in the cabinet. But you can put your countertop into the cabinet too.

Q. How Do You Vent A Microwave Into A Cabinet?

Answer: For this task, your cabinet should be larger than your microwave size. Put your microwave into the cabinetry.

Make sure the vent area gets enough space outside of the microwave body. Maintain space by the two sides and the backside of the oven for proper ventilation.

Q. Can You Put A Microwave Inside A Cabinet?

Answer: Sure, you can put a microwave inside a cabinet. Remember that your cabinet construction should be strong to hold the weight of the oven.

Q. What Do You Do With The Microwave Cord Inside Cabinet  

Answer: If there is any power outlet inside your breakfront, you can plug in the oven power cord with it. Before plugin, make sure that the power line provides 120-220 v electricity.

Q. How To Raise A Microwave Outlet Inside A Cabinet?

Answer: If you want to make an outlet inside a cabinet wall, you need to select the place first. Mark it with a pencil. Mark the line on which the wire will pass through.

Beware about any water line or power supplies. Drill a path on the top or bottom of the cabinet and put a conduit.

Use angle for any conduit connection. Insert your cables. Set an outlet box in the cabinet. Your lines will come out through this box. It’s done.

Final Touch.

Your question, can you put a microwave inside another cabinet has got the answer. It is a stress-free task to place a microwave inside a cabinet.

As you need more space on the kitchen counter to prepare your meal comfortably, this is the best solution to put the countertop inside a shelf.

It looks really tidy in your kitchen. Just use the oven when you need it, and after use, it will go behind the cabinet door.

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