Do Gas Stoves Need Electricity? [A Practical Answer For You]

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We see gas stoves in our nearest place. Gas stoves are working for high temperatures so that the users can use their components to get high temperatures from the stoves.

However, you may know that a gas stove needs energy and some other elements to work properly.

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Do gas stoves need electricity? It is a common question for a new gas stove user. Yes, a gas stove still needs electricity, not for heating but also need for a gas igniter and any accessories the unit features. Moreover, the electricity helps the gas stove to use for light, clock, and others.

You may know that gas stoves are not only coming for heating but also provide the users with lighting, a clock, a timer, and other features that need electricity. But the class or old traditional gas stoves are not needed electricity to work.

Do Gas Stoves Need Electricity?

Typically, traditional or old stuffed school gas stoves didn’t need electricity because they didn’t use light, a clock, a timer, and other modern features.

But, if you think that you need to consider a modern gas stove for your work, you may find lights, clocks, timers, and others that need electricity.

A gas stove is not taking much electricity because the small appliances are used which you need to use electricity.

So, you can say that the gas stoves come with electricity which you also need to consider when you buy a gas stove.

What Is Gas Stove?

A gas stove is a stove that is fueled by several gases such as propane, natural, and other types of gas.

The gas stove was first time founded in the 1820s, and a gas stove factory was established in England in 1836. It helps the people to cook and other areas to use.

Now, gas ovens are so modern and good enough for cooking, especially for a portable cooker.

You will discover digital elements such as timer, clock, temperature control, and other elements with a gas stove. The gas stove is also known as an electric oven.

How Does A Gas Stove Work?

A gas stove works with electric power. A stove connected with gas. When you need to cook like egg, chicken, rice, and other elements,

The stove creates pressure on the gas, and the gas helps the stove to fire. After firing the stove, you can easily cook your elements.

On the other hand, a gas stove is safer for cooking than other cooking elements.

You will get a timer, clock, and multiple elements for hassle-free cooking. These features are working properly and balance with the stove.

Why Does Your Gas Oven Need Electricity?

Do gas cooktops require electricity? Or why does your gas stove need electricity? We know you have a couple of questions in your mind that we need to clear.

Your gas stove needs electricity because of lighting, Wi-Fi connection, timer, clock, and others.


A gas stove comes with a touchscreen control panel and modern stoves so that you can hassle-free operate the stoves.

Touchscreen helps the stoves to use the temperature properly. So, if you need to use the gas temperature, your stove must have an electricity facility.

Lighting Of Stoves

Most of the gas stoves light comes with 40-watt screw-in light bulbs so that you can safely operate the microwave. Light for stoves is truly important because of clearly and safely cooks your elements.

So, if you want to use light in the stoves, your need to take help from electricity.

Convection Fans Of Stoves

Convection fans of stoves are truly important for the stoves or the microwaves. Because the convection fans are helped your stoves calm down when the heat is increasing.

To operate the fan timely and maintain with timer, the stoves take help from the electricity.

Wi-Fi Connection

Do gas stoves need electricity? Of course, your stove needs to use electricity when you are wanted to connect to Wi-Fi.

A gas stove comes with multiple features, and Wi-Fi is one of them. You just need to use electricity with your stove to use the Wi-Fi feature.

Gas Stove Vs Electric

Gas Stove Vs Electric
Gas Stove Vs Electric Picture

The electric gas stoves need a 240V circuit so that the gas stoves take enough electricity.

When the electric gas stoves are missing this circuit, they can’t produce enough power to cook or other areas to use.

On the other hand, the gas stove doesn’t require a gas circuit. However, you can check out the following table to clear your confusion.

Gas StoveElectric Gas Oven
Don’t need to use a circuitNeed to use at least a 240V circuit
The AMP is not specific to useIt needs at least 50-amp power
It can’t work with electricityIt needs to use electricity otherwise it doesn’t work

Electric Vs Gas Heating

There have some differences between electric stoves and gas stoves. Though both are working for cooking, heating, and other areas to use,

Electric Vs Gas Heating
Electric Vs Gas Heating Photo

You will still discover some differences between them. So, let’s break down the below table to clear your confusion about this matter.

Electric StoveGas Heating
It has a timer, clock, touchscreen, and other features.The gas stove doesn’t come with any special features.
It needs electricity for operatingGas heating doesn’t need to use electricity
The electric gas stove must need a 240V circuitIt doesn’t need any specific circuit

Electricity On A Gas Oven

The electricity on a gas oven needs lighting, a Wi-Fi connection, a touchscreen, and other operation features not for heating.

The electric gas oven comes with a 240V power circuit which helps the gas oven’s electric supply properly.

Nowadays, it is hard enough to find a single gas oven that doesn’t come with electric power. We think that question “does gas stove need electricity?” is clear to you.

Is It Safe To Use A Gas Stove For Heat During A Power Outage?

The official answer is no. You can’t use a gas stove for heating during a power outage. When there is a power outage in your gas stove,

The stove is not working; some of the features such as lighting, control panel, Wi-Fi, and a couple of things don’t help the gas stove work.

Power is important for the gas stove, which means you must need to apply electrical power to the gas stove to get the best performance.

So, it is not safe to use a gas stove for heating during a power outage, even if you can’t use the gas stove during a power outage.

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Q: Can A Gas Stove Work Without Electricity?

Answer: According to the gas stove manufacturer, a gas stove is not working without electricity.

Without electricity, the gas stove is not working with the touchscreen control panel, light, and some other features. So, it is important to use electricity.

Q: How Do You Light A Gas Stove Without Electricity?

Answer: It is hard enough to light a gas stove without electricity. You can use the battery outside of the gas stove to not affect the battery with the heating.

But, it would be better for you to use electricity in the gas stove.

Q: Why Won’t My Gas Oven Start Without Electricity?

Answer: Because the power button and the control panel are working with electricity. Moreover, the gas stove is not working without electricity because some of the important functions are working with electricity.

Q: Will My Gas Stove Work If The Power Goes Out?

Answer: No, the gas stove is not working when the power goes out. The power is very important for the gas stove because of operating and using a Wi-Fi connection. So, it is essential to keep powering when you are using a gas stove.

Q: Do Gas Stoves Work Without Power?

Answer: The official answer is no. The gas stove is not working without power. A gas stove works with power because of the touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and other things.

Final Thoughts

Do gas stoves need electricity? It is true that the gas stove doesn’t work without electric power.

The gas stove used electricity to power, not for heating, because of lighting, touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and other functions to use.

So, it is important to you that you should check out the gas stove that comes with proper electricity power.

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