How Does Microwave Popcorn Work?

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2023, 04:30 pm

When visiting extended family, it’s nice to have some quick snacks on hand to eat while talking. In this situation, a few popcorn bags help the whole family feel more comfortable.

Even better, you can make it even nicer if you buy a popcorn microwave for your home. Most microwaves have a “POPCORN” button.

Have you ever thought about whether or not to use it? Is it going to cook your corn, right? Yes, if you follow a couple of the tips I’ve found below, they will cook your popcorn flawlessly.

How Does Microwave Pop Popcorn?

How Does Microwave Pop Popcorn
How Does Microwave Pop Popcorn

Popcorn kernels are made up of oil, water, and starch and are covered by a tough and durable outer shell.

When popcorn is cooked, the water within the kernel attempts to expand into steam but cannot do so due to the seed coat (the popcorn hull or pericarp).

The heated oil and steam gelatinize the starch inside the popcorn kernel, softening and making it more malleable.

The outer layer eventually loses its way, allowing the popcorn to erupt. The soft starch within the popcorn expands and bursts when it explodes, turning the kernel inside out.

Why Does The Microwave Have A Popcorn Button?

To get the popcorn to pop! There is often a “POPCORN” button on microwaves. But it’s not enough to have a button. It would be best if you also had humidity or temperature sensors in your microwave.

If there are no sensors, it just heats whatever is inside. Most microwaves do not have sensors. Instead, they have timers that have already been set.

These timers just run, so they can’t tell if something is overcooked or undercooked. So, when heating kernels, they don’t work very often.

What Is Inside Microwave Popcorn?

What Is Inside Microwave Popcorn
What Is Inside Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn has a variety of exciting things in it that make it taste nice. To start with, it has dried corn kernels, which are an essential factor in making popcorn.

There are also other bags, which often have frying oil with enough saturated fat to solidify at room temperature, one or more spices (usually salt), natural or artificial smells, or both.

Also, many microwave popcorn bags contain chemicals meant to keep the popcorn fresh, make it taste better, and stop oil from leaking through the bag.

Is Microwave Popcorn Real Popcorn?

Microwave popcorn is real. The most astonishing thing about making your own microwave popcorn is that you don’t have to worry about weird ingredients like you would with store-bought microwave popcorn.

It is just natural, freshly popped kernels that are beneficial since they are a whole grain with fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, no fat and sugar, and no cholesterol.

Microwave popcorn is no different from any other sort of popcorn. The main component is the same that is butterfly corn kernels.

The only difference is that the kernels are microwaved rather than pot-popped.

How Is Microwave Popcorn Different From Regular Corn?

First, the popcorn is different because it is a hybrid that responds better to microwaves than regular popcorn.

Second, since the kernel’s moisture makes the corn pop, the drying process is designed to keep as much moisture inside as possible so that the corn can pop in the microwave.

Even with these things in mind, you can heat pop or microwave regular popcorn.

The most significant difference is that the oil and seasonings are in the bag, so they get into the kernels and give them flavor. This makes the popcorn pop with fewer unpopped kernels and without burning.

Pros and cons are yours to decide. You decide how to make your snack based on how easy it is, how it tastes, how healthy it is, and other personal preferences, as well as a lower fibre content than air-popped popcorn.

How Does The Popcorn Setting On The Microwave Work?

Let’s say your microwave has steam or temperature sensors and other acoustic sensors that measure time. As soon as the popping sound slows down, the microwave turns off by itself.

Most of the time, if your microwave is newer and fancier, it already has a sensor. You place the bag of popcorn in the microwave. Press the button for popcorn on the microwave. How long it takes to cook popcorn is set by the microwave.

As more steam comes out of the bag, the microwave slowly turns off. So, most of the time, you can expect tasty, fluffy popcorn.

Let’s say you have a microwave from back in the day. In this case, all you have is likely a timer. The bag of popcorn is put into the old microwave. Hit the POPCORN button. The popcorn is fluffy, not cooked enough, or burned to a crisp.

The reason is that timers just run and don’t know how hot it is. So, be careful when you use an old microwave for cooking popcorn.

Know More:

How Does The Popcorn Sensor On A Microwave Work?

Sensors on microwaves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The “Popcorn” sensor is an acoustic sensor that listens to the popping sound and stops the microwave energy when it slows down.

There are also “Doneness” sensors that should detect when your meal is done. The first is a humidity sensor, which is dependent on the formation of moisture vapor from the corns and shuts off the microwave once a specified amount of humidity is achieved inside the microwave chamber.

The other type is a temperature sensor, essentially a temperature probe that connects to the microwave oven’s socket and is pushed into the food to monitor the temperature.

The user then selects a finish temperature, such as 160°F for meat or poultry, and the microwave turns off when the temperature is achieved.

Why Is Popcorn In The Microwave Not Good For You?

Whether or not popcorn is a healthy snack depends on how it is cooked.

Some people like to make popcorn on the stove, while others prefer to use the microwave.

Popcorn is healthy because it is a whole grain with fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, very little sugar and fat, and no cholesterol. People may get a lot out of popcorn that isn’t fried in oil.

When people use a popcorn machine or stove to air-pop popcorn, it becomes a healthy snack. Therefore, making popcorn in a microwave is very good for you.


Lastly, the best way to make your extended family happy is to use the popcorn button on the microwave. Just stay close to your microwave while the popcorn is heating up.

Make sure the appliance is working. Also, follow up on the simple rules listed above in this post. And you’re ready to eat some hot, fluffy, homemade popcorn!

That too in a few minutes with your happy family while on vacation and chatting in your happy house…!!

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