Can You Cook Frozen Chicken In The Microwave? [ Pro Guides]

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Suddenly your tongue is luring to eat a chicken dish.  You are taking out the icy chicken pieces from the refrigerator. It’s unthawed, and you have less time for the meal. Now, you are thinking can you cook frozen chicken in the microwave?

Can You Cook Frozen Chicken In The Microwave

Chicken and other meat require high heat and more time to prepare appropriately.

A microwave saves valuable time and energy. But, uneven cooking can leave raw portions inside a dish. So, can you eat chicken if you cook it frozen in the microwave?.

You can cook frozen chicken in your microwave nicely. And it is safe to eat.

It is good to defrost chicken before microwaving. In the case of frozen chicken, maintain the proper timing and temperature (twice the time).

There is a chance of a cold spot in the food. So, after cooking, check the temperature of food is more than 165 degrees. Otherwise, the harmful bacteria will grow.

Can You Cook Frozen Chicken In The Microwave

Yes, you can cook frozen raw chicken in the microwave. At first, you should defrost the meat.  And if you have less time to de-ice meat, you can cook chicken directly. Just maintain a proper time and temperature setting of the oven.

  • Defrost The Freezing Chicken
  • Cook Frozen Chicken Directly
  • Check The Time
  • Check The Temperature

1. Defrost The Freezing Chicken

Before cooking any meat, you need to thaw it. No problem, if you do not know how to defrost chicken in the microwave.

You can do this job to keep the chicken in the refrigerator. It is a natural process. Your microwave has a defrost option for this task.

If not, then put the temperature at a 30% level. Set a time of two minutes for each pound of meat. Suppose your meat is about three pounds. Now set six minutes in the oven for melting the chicken.

Use an oven-proof bowl with a lid for this task. Do not thaw chicken in the plastic packet, plastic box, foil paper, or any skillet.

Measure the weight of the chicken and set a time for it. When the defrost is done, prepare your dish. Never leave the unfroze foodstuff for more than two hours.

Avoid melting chicken in your kitchen at room temperature. Else, it will grow dangerous bacteria in the meat, which can spread around your family.

2.Cook Frozen Chicken Directly

You can cook the icy-solid chicken without thawing. In this case, you need double the time to complete the cuisine.

After half time, flip over the chicken to properly boil. Your oven has different power adjustments for cooking. Follow the user manual.

According to USDA, meat should cook at a high temperature. Microwaves and other slow cookers can leave the foodstuff raw inside the dish.

The slow cooking also mars the food quality. So, the food needs to meet more than 350 degrees to eat.

In the matter of microwave heat, frosted chicken requires 50% more time as usual. When the meat’s water will release, and no red or lightly cooked color will not appear, the chicken is safe to eat.

3. Check The Time [20 Minutes Per Pound Of Frozen Meat]

There will be a big difference between cooking frosted and defrosted chicken. Generally, each pound of meat needs 10 minutes to cook. The icy-solid chicken takes twice the time to complete.

Measure the weight of the chicken and set the time of the oven. After 10 minutes, pause the cooking and flip over the meat pieces so that the other side can roast evenly.

4.Check The Temperature [Minimum 350 – 400 Degrees Fahrenheit]

To cook the ice-covered meat, set the temperature at 70% level ( medium-high). Some microwave has the poultry option as betterment. After completing cooking, check the temperature of the dish.

According to USDA, eatable chicken requires more than 165 degrees inside. Use a food thermometer and insert it inside the chicken. Remember, the thermometer should not touch the bone.

If the dish is less than 165 degrees, then leave them for a few minutes to cook. After finishing the cooking, leave the chicken for five minutes in the oven.

Frozen Chicken Items Cooking Chart [Must See]

Chicken has many variations: breast, leg, chicken tender, nuggets, breaded, etc. Each kind needs a different temperature and time to cook. Here is a chart for better understanding.

Frozen chicken ItemsMicrowave Temperature (degrees)Cooking time( per pound)Temperature (degrees) of a cooked chicken
Breast350 (medium)10 minutes170
Legs350 (medium)8-9 minutes165
Raw Chicken Tender40010-12 minutes165
Nuggets40011-13 minutes165
Breaded Chicken350(medium)30-35 minutes165

Extra Guides

Time Management Is The Key To Microwaved Cook

A microwave is a slow cooker and wants specific time management to cook food. Proper timing ensures your chicken quality, which is digestible and safe. Wrong timing can let some portion of the food uncooked or cold which is a cold spot.

How Long Do You Cook A Chicken Breast In The Microwave.

If you are going to cook chicken breast, it will take 10 mins for a pound of meat. Generally, you cook two to three pounds of meat, requiring 25- 30 mins. In this way, you need 50 – 60 mins ( double the time for frozen meat) for frozen chicken.

Always maintain the double-timing in case of frosted meat to avoid the cold spot.

How Long Do You Cook Chicken Leg In The Microwave

Chicken legs or drumsticks are tastier and yummy to the children. It wants a little less time than breast. Though it has the bone.

There is a chance to remain raw slices or unfinished cooking inside the bone.

Cut the meat for tiny scratches. It will deep but not long that help to reach the heat inside the legs bone. Do not cover. Two pounds of cold drumsticks need 30 mins to cook.

How Long Do You Cook Raw Chicken Tenders and Nuggets

Chicken tenderloins and nuggets require the same time as the breast and leg. But they need more heat of about 400 degrees. After half time of cooking, rotate the pieces for even finishing.

Can You Cook Breaded Frozen Chicken In The Microwave

The breaded meat requires 30 – 35 minutes for one pound. The outer coating of bread makes the meat thick. The freezing inner portion takes more time.

Make sure the chicken will reach 165 degrees for eating. The lower temperature can leave some part of meat raw. And there is a risk of uneven cooking and leave the harmful bacteria alive.

Can You Reheat The Cooked Frozen Chicken In The Microwave?

Yes, it can. Sometimes we freeze roasted chicken for a further meal. We can reheat this meal. At first, you have to melt it. Your microwave is the champion to reheat food.

It will take one to two mins to heating the dish. After rewarming, try to eat the chicken as early as possible.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it Bad To Cook Chicken In The Microwave?

Answer: It depends on cooking time. You have to set proper time like 10 minutes need to cook per pound of meat.

After half time, pause the oven and flip the chicken pieces. When the chicken is done, check the meat temperature with a food thermometer.

If the meat is inside 165 degrees, then it is done but if it is not, let the dish cook for some time. Do not let any uneven cooking which is dangerous for health.

Q: Can You Cook Frozen Chicken without Thawing?

Answer: It is good to thaw chicken before microwaving. But you can cook frosted chicken also. It would help if you had an oven-proof dish with a lid. Also, you have to set time on your oven double for the cooking.

Q: How to Cook Frozen Chicken In The Oven?

Answer: It is easy and simple. It will save your time and labor also. Follow the simple instructions.


1. solid chicken pieces

2. oil

3. pepper

4. garlic, ginger paste

5. Salt and

6. Water

Step 1. Take out the chicken pieces from the refrigerator and place them in an oven-proof bowl or dish.

Step 2. Mix salt, pepper, garlic, and ginger paste ( 1.5 teaspoons for 2 pounds meat). Brush cooking oil on meat and let it marinated for 20 minutes.

Step 3. Add half a cup of water.

Step 4. Set your oven temperature at 350 – 400 degrees or medium or 70% level. Set time for 40 minutes. Keep your dish inside the oven and press the start button.

Step 5. You have to pause the cooking after 10 minutes to flip the chicken. Otherwise, there is a chance to remain uneven cooking for the lower and inner sides.

Step 6.  After 40 minutes, take a thermometer and check the temperature of the meat. If it is 165 degrees inside the meat, then your meal is ready.

If not, let it cook for a few minutes more. Always take out the baked chicken from the oven after five minutes of cook for better taste.

Q: Can You Cook Chicken Frozen?

Answer: Yes, it can be. This cuisine will take duple time.

Q: Can You Cook A Whole Chicken From Frozen?

Answer: Defrost the whole chicken before going to the oven. It will cook evenly. In the case of icy chicken, it will take time for one and a half hours. Marinate with masala and salt before cook.

Q: How To Cook Frozen Chicken On The Stove?

Answer: Cooking frozen chicken on the stove is nothing so tough. You have to use a skillet or nonstick pan for this.

Step 1. Defrost the chicken. Place the pan on a stove—Preheat the pan.

Step 2. Pour some oil into the pan. Add garlic and ginger paste. Now, Sprinkle pepper and salt. You can add some masala for additional taste.

Step 3. When the oil comes up, add a chicken piece and mix them to the masala. Add some water. Make the heat high and cover the meat.

Step 4. After 30 mins the chicken will cook. Check the meat temperature as it is 70 degrees. Or take a piece and cut it with a knife. There is no red color of the meat.

 After some time, the oil will come up over the gravy. It’s done. Now have a delicious meal.

Video Guides For Frozen Chicken In The Oven.

Check the Frozen Chicken Video which helps to know How to Cook Frozen Chicken in the Oven.

Warming Up

The above article is the answer to your question, can you cook frozen chicken in the microwave? If you maintain the time and heating scale, you do not need to worry about microwaved cooking.

Always flip over the meat after half the time of microwaving. When the meal is done, cut the meat with a knife.

See, water is running from the food, and there are no red colors. Your nostril will feel the aromatic vapor of the dish.

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