How Does A Microwave Air Fryer Work? A Details Discussion!

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2023, 04:29 pm

Are you Floating on the trend of brown and crisp food? Your urge for an air fryer is luring your taste. And a microwave air fryer is your new hype.

Where only an air fryer gives you a crunchy dish, the microwave with an air fryer provides many more facilities for cooking.

The microwave air fryer works through on convection cooking way. It works on roasting and baking methods. Actually, it is a combo oven with cooking, frying, and baking facilities. The heat wave circulates over the food and cooks them evenly. This process ends with a browning color with a crisp texture.

Instead of having two separate machines, an air fryer, and a microwave, you can pick a high-end microwave with an air fryer option. Let’s explore all about a microwave air fryer and its beneficial sides.

What Is Air Fryer In Microwave Oven and How Does It Work?

What Is Air Fryer In Microwave Oven

When your fondness for fried crispy food reaches an utmost level, the air fryer is a must for your kitchen. But think, how many kitchen appliances do you need actually.

Here comes a microwave air fryer for your cooking. You can defrost food, cook it, reheat and if you want, you can get fried, crunchy, brown food.

Surprisingly like an air fryer, you need a toss of oil to cook in the microwave with the air fry option.

Difference Between An Air Fryer And A Microwave Oven

Difference Between An Air Fryer And A Microwave Oven
Difference Between An Air Fryer And A Microwave Oven
Air FryerMicrowave Oven
                                                                            Type Of Oven
                                                                           Cooking Method
A Coil circulates hot air, and an exhaust fan circulates heat waves over the food.The electromagnetic radiation heats the water molecule of the food.
                                                                         Working Process
Dehydrate the foodUse moisture of the food
                                                                          Cooking Time
Takes much time, like 15- 20 minutesTake less time, like 3-4 minutes
                                                                            Power Usage
Take less power than a microwave oven.Takes more power for some minutes of cooking.
                                                                         Cooking quality
Foods are more flavourful after a longer cooking time. Perfect deep fry with brown texture.Little less flavorful than an air fryer.
                                                                           Health issue
Because of too less oil, food is more healthy and trans-fat-free.Using a bit more oil on the dish will add little fat.

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How Does A Microwave Air Fryer Combo Work

This is a high-end microwave. Marketers address it as a combo or all in one. Generally, an air fryer fries food by dehydrating the food particles. A coil gets heat, and an exhaust fan spreads the hot wave throughout the food.

But a microwave oven works through electromagnetic radiation. The heat stimulates the water molecules inside the food in the cavity and cooks it.

Here a microwave air fryer does its best job. The microwave air fryer combo works like a convection oven.

There is a fan and an exhaust system for air circulation. Where the microwave stimulates the inside particles of the food, the air fryer blows hot air over the food.

Convection cooking uses less moisture; that’s why food turns brown and brittle. The new trend combo microwave has automatic cooking options.

They have some pre-set menu. You need to set the time according to the weight of the food. And the food will cook with caramelized teste perfectly.

Why Do You Need A Microwave Air Fryer

It’s new; it’s modern and classy. Isn’t it?

But there are more reasons for owning a microwave air fryer. I think it’s all about convenience. If you look at your kitchen, there are many cooking appliances.

You have an oven, stove, toaster, and many more. Now, having a frying machine only for deep fry brown feeling will add another hazard for you. How nice it will be if your favorite microwave does this frying job for you.

I repeat, Only for convenience, you need a microwave air fryer combo. This high-end oven has a microwave for cooking, reheating, and defrosting convection for backing and roasting, and air fry for crispiness.

Where an air fryer has a small room for cooking, the microwave has a wide area for a big dish. Moreover, the space on the countertop for the air fryer will save.

Though the price of a combo is high, it will reduce the maintenance labor of two machines instead of one.

What Can You Cook In The Air Fryer Microwave

As it is a microwave, you can defrost, reheat and cook food on it. As a combo, you can bake cake and bread. But if you are searching for a frying dish, there are lots of options for you.

This convection oven blows hot air over the cavity and roast meat and vegetable. Casserole, cookies, and pies are easy to make.

You can prepare crispy French fries, bacon, burgers, and toasting food. You can reheat leftover pizza also.

Do You Need A Microwave If You Have An Air Fryer

It depends on you. An air fryer is not a microwave. It just fries food crispy. Yes, an air fryer works like the convection method.

There is a coil that gets hot through electric power. After that, an exhaust fan spins the heat wave and fries the food. Hot waves dehydrate the food particles and create a crisp and brown texture.

Microwave works through electromagnetic radiation. It uses the water molecule of the food and cooks it.

If you need to cook, reheat and defrost food, the air fryer cant do this job. Your chicken curry will spoil or burn with uneven cooking.

Or your unthawed meat will burn its outer side but inside frozen. So you need a microwave for these tasks. But if your microwave is a convection style with air fry options, you don’t need to keep another air fryer in your kitchen.

Can I Use My Air Fryer As A Microwave

The wise answer is no. why?

Air fryer and microwave both works in different technics. The air fryer circulates hot air over the food. It dehydrates the food inside and pours more heat outside.

As a result, the food gets crumbly and tan. If you want to use an air fryer to reheat the leftover, you can’t get the proper result.

Because of the different cooking methods, the monstrous food will burn and lose its texture. There may be a hot spot on the dish. However, chicken fries, pizza, or another fried item can reheat in the air fryer nicely.

Adjust the temperature to 350 F or 175 ° and set the time for 2-3 minutes. Your fried chicken or pizza will reheat with a crispy texture.

Again about cooking? An air fryer is the worst try you have ever done.

Do Air Fryers Use Radiation?

The air fryer doesn’t use or emit radiation for frying. It uses radiated heat.


Let me first tell you that microwave doesn’t use radiation from nuclear energy. Microwave radiation is called EMF, different from the nuclear reactor. This high heat excites the food particles and cooks them.

The air fryer has a coil to catch heat. When the coil gets hot, The inside fan spreads the heat over the food. This is called radiated heat which heats the food fast and pours high temp on the outer portion of the food.

How To Fry Food In A Microwave Air Fryer

A microwave air fryer may have different options like

  • Baking
  • Popcorn
  • Reheat
  • Micro
  • Defrost
  • Air fry
  • At first, you have to set the air fry option for cooking.
  • Now ready your dishes like chicken fry, onion ring, or French fry and sprinkle some oil over them.
  • Set the temperature to 400°. Set the time. It will take 20 -30 minutes. Some microwaves have an auto timing sensor. So you do not need to set the time.
  • Now start the cooking button. The microwave cooks the food inside, and the sizzling wave burns the outside of the food. 

Air Fryer Or Microwave: What to Choose?

Cut your coat according to your cloth.

If you are asking about a wise solution, it will be best to purchase a microwave air fryer combo. Though its price is high, it reduces your cooking hacks to go for different appliances.

You can cook and fry in the same oven at a time. Also, your kitchen space will save.

On the other hand, if you have perfect teste hype for deep fry and don’t use a microwave for cooking, then you can keep an air fryer.

Of course, an air fryer dry cooking provides the best-fried food compared to a microwave.

You have a big pantry, you have money, then you can afford an air fryer and a microwave as a luxury of your kitchen.

Final Words

Our article is about how does a microwave air fryer work and how it is beneficial and is clear for you. It can be hype, but you can’t ignore the convenience of a microwave air fryer.

It is an all in all cooking appliance for your kitchen. And the most amusing part is you can enjoy lots of fried food with caramel texture from one machine.

Short Answer:

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Air Fry?

Though air fry fries food with less oil, people with heart disease and cholesterol are at risk of eating fatty food. Air fry cooks food with less oil, not without oil.

What Food You Shouldn’t Cook in A Air Fryer?

Air fry means dehydration of food moisture. Any food that consists of a lot of moisture shouldn’t try on-air fry cooking. Food with delicate batter or creamy texture is not for crisp fry.

So avoid custard, quick bread, souffle, cakes, leafy green, whole roast, cheese, popcorn, and raw grains. 

Does An Air Fry Cook Healthy Food?

Air fry use less oil for cooking. A toss of oil spreads or brushes over the food, and it gets fried. Less oil has less fat. As a result, the food remains healthy.

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